New pins from PhanBadge – Guyute, Furthur and more

Brian from PhanBadge has some great new pins seen below. The pins cost $12 with free shipping. There are also some 2, 3 and 5 pack pin orders available on his website,

Burble–To commemorate the phish festival 8 in Indio California , this is the Burble. It was flying in the sky and it caught my eye !! This pin measure 1 inch wide

Disco Guyute. Too complete the “Hat trick” of my Guyute’s I would like to present the Disco Guyute Pin. 1.5 inches high and over an inch wide, this pig is doing a disco jig.

Terrapin–I started seeing the Dead play in the 80’s and I always loved Terrapin station !! I think at one point I was keeping track of how many days in a row I could listen to the song.I got up to 112 days in a row. This is the TerraPIN. 1.25 inches in Height and 1 inch wide. Double posted on the back to keep it in place.

The Bolts are to commemorate the Furthur Tours of 2011 Summer and Fall. Bolts with an updated twist!

Bolt (Orange)

Bolt (Blue)

Doctor Fluffs Powerful Pills Poster from JDub Allstars

The good folks at JDub Allstars have made a very limited edition of 50 screenprinted posters featuring their iconic “Fluffhead” lot t-shirt image. The good Doctor Fluff is hand silkscreened on heavyweight cream-colored poster stock. There are also a few printed on a darker tan paper. If you have a color preference, please specify when ordering. The poster measures 19″x25″ and each one is signed and numbered by the artist.

This heady original artwork is suitable for framing and will be shipped in a mailing tube. Pick one up before they run out! Thanks for your support!

Cost is 24.99 with $6.99 shipping. Pick one up today


Sand Spinner Pin from 10 Minute Tube Designs

From 10 Minute Tube Designs comes their SAND SPINNER PIN:

Z4prnC on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

This pin was designed by Caitlin and Matt with help from their good friend Jiggs. It measures 1 1/4″ (base) and the spinner is 1″ with a 2 prong back. As seen in the .gif above, the hourglass is moveable and spins, with a few cutouts so you can see more of the background. 

Cost for this pin is $15 + $2 shipping (combined Shipping accepted for multiple orders)



You can also “like” 10 Minute Tube Designs on Facebook

Whalecaller Pins from Jiggs

One of Jiggs‘ most popular shirts from 2010 returns as a pin! This high quality cloisonne style pin, measuring 1″ by 3/4″ features 3 colors: blue, white, and green against silver metal, producing a nice contrast. It also has two posts to keep the pin in place.

The pins are $10 each, plus $2 shipping. You can order as many pins as you like, and the shipping will stay at $2.

There will only 100 of these pins produced, so get them while you can!

Order them here

Masthay Tahoe Poster on sale this Friday at Noon

From AJ Masthay and available at Noon on Friday 7/29 comes his Lake Tahoe Poster

“God it was a scorcher here in the Northeast this past weekend. Unfortunately the studio, AKA The Sweatbox, is not air conditioned. Maybe it was a mix of the heat, dehydration and ink fumes, but something “clicked” on this image and I truly feel its one of my most detailed and cohesive prints to date.”

August 9&10 2011
Lake Tahoe, NV
6 color linoleum block print set
Signed/Numbered limited edition of 200
Canson Edition antique white paper stock

“Not to toot my own horn, but this thing is just badass… Digging back into the wild west history of Lake Tahoe for this one, we’re talking the days of outlaws, sheriffs, and smoking peacemakers. It may not look it in the photos, but these prints are six colors – some extremely subtle, and boy do they pop in person.”

“As promised, the Tahoe edition will go onsale Friday July 29nd at 12 noon EST.  Things are looking very good for at least one more edition for the second leg, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Feel free to get in touch with me at aj@masthaystudios with any questions and Ill see ya in Hollywood! AJ”

Ryan Kerrigan posters and stickers for Summer Tour 2011 Leg 2

Ryan Kerrigan’s Posters for Leg 2 of Summer 2011 are here. Lake Tahoe, Hollywood and San Francisco prints below come in an edition of 25 while Gorge and Chicago are editions of 55. The prints are $20 each shipped or $15 on lot if any remain. Stickers of each design are $2 each or 3 for $5.

You can place an order by making a paypal payment to

Please be specific with whatposters/stickers you are ordering!

Ben Whitesell Watkins Glen and Phish Heads prints

Ben created a poster for Phish’s Superball IX Festival held over the 4th of July holiday weekend at Watkins Glen. And for those of you looking for something not specific to a show, he has released a series of minimalist portraits of the boys, each inscribed with lyrics specific to each band member.

The Superball IX poster is 13×19 printed on enhanced matte paper and is a limited run of 30 posters, each signed and numbered by Ben and is available for $15.

The “Phish Heads”, are 8×10 printed on fine art velvet and each is a limited run of 20, and can be purchased for $8 each.

All prints are available at Ben’s new website

AJ Masthay’s Gorge Poster

From AJ Masthay, his Gorge print and info on his Tahoe print, due out next week.

Here we go folks, time to start releasing some 2nd leg prints! First up, a little ditty for the infamous GORGE. A special theme for all the tapers out there, (who remembers the days of trading Maxell XLII’s?). Seriously though, in this day and age of SBD instant gratification, it’s easy to forget that it is the tapers that built so much of the scene we all cherish. To all the tapers, THANK YOU, please keep doing what you do.

August 5&6, 2011
George, Washington
7 color linoleum block print set
Signed/Numbered limited edition of 100
Canson Edition antique white paper stock

The Gorge edition will go onsale Friday July 22nd at 12 noon EST at

Next up for sale will be Lake Tahoe on Friday, July 29th at 12 noon EST. Look for an update early next week.

Finally to round out the promised five prints to subscription holders, will be the Chicago UIC Triptych. These very special prints will be exclusively available at Da Mock Show UIC, Tuesday, August 16, 2011 from noon to 5pm, 400 S. Peoria St., walking distance from the venue! This free show is a must see for anyone interested in concert art. Ill have a table displaying my wares along with artists such as Jim Pollock, David Welker, Dan Grzeca, Nate Duval, Justin Helton, Jay Ryan and many many more. Check out for the full artist lineup and additional details.

Feel free to get in touch with me at aj@masthaystudios with any questions and Ill see ya in Hollywood!

Donations, Spring and Early Summer 2011

Special thanks goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt in the past four months!

They have been incredibly generous and through their efforts and donations, they will support the efforts of Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Pin Me Down Four different Phish pins

Jeff Crookes Two each of: Lego Chairman, Lego Cactus and Lego Big Red, plus a Big Red pin donation at Bethel Woods

Brian Kushner of PhanBadge3 watkins magnets, 2 guyutica magnets, 3 watkins badges, set of festival badges

Branden Otto$45

Jambandistan Art collective $50

Jiggs (3) $30 donations and a $33 donation

Adam Davidoff coins and balls$9

Buds 2 Lennon posters and 2 Makisupa shirts

Maria DiChiappari – Bethel Poster and SuperBall IX poster

Jonathan Lamb of Like Minded Productions Designing and printing poster for Tahoe Poke Tourny for Mockingbird

Nate Colby: $6.14

Mike O’Donnell – $10

Douglas whitworth and Ben Whitesell Camden, Cincy and Bethel prints

John Corbett$3

Matt Jurcic and 10 Tube DesignsBuffalo bill pin, Sleeping monkey pin, Cavern pin

AJ Masthay – 10 posters to Waterwheel Foundation

Total: $246.14 and 46 pieces of Phanart for sale through auctions and art shows, like Da Mock Show, August 16th, Noon to 5pm, right next to UIC!