Erin Cadigan SuperBall IX PinBall Wizard Posters

Phanartist Erin Cadigan has some posters left from the EPIC Superball 9 festival. If you couldn’t find her on lot or didn’t get a chance to grab them when you did spot her. There are very few of the pearlized versions left and not too many of the felted left either. Grab one or a set while they last!

Erin Cadigan
‘s SuperBall IX posters are based on 1970’s pinball back glass art with a set of two Super Ballers selling LIVE Phish. PINBALL WIZARD : Super Baller 1 has Scoreboards say : 7 1 2 3 11 (July 1, 2,3 2011) ; 6 45148 ( the 8 has some faulty lights so upside down it reads PhiSh 9) ; BONUS ; BALL; (because festies are always a bonus!) This cat girl (cats have 9 lives) is holding a rocket for the 4th celebration and selling funky fresh phish. 4 CAN PLAY**

**some deep dark funk

PINBALL WIZARD : Super Baller 2 has Scoreboards that say: TILT; 7 1 2 3 11; 6 45148; TILT (because we all love to get a little tilted!). This cat girl is wearing a Party Time tee and selling Live Phish 1 for 3, 2 for 5. 4 CAN PLAY**

**some bad ass jams

PINBALL WIZARD #1 and #2 are each in an edition of 65. The first 30 of each poster are printed on PEARLIZED Paper, while the final 35 are printed on Corando Felted 80lb cover. All posters are signed and numbered and measure 12″x18″. Cost for these prints: $25 for 1 or 2 for $40 + $3.50 S+H Go to PAYPAL and send payment to

What Would Jibboo Do? shirts

Just in time for SuperBall IX are a great take on the WWJD shirts, this time instead of Jesus, we have Jibboo to wonder what he/she/they would do. On the back of the shirt is a Summer Tour 2011 map of the US including all summer tour dates. They are printed on 100% Cotton forest green Gildan shirts and come in sizes M, L, XL and XXL. Shirts cost $20 or$25 for XXL with $2 Shipping.



Pre-SuperBall IX artist and glass blowers gathering on Keuka Lake 6/30

Seth Olney who operates the The Olney Place in the middle of the east side of Keuka lake is offering up his space on the Thursday night before the festival begins on June 30th at 6:30pm for a pre SuperBall IX CrazyRedBeard art show. While this is not an official poster show, it will feature lots of prints, paintings, pins, shirts and you’ll get first shot before lot at any SuperBall IX merch available. There will be live music and live painting as well.

CrazyRedBeard is looking to make this a truly unique experience that people will remember, as well as a nice pre-jam before the jelly, if you will. He is also looking to incorporate a few local glass blowers as well.

From Seth, a preview of The Olney Place and Keuka Lake…

“Keuka lake has a unique shape that has inspired many an artist. “Oddly enough we live in Yates County and the lake is shaped like the letter “Y”…its a very magical place. It’s so beautiful…on that weekend, it will be awe inspiring.I really hope the Phish scene has a chance to explore this place…we will def help them. It’s a small adventure just getting from Watkins to here. Back roads, along water, laced with wineries and vineyards.”

About The Olney Place 823 East Lake Road, Penn Yan, NY 14527 Hours Mon – Sat: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Sun: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. This place is a one stop shop for those last minute items needed to maximize your time on beautiful Keuka Lake. By land or by lake, it’s The Olney Place. Park on the street or on Lot. Phone 315-536-5454

Please contact with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Rock & Bus service for getting to and from Phish shows nationwide

Rock & Bus is offering service to every concert on the 2011 Phish tour! Using a new social reservation model, Rock & Bus is able to send buses to wherever the Phish fans are. They’ve set up all the major cities around every venue and invite you to reserve for the town nearest you. They will route our buses accordingly and get everyone to the concert,  partying all the way.  It’s a great new option and they hope that you will agree.

Help Rock & Bus spread the word to other Phish fans for the fun, safe, and green new way to get to the shows!

You can drink on the bus and each person can bring a carryon bag and a big bag for under the bus. The overnight (festival) buses have different rules. You can find manufacturers’ pictures of the buses on their site. Each bus has DVD players, TVs and a speaker system. Bring your group and have fun, just respect the bus and the bus will respect you.

For more information regarding Rock & Bus, call 855-725-5928 or email them at

Watkins Glen print from AJ Masthay to be revealed on lot…

From AJ Masthay:

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

With SuperBall just a few weeks away I’ve been getting inquiries about whether or not I’ll be doing anything for it. Short answer, yes. Actually, Ill be doing three prints, but not a triptych, instead Ill have a single large print along with two “mini-prints”. All three will be available separately, although there will be a nice discount for buying the three together.

I know, you’re saying “Great AJ, that’s all well and good, but this email is useless with pictures!” Well, for the first time in a long long time, I will be selling these prints exclusively in the lots. Yup, going old school, no sneak peeks, no internet sales, no paypal. (Okay, if anything is left over they’ll go up on the website, but only if there are leftovers…) Glen Close camping will be the home base for us at SBIX, but Ill be venturing out with my wares and will likely end up wherever Shakedown is. So long as I get a cell signal, Ill be tweeting/facebooking my location to help folks find me if they are so inclined. Be sure to follow/friend me if you’d like to get updates.

Tammy Bick’s Phish Drawings – SuperBall IX, Bathtub Gin and more

TammyBick , who is known for her “Tabism’s” of Phish’s song’s has recently created her first poster for Phish’s SuperBall IX. Tammy is a self taught artist since childhood who has a vast variety of creations but has recently begun her focus on visually expressing her favorite music into “song-art”. Tammy’s most recent works include original drawing done on Paper with Black Pen. Tammy’s “Tabism’s” of Phish’s Bathtub Gin, Slave To The Traffic Light, NICU, Loving Cup, all made as giclees reproduced from original pen drawings

The SuperBall IX poster represent’s Phish’s now “9” Festivals through playful fish “air bubbles” also in the shape of a “9” as well as the fish’s eyes. The Hand Coral represents the Finger Lakes where this monumental festival will occur. There is a limited number of 25 posters available as proofed and an additional 25 of misprints that were enlarged in error.

The SuperBall IX Poster is printed on Matte Paper 11″x17″, Unmatted prints cost $15

Original Giclee Prints of Bathtub Gin  and Slave To The Traffic Light measure 9″ x 11.25″ and are also $15 unmatted, plus shipping).

To Buy: These will be available through Paypal (send to with “Giclee” or “Poster” in subject line) and at the SuperBall IX Festival as well with these prints and more!

Phish Tour as Vacation

This article was originally published in the Early Summer 2011 issue of Surrender to the Flow Magazine, #29.

Phish Tour as Vacation

What constitutes a vacation is different for each person and each family with variables based on cost, class and the intrinsic need for adventure. Those of means are able to travel throughout the country and across the globe in style, dining on exotic meals in locations both exclusive and secluded and broadening their views of the world from a safe distance. Many in the middle class including those with families are relegated to the once or twice a year typical vacation spots – Orlando, Myrtle Beach, National Parks, State Parks, beaches and other destinations that are economically feasible and work into the busy calendar of life. There are those who are unable to plan for, let alone set the time aside for, a vacation and make do with brief local escapes to see family and friends, forgoing leaving town for the ‘staycation’. Although that’s a lame word, many have no other way to escape reality for the important rejuvenation a vacation can bring..

For those who see Phish, vacation is a different beat altogether. While we might fit one of the aforementioned vacations into our yearly lives, Phish tour is the vacation of choice for many fans. Our love of Phish is the driving force behind our choice on where and when we take a break from the real world and focus on getting together with friends and rejuvenating our spirit through a most unique vacation that is not available through any travel website, travel agent or vacation club.

Most people take vacations with their family, but with us it’s our Phamily. How we get there and where we go depends on who we are, where we live and how far we can afford to travel on a given tour. Our travel styles vary yet we all arrive and we all get in. The single rider travels to meet with friends and head into the show. Couples ride together and bond over the trip to and from each show, adding to their story another chapter or ending the journey because it just wasn’t right. Families are starting to appear more on tour as our fan base ages and taking kids to a show isn’t something to be surprised at anymore whether we embrace it or not. By moving from town to town, going on an entire tour or a leg or run of shows or doing whatever is local and convenient, it becomes our vacation. More importantly, our vacation comes to us and can be taken 2-3 times a year in some cases, especially if you live in the Northeast or Midwest.

As my friend Emilie Goldenberg reminded me, “Tour is like summer camp for adults.” Many of us went to summer camp and enjoyed the activities, the bonds among friends, seeing old friends again each summer. Finding the joy of tour that is unseen anywhere else – THAT is our vacation and the heart of Phish tour. Before camp as a kid and tour as an adult, there are the jitters of excited nervousness, the potential to see old friends, the excitement of what might happen, what might change, where we might go on a side trip and what debacles may befall the group on our trip this time around. During camp/tour, expectations are pushed aside for the reality of the shows we see, the adventures we go on with our friends and the stories made through the unpredictability of tour. When it ends, we long for more but instead find our way back home, exhausted and hungry for ‘real’ food, a good shower and our own bed. We spend the next week or so developing/uploading pictures and videos, sorting through clothes clean and dirty, sorting out our souvenirs and tangible memories, putting them away for safe keeping until we look at them again before heading back on the road to camp or a show and starting the cycle anew again.

For Phish fans, it can be difficult to take a ‘real’ vacation, one that involves not going directly to a Phish show and not collecting another Mike’s Groove for the memory bank. Booking a flight, taking off to a Caribbean locale or elsewhere throughout the world and spending a week or more with someone special or a group of friends – all that takes effort and planning in order to pull off and its not easy. The average person can plan that trip to Costa Rica a year in advance but for Phish fans, many cannot simply due to the fact that Phish might be playing a year from now and most of the time, Phish takes priority. Weddings are acceptable reasons to skip Phish, simply because that event doesn’t repeat itself and there are hundreds of more Phish shows; weddings, not so much. So we wait and see when Phish is playing and make plans accordingly. With no fall shows for Phish this year, fans can rest assured that plans can be made and vacations taken with a relative degree of planning involved in order to make the vacation less harried and more enjoyable. Taking away the fear of going on vacation and missing something epic like a hometown show, a three night run or even worse, a festival, allows for trips to be planned and vacations to be enjoyed without the fear of missing out on something special.

Then again, some folks plan in advance and wind up missing out on the few shows that they were set on going to, simply because life (family, significant other, lack of time) got in the way. Having to plan well in advance for a tour knowing that accurate tour dates are a crapshoot until announced adds to the pressure of planning and hoping Phish and ‘real’ vacations don’t overlap. With some luck, you can get in both vacations; you gotta squeeze as much out of a vacation as you can when you know that Phish tour will probably postpone the next one!

Even with family vacations coming up more often as we get older, the need to take a Phamily vacation is ever-present so as to bring us back to where we were, remind us of the feeling we forgot and bridge the gap between the youthful exuberance that Phish tour secretes and the docility aging brings to our lives. It becomes a struggle between getting older and seeking to hold on to the things we grew up with and a balance is needed even when it seems like it might not be in our best interest. Your soul knows best and finding your way back on tour, even if just for a show or four is what you can fit in, you know it will be worth it. It always is. With friends by our side we get back feeling alive from out latest Phish vacation.