Donations from the Artists featured on the PhanArt Blog to The Mockingbird Foundation

The purpose of the PhanArt Blog is not only to showcase the newest lot art and to provide a forum for phans and artists alike to sell their wares free of charge, it is also a venue to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation, which raises funds for music education for children nationwide.

The first few months of the PhanArt Blog have been a great success, and we are happy to share with you the donations artists that have taken part in the site have made to The Mockingbird Foundation and/or PhanArt for future fundraising for The Mockingbird Foundation.

Since this is the first time we are sharing with the Phish public the amount each artist has donated as a result of taking part in the blog, and in the holiday spirit, we at PhanArt have offered to MATCH all monetary donations made by the artists.

The gracious donations from the blog artists, in no specific order….

Mitchell Rednour$10

Christine Lafferty – $10

Drew Suto – Copies of Surrender to the Flow for the Holiday Bundle

Vinny Naro – Five posters plus $5 of every poster sold via PhanArt blog for his NYE print!

Gregory Brenner – A complete set of prints from his Gamehendge series for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Zack Dacuk – 4 Rift shirts for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Neal Flesner – $10

Eric Wyman – $10

Steve Rogers – $25 and 5 prints for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Drew Fioravanti – $10

You Enjoy Me – 2 ‘onesies’ for future auctions

Jiggs – 4 shirts and a dozen stickers

Daniel Kassel – $6

Erin Cadigansummer 2009 poster and sticker set

Kale Worden – an Alaska shirt

PhanArt shirt deal on 12/15 – $10

That’s a grand total of $91 from artists, plus 11 shirts, 17 prints, a bunch of stickers, and much more! Since this is the holiday season and the first time PhanArt has done a Holiday Bundle, we at PhanArt are going to MATCH the $91 donated by the artists, for a total of $182! Add to the that our Holiday Bundle of phanart which went for $72, and thats $254 raised for The Mockingbird Foundation since November 1st!

Extreme gratitude to the artists and participants of the blog the past couple months. We have had a tremendous response, with more than 30,000 hits on the site since we started tracking in late November. Raising money for The Mockingbird Foundation has been amazing this year, and we still have Mock Show in Miami to go to, and the second printing of PhanArt to finish selling before we add more to the blog!

Thank you to one and all!  If you want to be part of the blog, contact Pete at for more info.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Years to all!

– the PhanArt Board of Advisors

Strong Argument in favor of Phish Concert Webcasts

While we here at PhanArt do not cast judgement upon posts of this nature, we can’t help but admit that this is a well thought out idea. Phish Inc., take note.

We Need a High-Quality Paid Webcast for Phish Concerts

(Originally posted at on October 23rd, 2009)

After witnessing the evolving and ever-expanding online activity surrounding Phish’s recent reunion tour, I’m now thoroughly convinced that the Phish fan base is primed and ready for a high-quality and paid live video stream for the band’s next tour. If done properly and in innovative Phish fashion, it could create an untapped revenue stream for the band while allowing more Phish fans to engage with the band’s music – in particular those fans that can’t make it out to every show on tour.

Given the band’s recent history of wanting to scale down their in-house operations, I could see why you might think that a large-scale paid webcast would not be worth the large investment and effort it most certainly would require. But it’d be wrong to think so. There are some very compelling reasons why this should happen now and why Phish is the band to do it.

Phish, Red Light Management, please hear us out. We’ve really thought this one through…

Phish Fans Are Primed, Hungry and Creating Their Own Options
The key here is that this new viewing option would serve the fans who are not at the show, but who are just as engaged in the online coverage and setlist updates happening around the show.

The Precedent Has Already Been Set…By Phish!

Some folks out there may have missed or just forgotten the Summer of 2004 (I wouldn’t blame you if you did or if you wanted to). While I remember some great shows from Alpine Valley, I also vividly remember heading out to some random Cineplex in the Northern Burbs of Chicago to attend a Phish Simulcast from the band’s Brooklyn show at Keyspan Park. If Phish can get a bunch of random heads to congregate into shitty suburban multiplexes at $15-20/head (price?), you’d think it’d be pretty easy to amass a much larger audience online.

An Untapped Market and An Evolving Fan Base

We all know the band has an enormous and insatiable fan following, with fans willing to travel the ends of the earth to see this band live. But what about the hordes of fans who DON’T get to every show? I had friends who hit every show on the West Coast this summer, but for various (and obvious) reasons, they didn’t hit any of the shows on the East Coast. Not just that, but what about fans who have kids or demanding jobs and can’t really pull off going to a show on a random Tuesday these days? Let’s face it, Phish’s fans have gotten older. And more and more, there will be fans that can no longer consistently go on the road for entire tours or even do multi-night runs of shows. Not only that, but what about the fans who simply aren’t able to afford or obtain tickets to a sold out show?

Webcasts Could Be Bigger, Better and More Scalable

Simulcasts are so web 1.0…brah. The cinematic simulcasts were cool and all, but an online stream could potentially be so much better (more on this below). More importantly, the simulcasts were limited. They were only available in certain theaters, to a limited number of fans, and only so many fans were willing to make the trek to the local Cineplex.

Watch Phish Live From Your Living Room

If fans are willing to congregate at their local cineplexes to pay for a concert webcast in a movie theater, putting that stream into their homes should really be the next logical step. Once you give these fans an high-quality option to watch a show from the comfort of their own homes, the possibilities expand dramatically. Just imagine the potential for “webcast viewing parties!” Hell, the band could play into it by running a contest to encourage and sponsor viewing parties throughout the country.

Include Social Media to Bring the Online and In-Venue Worlds One Step Closer

Of course, in this day and age of social media this and twitter that, you’ve got to integrate some social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, so fans can easily link to their status updates and spread the streaming links/commentary out to the rest of the web. At this point, that’s probably a bit of a no-brainer. But how it could play out during the show makes it a bit more interesting. This is because it creates two distinct audiences watching the show, with everyone having the ability to update their social net statuses in real-time, while watching the concert. While much of this is activity is already taking place, adding the webcast in the mix exponentially expands the audience that’s commenting while they’re actually watching the show.

So…Mr. Capshaw, Mr. Coulton, Trey, Mike, Page, Fish, and everyone else in the current Phish organization, what do you think? Can we make this happen?

Warmest Regards,

Sir Marcus Whitperson, Esq.
Lead Webcast Evangelationist

Read the entire article at

AJ Masthay Miami Heat Poster

From the PhanArtist himself….

Well, after digging out of the 18 inches of snow that dumped on us over the weekend, I for one am ready to throw on my sandals and enjoy some Miami warmth!

If you’re not aware, I’ll be hosting a booth at the upcoming Mock Show Miami on December 30, 2009. I’m once again honored to be participating with artists such as Jeff Wood, Jim Pollock, David Welker and numerous others. Details on the event can be found at Stop by and say hello if you’re in town!

I’ll have a couple new releases for the event, including the one pictured here:


For those not traveling to Miami, I’ll be putting a portion of the edition up for sale on my website tomorrow, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 12 Noon EST. The remaining prints will be available at Mock Show.

Please feel free to contact me at aj@masthaystudios with any questions. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Shirts by Heady Threads

From Art Hoffman, some new designs for the Miami run and the off-season.

The shirts are preshrunk Gildan, and will be available in Miami as well!

Sizes for the shirts are M, L, XL, 2X for all shirts (except Pebbles & Marbles) and they cost $20 each, which includes shipping.  Add $2 for each 2X shirt ordered.

$15 special! Pebbles & Marbles/Harley-Davidson: Black or Stone Grey L, XL

All designs created by Jiggs

Pay by Paypal, send money to

Franky Scaglione Miami Poster

Just breaking on to the poster art scene this year, Denver artist Franky Scaglione, rediscovers the fusion of his longtime connection to the Phish community and his passion for creating art. Scaglione has contributed shirt designs and stickers to the lot scene for years, but has recently found his niche in fine art screenprints.

Franky Scaglione's Magic City Binge
Franky Scaglione's Magic City Binge

Scaglione completed his BFA in Media Arts at State University of New York (Fredonia) in 2002, and escaped the bitter cold of western NY for the mountains and sunshine of Colorful Colorado. Shortly after the move, he found himself teaching art in an inner-city middle school; it was the perfect gig, allowing him to feel out the teaching world while keeping the summers off for Phish tour. Within three years, Scaglione earned his MA at the University of Denver and began teaching high school art. This is what he loves and is still doing today.

Teaching drawing, painting, and printmaking allows Scaglione to constantly research and experiment with new media and approaches. Six years into his teaching career, he finds himself more inspired than ever before.

Look for his new release, Magic City Binge, to accompany Phish’s four-night run in Miami. Stop by his booth at Mock Show: EPIC NYE to say hello and check out his work.

Magic City Binge is a limited edition screen print run of 175 on 100lb French Pop-Tone, black licorice (18″ x 24″). Please contact Franky at if you are interested in pre-ordering a print. The price is $37 including shipping/handling and reinforced poster tube to anywhere in the US/Canada. Additionally, prints will be available for $25 at my booth at the Mock Show.

Phish hats

One thing that is rarely seen on lot are Phish-themed hats. We have shirts, posters, even underwear and jewelry, but rarely are there hats out there for phans to pick up.  That void has been filled with Bill Olshefski’s line of Phish hats.

The hats in this gallery come in two sizes, Small/Medium and Large/XLarge and sell for $25 each. Contact Bill at first to check on quantity and style of hat availability, and using Paypal send money to The Slave hats are flat-brim style (think Bisco kidz) while all others are baseball caps.

Colors for the hats varies, with Harpua hats in black or tan, Slave hats in olive, black or gray, Ghost in black, and My Friend My Friend hats in maroon or brown. Bill has many more hats planned for the near future, so stay tuned for more designs!

The only hat reference we could think of comes from the rarest of Phish songs. Use your Pharmer’s Almanac or Phish Companion to figure out this song’s title:

“Keep The Swiss Miss Girl was disgusted
And she smacked him right in his face
Then she took his hat
And she stamped on that”

Steve Rogers Miami Print

Steve Rogers continues to create great Phish posters, this time for the upcoming Miami New Years Eve run of shows. These posters are printed digitally on 80 lb stock and measure 11 x 17. A smaller run of 50 prints, each signed and numbered means this poster will go fast and sell out quickly. The concept behind the vulture idea is that the Vulture from Albany is now in Miami waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

Steve Rogers' Miami Print

Pick it up for $20 (including shipping) at Steve’s online shop shop.STEVEROGERSDESIGNS.COM

Steve gives credit to Marc Averette, a photographer who inspired his rendition of the American Airlines Arena. Steve created a mask over his image of the venue and ‘posterized‘ his image with a dry cut effect, then removed his image and the final design is what you see in the background of the poster.

Mock Show venue change

As you may have heard on the news recently, an investigation by county and state officials revealed that our original location – The EPIC Hotel – had recently installed a water filter powerful enough to remove chlorine from its city-supplied water – a move that unfortunately encouraged unbeknownst bacterial growth. Scientists have discovered an outbreak of a rare pneumonia causing bacteria known as Legionnaire’s Disease has been seemingly linked to the Epic Hotel.

While we believe that the hotel will re-open before Mock Show, our first and foremost concern is the safety and well being of our attendees and exhibitors. We acted immediately to procure a new location to assure the satisfaction of our guests.

Subsequently please note that the Mock Show will now take place at the Hyatt Regency Miami.

Hyatt Regency Miami
400 Southeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33131

Times and Date will remain the same.

The Mock Show will be held in the Jasmine and Hibiscus ballrooms located on the Terrace Level of the Hyatt Regency Miami hotel.

There is a complimentary tram located in the Hyatt Regency that will get you to the American Airlines Arena, or, you if you want to soak in that beautiful Florida sun, you are still within walking distance of the venue.

We have taken great strides to minimize the inconvience to all Mock Show patrons. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

New Additions and More Value at Mock Show!

– The Heavy Pets will perform a special full band acoustic set at Mock Show
– Our new location allows for easier access to the FREE tram that will get you to the American Airlines Arena.
– Coupons from the Mock Show artists will be given to all Mock Show attendees. These coupons feature over $75 in savings at the Mock Show and over $215 in savings overall – also included – FREEBIES, GIVEAWAYS and CONTESTS.
– Each Mock Show attendee gets a FREE calendar featuring art from 13 of the Mock Show artists.
– HeadCount will be holding raffles (FREE to enter when you vote on your favorite Mock Show posters) and a Silent Auction.