Drew Fioravanti fundraiser for Charleston, WV fire victims

Drew Fioravanti, creator of the Cactus shirts from Custeez Tees, heard about the sad story about a woman and her family who were out at a fundraiser and their house caught on fire. All was lost.  A single mother of three has no home, and no office either.

Drew is selflessly auctioning off these shirts to benefit the mother, including the portion that ebay and paypal take out of the final sale. He doesn’t know the woman yet came up with this idea.  Let’s help this woman and her children out.

Phans helping others. Gotta love it.  Auction links below

Gathering of the Vibes forum post

The news story

Drew’s ebay auctions:
Extra Large

New Phish hats

Check out some great new hats from Pompeii Prints!

We shared some of these hats earlier with you

The hat business is booming, and there are some updated hats and sizes available. Hats of all designs come in small-medium and large XL.  Colors have expanded as well, with a vast variety for these hats: Slave- olive or dark grey; Camel Walk-navy or spruce; My Friend, My Friend- maroon or dark navy, and Maze- gray or black

If you are interested in any of these hats, send a Paypal payment of $27 for one hat  to pompeiiprints@yahoo.com. Order two or more and each hat is $22

Stay tunes for a new website for Pompeii Prints: pompeiiprints.com

Mike Gordon and his Mom make art

‘Another Side’ of Mike Gordon

Phish bassist teams up with artist mom for exhibit at Children’s Museum

Mike Gordon has always been equal parts artist and inventor.

Best known as Phish’s bassist, Sudbury-native Gordon has been dreaming up inventions for decades: an electric bubble maker at age 10 and, more recently, a double-necked electric bass/acoustic banjo hybrid.

But his latest ingenuity may be his greatest.

Photo by David M. Barron/oxygengroup Teamwork: Marjorie Minkin and her son, Phish bassist Mike Gordon, created an interactive exhibit that combines her art and his music.

Along with his mother, artist Marjorie Minkin, and tech guru Jamie Robertson, Gordon has created an interactive instillation that blends his music with his mom’s art. Called “Another Side of In” and on display at the Boston Children’s Museum through March 31, it features painted plastic sculptures linked to sonic loops pulled from Gordon’s solo record “Inside In.”

When visitors approach, the loops are triggered. It’s pretty trippy. But no more so than a Phish concert – or Minkin’s art.

“I often describe my mom as my biggest influence, partly because she’s always been into stretching limits,” Gordon said. “A typical day growing up would be coming across Mom using rollers to spread 10-gallon buckets of acrylic paints across giant canvases.

Read on for more….

Curt Holzer, new PhanArtist and his great Miami Prints

I met Curt Holzer from Tallahassee, FL while driving from Orlando to Miami on 12/28. I stopped at a rest stop and noticed an email from him asking me about Mock Show. While I wasn’t the one to get in touch with about that, his poster blew my mind and I had to wake up Tim and Naomi to share the poster with them. I later caught up with him and picked up a couple of prints for our group. Needless to say, this was a chance encounter that paid off with a great print to bring home and some great art to share with the masses

This digital print measures 13 * 21 and is of a run of 250.  Only a dozen remain!

You can pick one up by sending $20 (which includes S+H) via Paypal to holzer.curt@gmail.com

Curt Holzer's 'NightSwim 09'

Paper toys – Free download of make-your-own Phish toys!

Just when Phish fans think we’ve created the most unique art on the lots, someone goes ahead and TOTALLY blows that idea out of the water.

From State of Shock studios are these Paper-toy cutouts.  What are they exactly you ask? Well, they are toys, made of paper.  Go to stateofshockstudios.com/portfolio.html and download the files FOR FREE, then follow the directions.  The finished product will look like the images below.

We will bring you more info on State of Shock Studios in time.  For now, enjoy this freebie

Miami Auction of 5 posters for Mockingbird

For our first auction of the year, we have a set of FIVE Miami prints with net-profits going to Mockingbird Foundation.  Individually, these prints would cost $100 total. We are starting the bidding at $50 and hope for Phish fans to be generous and get these great prints before they are all gone! Many are already sold out, and you dont want to miss out on this great lot art!

These posters were donated by the artists for this auction, and all profits from the winning auction price (not including shipping and handling) will benefit Mockingbird Foundation for music education (www.mbird.org) All posters are in mint conditions and will come rolled in the same tube. ‘Java’ John’s print will ship seperate, direct from the artist.

Good luck bidding! Peace!


Franky Scaglione
'Java' John Goldacker

Travis Mathis
Vinny Naro
Curt Holzer

Keep Trey Sober Stickers

While in Miami, I was lucky enough to meet and make friends with  Jeffery and Holly Bowling from San Francisco. While selling beer and water on the lot, I noticed the sticker in Holly’s hand, quite familiar to one that I saw in Albany. This sticker was a hard-to-find lot item, but one of our Top 10 lot items from Fall tour. Turns out we had mutual friends and a conversation about the stickers started. We hung out that night at their hotel and on the beach and discussed getting the stickers up on the blog.

Exclusively on the PhanArt Blog, we have the Keep Trey Sober stickers for sale from Jeffery and Holly.  Whats more, is that $1 of each sticker goes to Mockingbird! The generosity is amazing and we thank Jeff and Holly immensely for this unselfish act.

You can pick up the stickers by sending money to hrc333@yahoo.com via paypal.com


1 sticker = $3

2 stickers = $5

3 stickers = $6

4 stickers = $8

5 stickers = $10

email Jeffery and Holly if you want more than 5