Blast-O-Plast Pins: Maze>Bowie

If you are following pins at all in the Phish world, then by now you have to know about the good work coming out of Colleen Slebzak’s Blast-O-Plast Pins brand. Colleen’s work takes pinning to new heights and this new pin is no exception to what she can do with the medium. This piece is monumental among pins – in its size -2.75″ by 2.75″ – and in its scope – 2 hinged doors, 3 layers and 4 posts.  Maze>Bowie is a real feast for the eyes and a must have for any true collector. Only  $50 Shipped! So go Maze your Bowie, man. This is a Limited Edition of 100 is moving Read-Icculus-ly fast.

Maze bowie combo

NOPE! Brian Bojo Prints for The Mockingbird Foundation

Just in time for the election season, artist and printmaker Brian Bojo addresses this one critical question with an answer we all can agree on: NOPE!
unnamed (7)
This new limited edition print from The Mockingbird Foundation goes on sale this Friday, April 22, at noon ET at Bottleneck Gallery. Proceeds benefit music education for kids! Order here!

NOPE is an 18″ x 24″ three-color screenprint on Springhill 150 lb. Tag manila paper. It is a signed and numbered edition of 150, and is $25. Brian also created a variety of variants for those who like a little more color in their goldfish but in much smaller editions.

Four alternate color variants are each a signed, numbered edition of 25. Silver foil and gold foil variants are each a signed, numbered edition of 10.

Come and get them before they all swim away! This election year, vote OOM PA PA!

Donut Bikinis by Henrietta’s Secret

After Riviera Maya in January, Phish fans wondered “Why aren’t there ‘Fishman’ bikinis?” Seeking an answer to that question, PhanArt is proud to announce the launch of Henrietta’s Secret latest  creation – Donut Bikinis!

bikini top

These bikinis are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and follow the Old Navy size chart.


Cost for bikinis during pre-order is $50 through May 25th. All orders will ship the first week of June. Shipping is free and includes free stickers.

This is a limited edition bathing suit great for Phish fans. Order now!



You Enjoy My Donut Attire

Hey Phans – Show your love for your favorite band with these creative new apparel pieces featuring the ever recognizable Fishman Donut design. YEMD’s Etsy page offers a range of clothing from long and short sleeved T-Shirts to flattering A-Frame dresses and more. With items ranging from $20-$40 – You can go nuts and wear your donuts! Order yours HERE!

donut dress
A-Frame Fishman Donut Dress

Jeffrey’s Jungle, a new Children’s Book by Reid Genauer

Reid Genauer, long known as the voice and guitar behind Strangefolk and Assembly of Dust recently published his first children’s book, Jeffery’s Jungle.

Jeffery Jungle

The 24 page book for kids ages 4-9 was written by Genauer and illustrated by Alan Close and tells the story of a young boy who turns up the thermostat while his mother is off running errands and a jungle sprouts in the midst of his living room.

Reading through the book, the rhyming story builds in a Jumanji like way, compounding the jungle that grows through his house with each creature that appears while the temperature increases. The excitement and suspense of the book is perfect for reading to kids and allows their imaginations to take the story to another level.

The illustrations are vivid and perfectly visualize the story and convey the emotions expressed in the story. The art pops off the page, evoking AJ Masthay through his animals plants and Bob Montana’s ‘Archie’ through Jeffery.

A natural story teller through his music, Genauer channels Shel Silverstein, Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter through the origins of Jeffrey’s Jungle:

“All of that said at a young age I found that creativity – for me specifically writing – is a place where sensitivity is rewarded. It’s an activity where you can unleash your senses and let them scream. I would not have had the words to describe it back then but after reading Shel Silverstien’s “Where The Sidewalk Ends” at about age 9, I was inspired to start writing. Even though most of Shel’s writing is funny, there is emotional presence within the playfulness that I found familiar and inspiring. So at the age of 9 I started writing Shel Silversteinian rhymes as a creative outlet and I’m still doing it.

“With Shel, Hunter and Garcia as role models I have spent most of my life trying to channel myself into my writing as a way to connect with the world with the intent of being emotionally present but stylistically relevant. For 20+ years I have focused publicly on expressing myself through song and I intend to continue. But my journey started with trying to imitate good ole Shel Silverstein.”

Pick up a copy of the book and share with a kid today!

Announcing PhanArt Shows for Summer 2016

PhanArt is proud to announce three PhanArt shows this summer, held in Chicago, San Francisco and Burlington.


The first show will be held on June 25th brings PhanArt to Wrigleyville and The Cubby Bear for PhanArt in Harry’s Hood. Located right across the street from Wrigley Field, this show will be held on the second day of Phish’s two-night run at Wrigley.

The first PhanArt show on the West Coast, a San PhranArt Show will be held at Mezzanine, a few blocks away from Bill Graham Arena. This show will be held on July 19th from 12-5pm.

Finally, PhanArt will head to Burlington on July 30th for a show at Metronome, above the famed Nectar’s. More details of this show will be announced in coming weeks.

Artists and vendors interested in taking part in any of these PhanArt shows can contact for more information.

GH Series – Lizards Pins (Four different ones)

The Lizards were a race of people practically extinct from doing things smart people don’t do. Admit it – you’re a Lizard too! We all know “The Lizards”, the anthem of Gamehendge, with Trey’s iconic solo filled with a beauty and longing that stretches out like a sad lament for a paradise lost, but few have dug as deeply into the text of the original thesis as Colleen Slebzack. She brings the Lizards to life as never before in the second Bridge Set of her Gamehendge Pin Series, The Lizards.


Each Lizard represents a character from the original tale. Measuring .5″ by .5″ these Open Edition sets of four are a must have for any real phan.  Only $45 shipped! Order yours now and share them with your Phriends!


GH Series – Helping Friendly Book Pins

Show your love and know your phriends with this new set of Helping Friendly Book Pins from Colleen Slebzak. Part of her magical Gamehendge series, this subtle work speaks volumes. A utopian roadmap and the last vestige of a paradise lost, the HFB breathes life into the whole story. Written by the great and knowledgable Icculus. YEAH! My children are old enough to Read-Icculus.

GH Bridge Pins: HFB Set

Each Pin measures .5″ by .5″, with sets of 5 in Nickel, Antique Silver, Silver, Antique Gold, and Gold, for only $45. Let them know you know, let them know you care. Get a pin for you and your phriends. Order yours HERE!

hfb scrol
HFB Scroll

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

You know the story and may have even read The Book. Now you can capture a piece of Gamehendge’s indelible narrative with this beautifully detailed pin from Colleen Slebzak.  The third in the artist’s series, Colleen’s unique ability to articulate her aesthetic interpretation of the Gamehendge story is as clear as ever. Follow the tale of Colonel Forbin told in the chiseled contours of his face. And then let your eyes be drawn further into the scene to the fabled door to the Land of Lizards.

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

Measuring 2″ high by 1.75″ wide –  This Limited Edition of 150, “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday” Pin, features Dual Layers  with an Antiqued Silver Frame and Translucent Enamels. Each Pin comes with the accompanying narrative on an antique looking scroll. And for Only $22 shipped this Pin is a must have for anyone who loves the tale of Gamhendge. Order yours Here! 



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