CrazyRedBeard SuperBallIX Poster and Pin

CrazyRedBeard, nee Jon Blake has created his 2nd ever Phish print. Known for his live painting at shows of all shapes and sizes, Jon is doing a run of 99 posters for SuperBall IX. At the bottom says Watkins Glen twisted up in the design. There is a magic lamp which corresponds with the announcement video, a number of Egyptian hieroglyphs scattered throughout (think the Eye of Horus). Blake also wanted to incorporate a number of spiritual icons: the cross, the Om symbol, a very hidden but present hamsa, there’s a snake charmer’s cobra, seven chakras and their corresponding colors, a Mayan glass skull, alien fluid consciousness, native Indian feathers in a swirling dream crescent of awareness, mummies, the Grim Reaper and much more. The 2 final golden orbs collude with the 7 chakras to equal 9 total balls.

Handbill prints are 5 x 11 : $20 includes shipping; Large prints are 10 x 22 : $60 with shipping

Pins are $35 including shipping

Both prints and pins will be available ON LOT at Alphraretta, Charlotte, Raleigh and Portsmouth

Paypal to

Super Ball 9 print
SB 9 pin


Casual Plex Bethel Shirts – 3 Days of Peace and Phunk

Casual Plex is made up of 3 friends from Philadelphia/South Jersey. John P, John W and Partick. They are three phans who decided to put more back into the scene they’ve been a part of for a while now. The idea for this Bethel shirt came about when the tour dates were announced, John P came up with the concept,, Patrick who draws caricatures at Phillies games in addition to drawing promotional flyers for local bands and playing in his own. All three will have more designs for the summer with a new shirt every week of tour in addition to stickers and some more interesting accessories and collectibles. 

These shirts are Gildan 100% Ultra Cotton and cost $20 online with free shipping. The shirts are available in serene green (which is pictured) and Paprika. Sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large and there is the potential for Small and XXL to be printed based on requested orders.

You can get these shirts on lot at Bethel, PNC, Mansfield, Darien, Camden, MPP, Alpharetta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Portsmouth, SuperballIX, Gorge, Hollywood, Tahoe, Outside Lands, and Colorado.




Colors and Sizes


Branden Otto Summer 2011 posters

Branden Otto has finished his set of prints for Leg I of Summer Tour 2011 and opened a Big Cartel Shop. All of the prints for 2011 summer and any previous tour prints left in his inventory can be found on the site. Look for him at ALL stops on the first leg of tour, as well as Superball IX.

BETHEL WOODS 5/27-29/2011

18×24 panel; 5 color screen print on 110 lb paper; Hand Drawn, Hand Screened
This print is one uncut sheet with all three bethel prints on it
Limited Edition of only 20 uncut sheets and a limited number of cut panels also available.
Signed & Numbered; Please Note, color variations may change slightly on the printed product.

$20.00 on lot

MANSFIELD 6/7/2011

4 Color Screen Print on 110lb Paper
Hand Drawn, Hand Screened
Signed & Numbered
Limited Edition of only 40

$15.00 on lot

Silved Foil Variant Limited Edition of only 5, $35 each


CAMDEN 6/10/2011

4 Color Screen Print on 110 lb paper
Hand Drawn, Hand Screened
Signed & Numbered
Limited Edition of only 35

$10.00 on lot



4 Color Screen Print on Gray Paper
Limited Edition of 40
Hand Drawn and Pulled
Signed & Numbered
Please Note: Colors may vary slightly between final products.

$15.00 on lot

Maria DiChiappari Summer Tour Mugs

Maria DiChiappari’s Summer Tour mugs were created by Alex Ruda, Mike Grieco and Maria DiChiappari all of These 16 oz glass mugs will be sold in the lots before and after the shows at Bethel Woods, Mansfield and Camden. They also will be sold at the Villa Roma Resort during the Bethel Woods run. The mugs cost $20 a piece and 2 for $30. Only 100 were made so get a great collectible to bring home from Summer Tour 2011!

Any remaining mugs left after these shows will be available on PhanArt following tour.

Japhan Earthquake Relief Updated

After a month of fundraising for the Japanese Earthquake victims, through the efforts of Ryan Kerrigan and Lizzy Layne. Between sales of their art seen below, PhanArt and Friends helped to raise $217.50 for Peace Winds America Japan Relief. You can still buy the posters for a limited time to continue the donations rolling in to Japan. The relief effort is far from complete there and any amount you can donate helps, especially if you get a cool piece of art in the process!

Special thanks to Ryan Kerrigan and Lizzy Layne for their extraordinary generosity in donating their art, both original pieces, to help this fundraising effort.

Nectar's by Ryan Kerrigan
Ningensei by Lizzy Layne



Bethel and SuperBall IX Merit Badges from Jiggs and PhanArt

New from Jiggs and PhanArt come their latest installment of Merit Badges for Summer 2011. Focusing on the bookends of the first half of the summer, Bethel Woods and Superball IX are featured in this summers collection. Badges will be on sale at Bethel Woods, Darien Lake, Camden and Merriweather Post (Saturday). You can order them through PhanArt below. Each badge costs $5, free shipping. Add to your collection today!

These badges are limited to 50 each and will not be remade. Get them while they last!

Update – Bethel Badges are SOLD OUT. Only a few Superball IX merit badges remain!

bethel - SOLD OUT


superball IX


Venue and Ticket Stub Magnets for Summer 2011

Phans Rich, Jen and Autumn have created some unique collectible venue magnets for Summer 2011. These 2″ round magnets commemorate some of the most photogenic venues to be visited by Phish this summer. Magnets are made from 3/16″ Lucite and 30mm magnetic backing, making a nice heavy little magnet that can easily hold 4 full sheets of paper. (Not 5, they tested.) All artwork is original and a combination of pencil drawing, photography, hand-cut stencil, spray paint and electronic manipulations. These magnets are all phan-made right here in the USA.

Please specify which magnet(s) you want in the notes of your Paypal payment below. Discounts apply to all purchases of 2 or more, drop a line if you want more than 3.  Magnet(s) will ship out the day after payment is made. These are a great little gift for the people you are hitting the shows with! 2″ round magnets are 1 for $5, 2 for $8, 3 for $10.

You can also turn your ticket stubs into a heavy, lucite magnet. We all have them: stacks of ticket stubs that sit in some dark corner of our homes, rarely seen, rarely considered. Why not bust them out and use them to hold up things on your fridge? These ticket stub magnets are made from YOUR ticket stub(s) and are a great way to preserve and display your little pieces of history. To get these made, you simply send your stubs to Rich, Jen and Autumn where they will cold-press the stubs and trim them if they need it, then place them under 3/16″ Lucite and adhere the finished product to a 30mm magnetic backing, creating a nice heavy magnet in the size of the original ticket. Ticket magnets are shipped back to you with delivery confirmation and insurance within 48 hours. Pick stubs that will look good together on the fridge or anything you want to preserve (Big Cypress for example). While mint-stubs come out looking better, but even the most beat up old creased stub looks better under some Lucite! Lucite will never yellow or crack.


these are no longer for sale

SuperBall IX Balls from Adam Davidoff

Yes, he’s got balls that Adam Davidoff. Shiny Hard Superballs. For Sale. Adam designed the Super Ball IX “Superball” to commemorate this summer’s festival in Watkins Glen, NY over Fourth of July Weekend.

The Super Ball IX “Superball’ (999) which debuted in May 2011

The Super Ball IX ‘Superball’ is a jumbo sized superball conceived to commemorate the Super Ball IX Festival in Watkins Glen, NY.  The Super Ball IX “Superball” was designed with two things in mind:  to mimic the color scheme incorporated into the logo advertising the festival, while capturing the patriotic vibe of Independence Day Weekend.
Adam’s favorite Phish memorabilia are quirky items like the 1994 NYE Ping Pong Ball, the 1994 & 1995 Phish
Halloween Chocolate Coins and the 2010 NYE Hot Dog.  His hope was to create a unique item in this vein. The beauty of the Super Ball IX ‘Superball’ lies in its simplicity; the picture tells the story.
The Superball IX ‘Superball’ measures approx 2″  in diameter.  They were produced in a limited run of 999 and are $9.99 each plus $3.01 shipping and handling.  Get one for everyone in your crew gearing up for what will prove to be the highlight of the Summer of 2011! Adams balls are ready to ship now and he will have them on the lots of Bethel Woods, Pine Knob, Blossom & Riverbend.

Prices with Shipping


Camping at Yasgur’s Farm for Phish at Bethel Woods? Read this

Update: Developments on May 17th

The town of Bethel and Yasgur’s Farm are working to rectify the situation as previously described. Per the article in the Times Herald Record Sturm said the town will allow Howard and Abramson — and other homeowners with temporary camping permits — to have as many as 10 people per campsite. That means Roy and Jeryl can have 250 people on their property that weekend. The town is allowing one additional campsite per parcel than town code allows.” While this explains where 250 people of the 1000+ will be able to stay, Sturm does go on to say that in the Sullivan County-Democrat that ““We did not mention nor request cancellation of camping,” Sturm pointed out. In fact, he added, “the Town of Bethel is not requiring the cancellation of anything”” which reflects a change in position from over the weekend.

With an influx of fans and the potential for a situation that could have gotten out of control, this is a positive development that lessens the possibility of problems that could have developed from fans being turned away. While the issue of the $25,000 fine stands for Roy and Jeryl to deal with, it is better to know that fans will have their reservations honored and that we will all get IN.

Original post:

If you are heading to Bethel next week for the Phish shows and staying at Yasgur’s Farm campground, you might want to look into another place to stay. The owners of Yasgur’s Farm, Roy Howard and Jeryl Abramson to pay a $25,000 fine for violating a signed 2007 agreement that forbids a mass gathering on their property. And it looks like no camping will be allowed on the grounds over the Memorial Day Weekend, let alone the late night post-Phish shows that have been announced for the past two months, reports a source familiar with the events surrounding the brewing debacle.

In 2006, in order to stave off a continuing legal battle with the Town of Bethel, Roy and Jeryl signed an agreement that they would have no mass gatherings on their property without proper permits or face a $25,000 fine. Past history dating back to the 1980s suggests a fragile at best relationship with the Town of Bethel highlighted with issues surrounding the Woodstock reunions held each August on Yasgur’s Farm.

Fans who signed up for the festival had no idea this was happening behind the scenes are in a sticky situation to find a place to stay in an area devoid of local hotels and campgrounds with accessibility to the venue with reasonable limits. Fans are already staying as far away as Pennsylvania in the sprawling rural southern-Catskill area that has not been seen as an attractive tourist destination beyond the original Woodstock Festival in 1969 and concerts at Bethel Woods, opened in 2006. Phish is possibly the first multi-night event at the venue and with the influx of fans that are expected, including a sold out show on Saturday, the situation between the Town of Bethel and Roy and Jeryl has come to a head and affects the fans who booked their reservations unknowing that they would be voided by the town mere days before their expected arrival.

If you are one of the 1000+ paid reservations for camping at Yasgur’s Farm, you will not be allowed to camp there and need to find a new place to camp immediately. This is real and happening, according to a source close to the events unfolding in Bethel. Fans who arrive on 5/26 will not be allowed to camp at Yasgur’s Farm unless some deal is reached between the owners and the Town of Bethel, but that is far from likely. There are better odds of Phish playing a Disco Biscuits song acapella than a deal being struck.

If you had a reservation at Yasgur’s Farm and paid through Paypal, request a refund from jeryla at If you do not receive a refund, file a dispute with Paypal to expedite the return of money. One refund has already been processed so at least there is hope others will.

For more information on the situation at Yasgur’s Farm, read this article from the Times Herald-Journal