PhanArt in the Boston Herald

This past week PhanArt was at the Revere Showcase Cinemas screening of Phish 3D to raise money for the Mockingbird Foundation and give away FOUR copies of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. We raised $68 for The Mockingbird Foundation and took in the movie. Fans are going to enjoy this one…..

PhanArt also got some press too! Check out the article and photos from the Boston Herald!


From Pompeii Prints, the new Lizards shirts are available in White, Grey, Light Blue and Light Green. Sizes are Medium, Large, XLarge, and XXLarge (note – XXLarge is only available in white and grey + $2.00 EXTRA)

All shirts are $11 with $5 shipping.  With every sale through PhanArt, Pompeii Prints will donate $1 from every shirt to The Mockingbird Foundation. Buy via paypal sending a payment with size to POMPEIIPRINTS@YAHOO.COM

10 new prints from Arnaud Azoulay on sale 4/20!

Arnaud Azoulay is celebrating 4/20 the right way, with a release of 10 New Prints! Presale Begins April 20th at 4:20 EST at
For more updates,  join his mailing list on

Featured art includes the work below, and many more!

1. When the Circus Comes to Town

2. Gonzo (Hunter S. Thompson)

3. Queen of Hearts (Alice Series)

4. Pillar (Alice Series)

5. Hatter (Alice Series)

PhanArt in Boston on 4/20 for Phish 3D!

At the Phish3D showing in Revere, MA, come check out PhanArt! We will have items for sale to directly benefit the Mockingbird Foundation – posters, shirts, stickers and other art donated by artists and fans who support music education! You can order a copy of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, as well as pick up a shirt and sticker while we all enjoy the show!

As an added bonus, FOUR lucky fans will win a copy of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. If you have already bought a ticket to the show, you will receive a second ticket for a raffle for a copy of PhanArt.

If you havent bought your tickets yet, get them now! Only a few remain! Click HERE to get tickets. Helping phans create live art since 2010

You can’t have a good Phish show without a good glow stick war, and you can’t have a good glow stick war without glow sticks. A void has been filled: is here and they have glow stick deals for you.

Well, not really glow sticks as in those heavyarmy-surplus store kind. Rather the little skinny ones that don’t hurt when they come whizzing out of the air. They also form glow rings, which have made for many a nice trail to catch flying through the air mid set. GSW has created their own brand of concert-friendly glow sticks, called Show Sticks. And the packaging even features a sick shot taken by a fan during a war at Festy 8. comes to fans PhanArt Recommended and PhanArtApproved, because they contribute to the making of LIVE ART by the fans at Phish shows, a type of performance art that is fleeting and if you miss it, it’s gone.

You can stock up on Show Sticks by clicking on the Buy Now button below.  For $5.99 you get a tube of 100 Show Sticks: Thin, 8″ Concert-Friendly Glow Sticks with 100 Bracelet Connectors; Show Sticks are non-toxic and non-flammable. This is a pre-sale offer, and all products will be delivered by the first week of June.

A portion of ALL proceeds is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
Pick up glowsticks at today!

Sweet Evie, Charlotte Kruse

Los Angeles designer and artist featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, Charlotte Kruse, brings Sweet Evie, a fresh take on timeless elegance in her bold and original accessories and jewelry to the Phish scene.

To all who have known her, the remarkable artistic and design talents of Charlotte Kruse have been evident since her earliest years.

Sweet Evie is a one-woman show, running the website, accounting, sales, tradeshows, not to mention the creation of the jewelery and accessories. Charlotte has found herself most “in the moment” when she’s creating and has come up with a way to make a career out of this. This is what she loves to do: whether it be painting or designing t-shirts for Phish shows or costumes or jewelry, being creative and artistic is who Charlotte is.

Charlotte is inspired by everything around her – nature, texture, color, fashion, history art, music and love.  Sweet Evie is the most joyful expression of all this inspiration. She designs for women/girls, statement pieces and jewelry that you can wear everyday.  Using all kinds of non-traditional jewelry materialsfeathers, recycled leather, vintage pins and buttons, and hand dyed-silks, Charlotte personally handcrafts everything herself.

Her work has a hippie vibe, but her work has gotten more refined over time using gold, semiprecious stones, silk, so much that her work could be considered “luxury hippie“. Her art ties into the whole bohemian fashion movement, and from Charlotte’s point of view, “without intention, this is literally what I want to wear and know there are a lot of other people out there from teenagers to older women, who share this aesthetic!”

Charlotte started early because of Phish and in the Phish lots: “I really started working in the fashion industry BECAUSE of phish…I have always made clothing and costumes for myself, but going to phish shows prompted me to design and create clothing/art for sale and for other people. So I think that’s the link in to Phish”

“I no longer actually sell stuff at Phish shows, but man, when I first started making pants and shorts and skirts I sold the shit out of them on Phish lot, my friends have all saved their Chutzhead clothing and like to bust it out to show me when I visit (Chutzhead was the name of the clothing line from back then..I think I still have some stickers or business cards around, so long ago!!) I definitely got top dollar for what I was making and was creating something that was way way different from the other kind of patchworky stuff you’d see out there

Unique, innovative and stylish, Sweet Evie accessories and jewelry pieces are coveted by all who see them!

Visit Charlotte and Sweet Evie at

Bo Muller-Moore, the Eat More Kale guy

Screenprinter Bo Muller-Moore has been printing shirts for a good decade in Vermont. He is best known for his shirt “EAT MORE KALE“, by far his most popular and best selling design. People always ask him “what do you mean?” and “did you think of that?” Bo gives credit to his friends Paul B. and Kate C., who suggested the phrase and special ordered two shirts for themselves. Since then, it has become a huge hit and spread around the world.

Bo, the 'Eat More Kale' guy

Bo has been featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish and continues to sell his art and creations at his website:

As seen in PhanArt

You can browse Bo’s selection of shirts at Shirts can be ordered from the  “special order” section of the shopping cart on his site.  Fans interested in a specific shirt can email Bo at or if you have any questions.

The original Eat More Kale shirts

Check out Bo on Facebook and join his group, as he typically runs special contests with prizes for fans.

As seen in PhanArt

AJ Masthay’s Fantastic Hullaballo Print for NOLA Jazz Fest

From PhanArtist AJ Masthay: Hello and happy spring from Masthay Studios! The weather here in Connecticut has been absolutely spectacular over the past few days, everything is finally turning green and the flowers are blooming. I love Spring, although it makes it really difficult to hunker down in the studio…

I’m writing to let you know about an exciting event that Ill be taking part in at the end of the month. FANTASTIC HULLABALOO is two nights of music and arts taking place in the Big Easy during Jazz Fest.

Along with myself, additional artists on display will include Stanley Mouse, Jeff Wood, Scramble Campbell, Isadora Bullock, Ian Millard, and many more. A big thanks to Tripp at Taboot Art for putting the whole event together. Details including dates, times, bands, and a full artist lost can be found at

I’ve also created a new edition of 100 prints that will be released at the event. Each is a 7 seven color linoleum block print on 13″ x 23″ Stonehenge paper stock.

Finally, I hope everyone has a great summer tour. Im already well into my first edition for it and plan at least a few new pieces to be released in the next few months.