THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! LAUGH AND LAUGHING FALL APART! Now pick up a copy of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, the closest to a movie on Phish lot we’ll ever have

On the heels of Phish 3D, a new kind of film is upon us. Set for release in Summer 2010 in Phish lots nationwide, a film by the fans about the fans will be released. First came Phish, then the fans of Phish, later the art of the fans Phish, then the book PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, and now, we are pleased to present: PhanArt: The Movie! (Trailer edition)

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Directed by Jennifer Morgan and released through the Heady Films Association of PhanArt Inc., this summer, everybody gets dosed*.

*dosed in this case refers not to LSD or drugs of any sort, but rather getting a spiritual dosage of pleasure from Phish and the Phish community. Not the same on paper, but its just as good.

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Trey Anastasio Band, Utica, NY 10-25-02

If you werent at The Stanley for this show, you missed out on one of the strongest dance-inducing jams in TAB history followed by the show nearly coming to an end because we literally brought the roof down. Sort of.

The show is a solid one all around, with a strong opener in Javier Cinakowski (Have YOU ever seen a cow ski?), the first and only performance of ‘Perhaps‘ and a rare-mid set @ the BBQ. The Mr. Completely though, thats the big one here. Clocking in around 20 minutes, the jam just gets dirty and the crowd just kept dancing.  These old Depressionera theaters were not meant for this level of funk. Personally, I blame Cyro Baptista, but it was a collective effort. to bring the house down.

During Mr. Completely, as I personally witnessed from 5th row Ray-side, the balcony was literally bouncing up and down which was followed by hallucinations of Steve McCroskey-esque (Airplane!) as he sees the airplane in the tower saying It’s coming right at us!”. We needed no glue to see that the balcony was seriously shaking up and down with each collective jump of the crowd. A quick run to the bathroom and I saw what many others discuss as mere rumor nowadays – the fucking ceiling was seriously falling apart underneath the balcony – especially in the back area way behind the soundboard. One girl was covered in dried plaster and some blood, a few others in just plaster, but yeah, it was real. Pretty scary when you’re three sheets mid-second set.

Trey was then told by Brad to play ONLY acoustic, non-amplified songs for the rest of the night, without striking too much fear into the place. Few knew what happened, but the rest of the show: Ray Dawn, @ the Gazebo, and an hysterical story time before Pebbles and Marbles led to a memorable show for the music as well as the venue.

Overall, a great show, upped by request for all to enjoy. Download links below.

10/25/02 Stanley Theater, Utica, NY
Set I: Javier CinakowskiNight Speaks To A WomanActing the DevilThe Way I Feel,MozambiquePerhapsLast Tube
Set II: Curlew’s CallWindora BugAt the BarbequeMr. Completely1 2Ray Dawn Balloon3At the Gazebo4
Encore: Pebbles and Marbles5

1 “sickening”
2 Brad Sands came out to tell Trey something at the conclusion of Mr. Completely
3 At the end of Radon, Trey explains that the venue management was concerned about the stablity of the balcony after the amount of shaking that went on during Mr. Completely and that the remainder of the songs would be acoustic
4 With the horns at the front of the stage unmiced
5 Trey solo acoustic; Trey tells two stories prior to Pebbles and Marbles

Setlist Source: TeamUSA via PT
(Thanks to JB for the call)

Download the whole show here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Fluffhead Shirts & Hats by Pompeii Prints

William Pompeii and Pompeii Prints have Fluffhead shirts in with an array of colors. Shirts are available in royal blue, gray, and maroon. Sizes for shirts are M, L and XL

Fluffhead hats come in sizes S-M and L-XL, Flexfit style. Colors for the hats are royal blue & black.

Hats costs $20Shirts are $15 each or two for $25, Get a hat & a shirt for $30,  Shipping on all orders is $5


Jiggs’ Mcconnells

Getting hungry for a sandwich? Have a Lear Jet to fly in? Well Jiggs has struck again with his new McConnell/McDonald shirts.

Per Jiggs Blog:  Once again after these went to press, I became aware of an earlier version of this one. Though I wasn’t able to find any. The idea was brought to light by PT user jerryfreak, and I added the text to complete the idea. The back reads: “I’m diggin’ it”. The shirt color is Navy.

McConnell, by Jiggs

Printed on Gildan 100% preshrunk 6.1 oz. cotton, the screen print is a 2 color front and a 1 color back. This time I have these available also on a Gildan ladies cut tee (also same specs as above) by popular demand. I will still do special orders for hoodies (priced at $40) and 3XL and up. Get in touch via the contact link to set that up. For XXL sizes, please add $2.

As always, I include both shipping and delivery confirmation with the purchase price. I also try to throw in a free sticker when available.

Pick one up at: Jiggs Blog

Jiggs is a supporter of PhanArt and The Mockingbird Foundation, donating a portion of all sales to Mockingbird. Support Jiggs and get a new shirt, just like Page!

CrazyRedBeard Jon Blake’s Trey Print

Jonathan Blake, aka CrazyRedBeard has created limited edition run of 27 prints to commemorate the Trey Anastasio Band show in Charlottesville this past tour. Measuring 11 x 15 with a border for framing, this piece was completed with archival inks and paper and is signed by the artist. Jon mentions that the piece represents the band name in symbolic acronym: (T)ree(A)pple(B)ee. The apple, if you notice, contains an upside down OM symbol.

These prints cost $28 each, including shipping and handling. You can send payment through Paypal to

First 5 buys will receive a free set of Hampton posters (1 print and 3 posters for the price of 1!).

Makisupa Policeman shirts

The classic Simpsons/Phish t-shirts have finally made their way to the PhanArt Blog! Brought to you by Bruno, he and his friend Ryan had seen the Makisupa Policeman shirts with Chief Wiggum before but it had just a box picture of him sitting at a desk.  We wanted to make one that fit the song better, also as reported on “Makisupa is a Jamaican word that means ‘acting stupid for no reason’, Wiggum is the first stupid cop that pops into my head, not the only one, the first one.  We came up with the idea of him carrying a case of beer and having some dank, skunk, schwag, stink, kind, etc. behind his ear.  I then got together with my brother Mike and we drew it up.  We then had it printed up and I have traveled with these to lots ever since.

I love the idea of this site because I always like seeing the creative ideas that kids have to fund their way to their next show.  Also I enjoy trading for various things I see on the lot that I like.  Also the Mockingbird Foundation is a good cause..

These shirts are $15.99 and come in sizes Small, Large and XL.

Donations from PhanArt blog artists, round 2

Every two months we update the site with a new round of donations from the artists featured on the blog. Each of these artists has contributed some of their art to PhanArt for future use in auctions, or profits from the sale of the art directly to The Mockingbird Foundation. Thanks to YOUR support of these ARTISTS, we are continuing to raise money for music education throughout the country. Thank you for all your help and purchases of this great art.  More donations to come in May….

John Goldacker – NYE Poster

Jeffery and Holly Bowling– $35

J.M. Sahr – $50

Steve Rogers 2 Fall Tour Posters

Wear Your Jewlery – Mike Gordon Guitar String Bracelet (value of $150)

Franky Scaglione – 2 Miami NYE posters

Noah Phence – ‘Also Sprach Zarathrusta’ poster

William Pompeii – $20

Art Hoffman – $15

Michael Babb – $40

Josh Carpenter – $9

Steve Hillmann –  $15 (Steve also previously donated a set of pillowcases which went for $40 at our silent auction 2/7/09)

Curt Holzer – $20

Andrew Abis – 2 Festival 8 Prints

Drew Suto – 3 posters from Festival 8, Fall Tour and Miami

Two New Posters from AJ Masthay

Happy St. Patties Day from Masthay Studios!

In celebration I’m releasing two editions today, one that goes very well with today’s festivities, the other – not so much, but still fun.

I have a very small allotment of prints form the March 12-14th Umphrey’s McGee run at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN. Obviously this is the one that is in the St. Patricks Day spirit.

UM FirstAve

The second is an art print that I am very excited about, FUGU ME! This print is part of an artist collaboration for the upcoming book PhanFood: From the Parking Lot to the Kitchen Pot, an upcoming cookbook made by Phish fans, for Phish fans. Taraleigh Silberberg and Pete Mason started the project last summer and have the cookbook set to come out this fall, with all net profits benefiting food banks and food pantries in the cities Phish visits each tour. Aprons of this design will be available with the book upon its release. Stay tuned to for more info.


Please feel free to contact me at aj@masthaystudios with any questions. Have fun today and stay safe!


T-shirts by Anthony Flynn

Anthony Flynn has created some great shirts to tide fans over as we await summer tour dates to be announced.  All shirts comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. If you would like to purchase any of these shirts, or have basic questions, contact Anthony at Anthony has agreed to donate 10% from the sale of each shirt to The Mockingbird Foundation supporting music education nationwide

The shirts as described by Anthony:

ACDC Bag: A shirt for another memorable song that I first heard listening to a recording of Trey’s TMWSIY thesis. My inspiration for the design was other shirts that put a Phish influence on familiar logos/typefaces (Harry Hood Ts that use the Harry Potter logo-font for example)

Cost: 15$ + Shipping and Handling

Split Open and Melt:
This was the first song I ever heard by Phish and, in addition, was the first Phish T-Shirt I designed. The basic idea is that Gumby is both splitting open and melting on the shirt, and thus, hence “split open and melt”

Cost: 12$ + Shipping and Handling

I Am Hydrogen: I was sitting in electronics class listening to Phish one day when I looked at the on a wall. I found there was an element for “I” , an element for “Am” and of course “H” for hydrogen, and the idea for the shirt came to me.

Cost: 15$ + Shipping and Handling