Original Page Against the Machine Stickers from Mike Distante

These stickers, originally done in 1998 with Big Jon Nelson were made simply because they were a great idea, an easy way to get that idea out to fans and a way to help Mike and Jon with a bit of gas money to get from one show to another. They were very well-received and some shirts were even done.

Mike has reprinted some of these stickers again and agreed to donate $1 from each sticker sold to the Mockingbird Foundation.


1 for 3

2 for 5

Couch Tour Posters from Off Lot Productions

The folks at Off Lot Productions have a poster that hits home with the Couch Tour crowd. The old “Chair man” is sitting in a Cheerio’d couch, giving new meaning to the phrase “A world plugged in”.  This poster in an edition of 110 is available for $10 with $5 shipping.

Off Lot Productions will also be having separate auctions of 10 of these posters to equally benefit Mockingbird Foundation and Waterwheel Foundation.

HarryHood Hollywood Bowl Posters from Steve Forsthoefel

Steve Forsthoefel has created the Hollywood Bowl poster for the band’s first ever shows at the venue. This was Steve’s first vendor experience at the Phish show as well.  This print pays homage to old Hollywood glamour with an art deco style. The poster is 11×17 printed on 80 lb. glossy paper in a limited run of 50. The price is $10 each print or 3 for $25. Free shipping on all orders.

For one poster, select Option 1, for two select Option 2, for three, select Option 3

12/19/11 update: Posters are now sold out

Phish Coins for Leg 2 – Lake Tahoe and Denver

Adam Davidoff (the coin guy) has two new coins to debut for Leg 2 of the Phish Summer Tour.

The Lake Tahoe $46 Poker Chip was printed in a limited run of 300 chips, but a production error has delayed them. Hopefully I will have them before the Colorado Run next week, but you can see the final proof on the link provided. They are $10 each, just like the Halloween Poker Chips, plush shipping and handling fees.

The Buffalo Bill Wooden Nickel just landed today and is ready to ship. They were printed in a limited run of 1000 and are sequentially numbered. If there is/are number(s) you would like, Adam will do his best to accommodate your request. They are only $5 each plus shipping and handling fees.

Good Visuals Phish Preshow at Quixote’s in Denver 9/1

On Thursday, September 1 from 4pm-2am at Quixote’s True Blue (2151 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO) Jay Bianchi, Sutton Shealy and Tripp Shealy are having a Music and Poster Art Phish Pre-show the Thursday night before Phish plays Dick’s in Denver!

For only $10 you get Live Music from:

Magic Gravy
Shakedown Street
Jet Edison
Magic Beans
Dawgs at Large

This is an all day event that will showcase some of the best upcoming poster artists who will have for sale many vintage posters for Disco Biscuits, Grateful Dead, Phish, Soundtribe Sector 9, Widespread Panic, and many more.

Artists on hand:
Jack Shure
Ryan Kerrigan
Sweet Melis
and more to be announced soon!

Tickets are only $10 and available online now

UIC shirts and posters from Bruce Horan

When artists at Da Mock Show was setting up, PhanArt Pete walked around and took pictures to share on twitter so folks knew what prints to expect. There were a great many awesome prints, but only one used a creative play off of ‘NICU’ in their art. Bruce Horan’s NICU/UIC poster highlights U I and C in the NICUs running throughout the print.

Pick up the poster and/or shirt here


Three color screenprint with metallic silver

Measures 16 x 20 inches

Edition of 50, signed and numbered

$25 with $8 shipping

Shirts are also available in four colors – royal blue, dark blue, brown and black.

Shirts cost $15 plus $3 for shipping.

Donations from UIC and Da Mock Show

Once again, Da Mock Show was a great success. Using donated pieces of art – shirts, posters, stickers, pins, badges, etc…, plus a % of PhanArt sales, we were able to raise $200 to benefit The Waterwheel Foundation. Special thanks to Jason Kaczorowski for setting up yet another successful poster show, Julie and Vanessa for helping setup and run the table with me (PhanArt Pete) and to all who stopped by and picked up something from the table and supported the artists and The Waterwheel Foundation.

We also had some donations at UIC to note:

Six merit badges from Patchy McPatcherson (not his real name)

Dead fish eye pin from John Warner of JDub Allstars and coming soon….. doctorflufftees.com

Lot life for two posters and 10 Superball NY license plate stickers

Ryan Kerrigan – Chicago sticker

Jonny from Cashortrade.org – Silhoutette shirt and 12 stickers

Thank you all for your support. Including this $200, we have raised nearly $1500 this year alone, with much more to come in the final months of the year!

PhanArt Pete

Read Icculus stickers

From Christine Liotti come her ‘Read Icculus” stickers

“During the Oswego ’99 Icculus, my friends and I hugged and held each other laughing hysterically in an “I can’t!” kind of moment and I’ll never forget it. After that we all labeled everything “Read-Icculus” every chance we had. Finally in 2003 I made the first run of stickers, then in 2009 made a new sticker and a t-shirt. After selling out of all editions (the t-shirts sold out after Hartford ’09’s Icculus), I made this smaller, and possibly final version before summer tour ’11.




Side note – On 8/23, thanks for Christines kindness of donating 30 stickers all to benefit Mockingbird Foundation, we SOLD OUT! IN LESS THAN AN HOUR and together made $60.76 for Mockingbird Foundation! Nice work!

Ben Whitesell UIC print

Ben Whitesell just completed his print for the UIC Pavilion run in Chicago. This print pays homage to the urban life of Chicago and contains quite a few easter eggs for the phans, even a few shoutouts to Phanart Pete Mason and the Coventry Music Crew.

The print is 13×19 and printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper in a limited run of 30, each signed and numbered by the artist. The cost for this print is $15 only available on web at www.movingthemerch.com