Kevin Mand’s Telluride print

About the poster: The original work was done on cold press illustration board with pigment liner pens. Kevin notes that he chose to do the black and white point-o-lism as he feels it relates to how Phish is to him, as well as it is a very intricate and timeconsuming process. After hiking around Telluride for a bit he brainstormed this idea at the town park stage thinking about the “bands view”. The prints where done digitally on 12pt semi-gloss paper, with only 250 done, they are all signed and numbered.

About the artist: Kevin Man grew up in Wisconsin and started going to Phish shows in 1995. He has always had a passion for art and now has the opportunity to start doing art relating to his favorite band. He is currently studying art and pursuing a degree in print making/graphic design.

End of Summer Tour Recap

This past summer tour was amazing. First leg has a leg up on second leg, but we wanted to give thanks for this great summer!

Thank you to all the artists who donated prints to PhanArt to help us raise money for Mockingbird

All our good friends and phamily who were there over the course of the tour. Tour is definitely better when you do it with friends, among other things.

Special thanks to Warren ‘The 5 Guy’ for the Miracle at Deer Creek. 20th row never looked so good! Also thanks for the poster!

20th row 8/12/10

It was great meeting up with all the great friends made via Twitter, including the PhanArt Street Team – AliJoshPete and all the others who get out flyers at shows! Great time at Deer Creek!

Thanks to Amy Ped for the place to stay on Long Island!

Solid round of applause and thanks to Melanie for driving a solid 2000 miles with PhanArt and still having her always positive and always happy attitude.

It was great meeting tons of people on this tour, thanks for stopping by and picking up some art and supporting PhanArt!

See you this fall in Utica, Providence, Amherst and Atlantic City. We’ll have PhanFood cookbooks for sale all fall tour!

Red & Cactus & Leo & Henrietta shirts

Made by fan Kevin Smith, this design is an homage to the famous Helvetica Beatles shirt in 2001 by Experimental Jetset. Since our beloved Phab four have such infamous nicknames I thought it would make a great shirt. It’s a litmus test for who to separate the new Phan and who has been going to shows for a long time. Our own secret language. And just like the bobbleheads we are in the quasi-copyright free zone.

Shirts are printed on Hanes Beefy Ts, with more colors coming soon!


Five phanart posters up for auction for Mockingbird

This new auction features FIVE Phish PhanArt Posters, including

1) Antelope Stakes, by Franky Scaglione #42/150, measures 18″ x 24″

2) Friday the 13th, Deer Creek show on 8/13/10, by Lot Lifestyle, measures 11″ x 17″

3) Official Phish 3D Movie Poster, measures 16″ x 20″
4) Bruce Horan #1 Phan Poster, measures 9″ x 13″
5) Melaniejane Barnum Bathtub Gin Poster #4/20, measures 11″ x 17″

Donations from Artists, Summer Tour leg 2

Great thanks to the following artists for their donations to PhanArt and our efforts to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation

Mike Wren – 2 Otis Redding shirts and 2 Dogs Stole Things shirts

Rich Tolentino – 4 ‘Starting 5’ shirts: Leo & Red & Cactus & Henrietta & CK5.

Buds – 2 Posters, ‘Icculus is the Answer’ and ‘Makisupa Stop and Search’

Melaniejane Barnum – 2 Bathtub Gin prints and 1 Hampton Fountain print

Bruce Horan – Jones Beach Summer Tour Poster

Richard Pearlman – We want you to be Happy stickers

Whysnow – A few Telluride Wookie Merit Badges

Lizzy Layne – Telluride poster and Fest 8 poster

Lot Lifestyle – 2 Friday the 13th Deer Creek prints (the Jason one) and 2 Alpine Valley prints, as well as a Lot Lifestyle poster, #33/100

These items will be part of the forthcoming auctions from PhanArt to benefit Mockingbird

Thank you to all the artists!

Jonathan Caplan Design Jones Beach and SPAC prints

This 13” x 19” Giclee print from J Cap Design is a signed and numbered edition of 20. It was printed the day before the Jones Beach shows this August, and features the mock-quote “We don’t want no night sky

Only 10 posters remain!

Follow him on Twitter at

J Cap Jones Beach print

Jonathan also has a few posters left over from the SPAC shows this summer.

J Cap SPAC Print

Icculus is the Answer

Update 9/2/10

The remaining amount of the, both the Einstein & the Makisupa will be sold as matching # sets for 20.00 with $10 shipping on every order

About the print:

Looking for an answer? The artist Buds has it. This Mr. Brainwash spoof costs $20- including shipping. Include an additional $10 for each additional print ordered. You can also order the ‘Makisupa Stop and Search‘ seen here.

Make a paypal payment to

Note-  all payments must be sent as a gift payment.