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New PhanArtist Vinny Naro’s 8 poster

Vinny Naro has some impressive art from one of the best weekends of the year – 8.  His posters have an amazing amount of detail and style. These giclee prints are ink-jet printer based, but with a finer color detail beyond the typical CMYK, and the archival quality to the print is apparent as a result.

Vinny has giclees available of his 8 print.  There are 10 reserved for sale on PhanArt Blog, and $5 of each sale will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

You can pick this print  through paypal.  Each poster costs $40 and can be bought by sending money to

space fish

Rift/Jif shirts

!!!!!!!SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Yet another great logo spoof has the Rift/Jif shirt:


To pick one of these shirts up, go to payment should be sent to

T-Shirts are $20 or $25 for Long Sleeve, with FREE SHIPPING!

The shirts are Gildan, with various colors.

Navy – S, L, XL & 2XL (new for fall tour)

Red – M & L (summer tour)

Green – M (summer tour)


Antelope NeckTubes, by Simon Ossitt

Presenting a very heady, very sensible piece of Phish clothing we full endorse over here at PhanArt: The Antelope NeckTube!

First things first – What the heck is a NeckTube? Well, it’s a durable microfiber polyester/lycra pullover that fits loosely around your neck that you can pull up to cover up the lower part of your face and neck (hence the name, necktube).  A softshell necktube, it is ideal for when you are biking, hiking, walking, snowmobiling, or pretty much any other activity where you want to keep cold air from rushing down your neck!

An added bonus, Antelope AND Tube; that makes for some tasty cowfunk jams. A strong selling point.

Neck tube
Antelope NeckTube

NeckTubes are machine washable, durable, will not fade and retains their cylindrical shape with no stretching! Created from a ‘technical fabric’, it keep moisture away from skin and is highly breathable, as well as being wind-resistant and water repellent.  They were designed and printed digitally in England by Simon Ossitt, a Phish fan from the other side of the pond (that’s British slang for ocean)

These qualities make it ideal for use in windy and wet conditions where you might need protection for your face or neck but are working hard and also need that extra comfort from the breathability, making it great for biking and trekking, but very adaptable…. these were designed by motorcyclists after all.

Another cool thing about the fabric is that it wont fuzz as fast as some of the competition due to the durability of the weave. They can also be worn as a skullcap or headband.

A donation will be made to MBird with every purchase.

Cost:$23.49 which includes shipping

Buy one via ; send to


Heady NeckTube

CrazyRedBeard, aka Jon Blake – Live Painting PhanArtist

Jonathon Blake, also known by his stage name CrazyRedBeard, is an independent artist that currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia. Largely self taught, Blake primarily creates paintings in live music settings to many different types of bands up and down the east coast and beyond. Inspired by watching the New Orleans live painter, Frenchy while attending Particle’s late night set at Bonnaroo 2, Blake went home with a vision of attempting this style of creation in his own unique fashion.

Me at New Deal Melanie J Barnum
Painting live with The New Deal 3/21/09

Since his first live painting with the DJ Williams Projekt in Richmond, VA, Blake has worked with many and varying artist including Particle, the Everyone Orchestra featuring Jon Fishman, U-Melt, The Heavy Pets, The Juggling Suns, EOTO, Perpetual Groove, Lotus, Tea Leaf Green, Buzz Universe, Orchard Lounge, Biodiesel, The Breakfast, The Ryan Montbleau Band, Natural Breakdown, The McLovins, Basshound and many, many others.

Painting Live with Particle 4/21/07

Painting Live with Particle 4/21/07

Jon’s prints as seen in the gallery below are all available for sale.  You can check them out also on his site –

All other prints seen here and on his site are matted and framed prints, measure 10 x 13 and are safely wrapped and packaged in boxes. All of thePhish related posters are 14 x 20. Framed and matted prints are $60 + shipping/handling. All posters are printed on 4/0 100# glossy text paper. Posters are all mailed in postal tubes.


Jon is running a special on his remaining Hampton reunion prints.  They are $15 each or $40 for all three. Additionally, he is also running a special on the Hampton 3/6/09 setlist poster for $15.

The Hampton triptychs are limited edition, signed and numbered (306 for night 1, 307 for night 2 and 308 for night 3). The Hampton setlist poster is signed by the artist.


Hampton night 1

Hampton night 2

Hampton night 3

If you are interested in the larger giclees or multiple prints, we suggest that you contact Jon directly at With the holidays upon us, deals are to be had and made, so do not hesitate to contact Jon.

Check out the art Jon Blake has for sale as prints, posters or the original piece of art itself!

Driven by the immediacy of the live music environment, Blake attempts to channel the energy, emotion and feeling of the moment, highlighting an interconnectivity of seemingly unrelated or unrelatable objects. Described by fans as “Dali and a graffiti artist in a blender” and “Picasso on acid,” Blake creates largely abstract, yet formative works that are often highly psychedelic in nature.

Having exhibited in NYC, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and at festivals all across the country, Blake feels blessed and thankful for the adventure, friends and music that the life as a live artist has provided. He hopes to share his art with as many people as possible and for many years to come.

Visit and pick up some amazing live art today!

Steve Rogers Albany Prints

Steve Rogers once again has come up with a great poster for this Fall Tour. These Albany posters are digitally printed on 80 lb card stock and measure 12x 18 inches.


Steve will be at The OnCenter before the Syracuse show on Sunday 11/22. Look for the Orange Syracuse flag and PhanArt banner – Steve is one of the two featured artists with PhanArt – the other being Drew Sutofrom Surrender to the Flow – so come down and pick up Steve’s prints from 8, Syracuse and Albany!

Side note: It is also Steve’s 50th show!

This poster is available in the store on Steve’s website

shop.STEVEROGERSDESIGNS.COM for $15 + $5 to cover tax & shipping

If you prefer to use paypal, the address for Steve is


Attention Phish fans, poster collectors, artists, brahs and brahettes!

MOCK SHOW EPIC NYE- Phish fan Poster Convention

website: Mock Show: EPIC NYE


The next Mock Show Phish Poster convention will be held on Wednesday, December 30th from 10am-3pm in beautiful downtown Miami, not far from the venue.  Located on the 14th floor of the EPIC HOTEL (270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami), fans will be able to see dozens of artists throughout the expansive and aptly named EPIC HOTEL. Artists will be spread throughout the Metropolis Ballrooms, Gotham A & B Ballrooms, Baxter Room & Entire Foyer.


Tickets go on Sale Monday 11/30 at

Artist Line-Up

(*denotes PhanArtist)
























Charitable Organizations:





The 5th Phish poster convention and 2nd Mock Show will be held December 30th from 10am-3pm at EPIC HOTEL in Miami, Florida. As with other conventions, dozens of artists and exhibitors will be on hand displaying some unique prints both old and new, as well as donate to great fan-based charities.

Having attended the first two conventions as a fan and taken part in the last two as a charitable organization (as PhanArt nets profits for Mockingbird Foundation through sales of PhanArt and other lot art), I have to say these are MUST SEE and MUST ATTEND events for even the casual observer of lot art.  Some AMAZING art is found here. The Poster show in Miami on 12/30/03 was the show that got me hooked on the lot art, and it’s been a great ride ever since.  In fact, it’s fair to say that these poster-conventions were the early catalyst for PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish!

Of the artists listed above, there are several official Phish artists including Jim Pollock, David Welker, Jeff Wood, Justin Helton and Sei Rey Ho of Us & Them Studio.  This is Ho’s and Wood’s first Mock Shows, joining a crop of artists who have taken part in many, if not all poster shows dating back to 1/3/03 in Hampton, VA.

PhanArtists such as Ryan Kerrigan, Tripp, AJ Masthay, Isadora Bullock, Fred Hosman of HoscoPress, Bruce Horan, Erin Cadigan, Uncle & Aunt Ebeneezer, Noah Phence, Ryan Jerzy, Jamie Huntsman, Vince Naro, and Franky Scaglione will have their art on display, as will Michael Ortiz & Jon Lamb of LikeMindedProductions, Ian Millard and Drew Findley of Subject Matter Studios. Mock Show creator and PhanArtist Jason Kaczorowski will be showcasing his concert/festival and celebrity portrait photography in a special exhibition.

Included amongst the artists are non-profit organizations Waterwheel Foundation, Mockingbird Foundation, PhanArt (thats us!) and the main beneficiary from the event, Headcount. Headcount will be sponsoring an exciting opportunity for patrons to engage themselves in the democratic process of voting by helping stage a juried art event wherein patrons will receive ballots upon entry (and previously online) to “vote” for the their artists spanning various categories including “Best of Show”, “Best New Artist”, “Best Mock Show Poster” among others.

These votes will be tallied and awards will be presented during a catered VIP banquet ceremony Thursday, December 31st, 2009 from Noon-4pm. The awards ceremony will feature an additional surprise roster of artists exhibiting in a currently undisclosed location. Check back November 30th when tickets go on sale to learn how you can be one of only 100 special VIP guests to attend this inaugural awards ceremony dubbed “The Posties” where the coveted “Golden Tubes” will be distributed to artists voted best in their field. You’ll have a unique opportunity to talk candidly with artists, browse an exclusive collection of fine art on display, attend the afternoon’s inaugural “Posties” ceremony all while enjoying a premium open bar and delicious hors d’oeuvres. More information at on the Mock Show website starting Monday, November 30th, 2009 when tickets go on sale.

PhanArt Pete Radio Interview Mon 11/23 @10pm

This Monday, 11/23, PhanArt Pete’s interview will air on The Acoustic Record with ‘Java’ John Goldacker.  ‘Java’ discusses with Pete the recent 8 festival, the Phish lot scene and economy, the creativity inspired by band, as well as the PhanArt Blog.

Tune in at at 10pm.  Locally, you can tune in at 89.5 FM Melbourne

‘Java’ John Goldacker is an artist living on the Space Coast of Florida with his wife and son.  Java paints murals, design logos, draws and paints portraits, aas well website design and more.

'Java' John

Goldacker is also a PhanArtist featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish who made two great posters – one for Big Cypress, and another for IT



What not to do when making art: The usage of the word Phish and images of Band Members

A lot of people ask and even more don’t, but one issue on the Phish lots is what IS and IS NOT ok to sell.  More so, what is the cause for some lot items to be taken, and others not.  This Treatise on Phish Lot is designed to share with you the rationale behind the usage of the word Phish, as well as the usage of the images of band members on your posters, shirts and stickers or whatever it is you make and sell/share in the lots and online.

**Note** This blog post is not meant to be an end all/be all for defense from those who would take away your lot art or other art for that matter.  Do not present this blog post as your defense, it is only a guide based upon experiences in the lots and having been on tour for years. The writer of this is not a lawyer, although he did once play one in high school.

The word “Phish”

The word “Phish” is a federally registered trademark that the band holds, and therefore it gives the band the exclusive right to use the word Phish (their trademark) on particular goods and services, including posters, decals, bumper stickers, clothing, and so on. Trademarks are a great asset to a band, big or small.  If trademarks are not enforced, then they would cease to exist.


In recent years, fans have taken to selling their photos of the band. Phish does not allow any commercial use of band or band member names, images or likenesses without permission. That includes sale and/or commercial use of photographs.

Band member likenesses

So you are thinking of making a poster, a shirt, or a sticker for sale in the lots or online.  And you wonder, “If I draw a picture of Page/Fish/Mike/Trey will I get in trouble for it?”

The answer is Yes, sort of.


OK, look at this shirt


Who are these guys? I dont know, look like four random people to me.  The chick on the right looks a little husky though. Second one in from the left is decent.  Dude in the hat looks like Waldo, can’t be sure though.

Wait, you say these are Page, Fish, Trey and Mike? Wha? Well, I guess thats possible.  But thats the point here: the vagueness of this shirt, the lack of anything that tells you who they are such as their name or facial features – those keep this shirt totally in the black (black is good). This is a creative shirt in that respect, in that it avoids any conflict with Phish’s trademarks and leaves no real aspect of the shirt’s design to complain about.

In terms of likenesses, this has a good deal of gray/grey area. First, if you are selling something or making something that might imply some sort of endorsement by the band member’s likeness you feature, then you are most likely violating that band member’s right to privacy/publicity (That’s based on individual state’s laws, most of which protect reproductions of likenesses.)

Even though you could argue that the likeness of a band member on an original work or a limited edition art-print is OK, the people patrolling the lots are most likely not going to get into a legal debate with you, discuss abstract copyright law, or indulge you in an opportunity to defend yourself. They are not really interested in discussing what is a likeness and what isn’t, and before you know it they will use their power granted by a U.S. Attorney and the U.S. Marshal’s Service. To be blunt – they will tend to grab anything with a band-member’s likeness on it.

Remember Hampton? Wasn’t that fun?  Everyone had shirts, posters, stickers, it was a free-for-all!

There was a reason for that:

In every town Phish plays in, a new order of seizure is filed for and (typically) granted to Phish’ management, a deputization of sorts, where they legally can seize your goods, or at least make you run really fast to avoid them. This has been done for years, at least 15 by our count. However, in Hampton, someone dropped the ball, didn’t file the papers right, or didn’t dot an ‘i’ somewhere. That is why we had free reign in Hampton. But it is also why we will probably not have free reign, or anything close to it, ever again. Phish only drops the ball once. Or twice, depending on how you viewed the hiatuses.

But what about artistic ingenuity?
Artistic ingenuity is great and all, and if you paint Trey with a brush, it’s art. But it’s still Trey’s image, and there is a right to privacy inherent, no matter if you are famous or not.

Just remember, it’s all about being creative, but more about being REALLY creative and using other aspects of the band: the songs, the lyrics, the venue they play in, the cities the find themselves in, the overall event, those are legit from our experiences. The more creative you are, the better your lot shirt/poster/sticker will come out! Find other ways to make a poster about Phish, a lot-shirt that doesn’t get you in hot water, or a sticker that doesn’t go to waste because you figured your logic trumps a judge’s order of seizure. Play it smart, be creative, enjoy the lots, and dont patronize the nitrous mafia. They are a leech on Phish Lot.

Look for our next Treatise on Phish Lot: Corporate Logos, sometime in the next couple weeks