12 Phish Pins for Auction for Mockingbird

Our latest auction is one for all the pin collectors out there. Each of the pins is brand new and sealed in a plastic pouch with backings for each pin. Bidding starts at $40 and will last from Sunday evening until Friday evening. All profits from the final auction price (after shipping) will benefit Mockingbird Foundation.

They were donated for this auction by…

StuPINdous Creations – Manteca pin

Pin me Down – Trey is a Jedi reversible pin

Party Time Pins – Simple and Festival 9 Bouncin Sun pins

Ten Minute Tube Designs – Sand, Fee, Cavern and SiiHB pins

Zenster – Superball/Superman 9 Pin

Myfe. Designs – Golgi (Junkyard Dog with a Brain of Brass) and Tela pins

JDub Allstars – Fish eye pin

This auction netted $300 for Mockingbird Foundation!!!!!

Dub Stop shirts from N’Lytn Design Co.

Introducing N’Lytn Design Co. (Pronounced Enlighten) is a new custom garment decoration service. Unlike conventional screen printers, or heat transfer sublimations, N’Lytn is using a Direct to Garment printing method. What this allows is an array of colors with a very soft hand, as the design is printed directly onto the garment. With a wide selection of blank apparel to choose from, and the ability to print your digital art directly on it, we allow you to create exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike screen printers, we have the ability to do one offs and short runs without exorbitant set up fees. We also offer a wide variety of printing services, such as canvas art reproduction, coffee cups, ceramic tiles, wood, and much much more. With no set up time, we are able to provide quick turn around on orders placed with time sensitive demands. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries!
PhanArt first saw this shirt on the lots at UIC. We found Keith and got in touch with him to showcase the shirt on PhanArt. Here’s the story behind the shirt:
Dub Stop. Don’t Step. The message is clear. Dubstep, in it’s current form, is plaguing our scene. It’s angry frequencies and excessive use of Low Frequency Output filter have gone too far. When will the madness end? The general populous of Dubstep shows are too high to even realize the music is horrible. Am I opinionated? Probably, but I’m certainly not the only one who sees it this way. The first run of shirts printed went to UIC Pavilion in August, and overall had a very positive response. Lack of plus sizes and women’s sizes was a drawback, and has been remedied! The front features the DUB STOP ala RUN DMC styling, while the back reminds you “Don’t Step“, with a great man’s handprint on the shoulder, as if he is placing his arm around you, gently reminding you that this is not the way. Bassnectar’s Lighting Engineer got a kick out of the shirts, even though Dubstep pays his bills. FREE SHIPPING!



TRiPP’s New Fall Pins and State Print Series

TRiPP has some great new pins available for this fall. Included below are The 11, Starry Stealie, China Cat Sunflower, Big Wooly Mammoth and Autumn Stealie pins. These five pins are available in a matching number set or can be purchase individually. All pins are engraved with Tripp’s signature, the King Pin logo, and the # each is in the edition.

A set of all 5 pins is available now here, with matching numbers in each set.

TRiPP is also continuing his State Print Series with his second release of 50 prints for each state in the USA. TRiPPs Prints has released the first three states in the State Print series: GeorgiaMissouri, and California. The State Print series will include a single print for each of the 50 United States. Each state was picked at random from a jar. They are being released in the order in which they were chosen. Every print illustrates a natural attraction within the state. The name and outline of the state, as well as the number each was admitted into the union of the United States of America, are also displayed on every print. The second release coming in just a few days includes Connecticut, Michigan, and North Carolina. Only 50 of each state are being printed, with only 35 being available for purchase. All fifty states will be released by the end of 2011.

Right now, Missouri, Georgia and California are available while currently in production are Connecticut, North Carolina and Michigan. Get a sneak peak at them and the next states on deck here. The latest three prints will be available starting next week.

Donated posters from TRiPP!

TRiPP, a poster artist for the past decade featuring bands from Phish to Widespread Panic, Further to The Disco Biscuits, has donated 10 prints (including some rare ones) to PhanArt to raise money for Mockingbird Foundation. This is a most generous donation from TRiPP and we at PhanArt thank him greatly!

Included in this 10 print donation are:

Gorge 2011 set of 2 prints with matching #s; together they fit together for an illustrative view of the Gorge

Alpine 2009 Artists Proof

Coventry #211/500

Three (3) Red Rocks 2009 prints #’s 115-117/200

Knoxville 2009 #73/95

Portsmouth 2010 #39/65

Philly 2009 #46/100

If you are interested in buying one of these prints before they are put up for auction in coming weeks and months, contact PhanArt Pete or post a comment below with an offer on the poster. Make sure to check out TRiPP’s website and get on his mailing list and stay connected with him on Facebook and on Twitter. TRiPP will be having a give away soon from his 2011 Holiday Card Collection. Stay tuned for details coming soon…..

YEMSG pins from Jiggs and PhanArt

On 12/4/09 at MSG during the jam in YEM I shot off a quick text to Jiggs. It was brief and read YEMSG!!! The seed was planted, Jiggs went to design it and we made some stickers that you might have gotten anywhere since Miami. Now, you can get a permanent version in pin form. We are pleased to announce the YEMSG pin. This 1.25″ pin will be a simple black against polished silver. There are two posts, mounted vertically, and the back is numbered (1-100) and stamped with the Jiggs design logo. The posts feature the black rubber clutches, rather than the classic ones pictured. There will only be 100 produced. The pin is in production and is expected to ship to me at the end of the week (10/14). The pins are being offered both here and through Jiggs. If you are a collector, numbers 1-50 will be available at Jiggs Lot, numbers 51-100 will be available here at PhanArt.

these pins are SOLD OUT!

Tube shirts from Jiggs

From Jiggs:

It’s been 2 years since these were available. The Tube design was one of the first shirts I made, and they were never available on the blog. These are now available in short sleeve, long sleeve, and hoodies in a brand new color.

For this run, the design will be printed on a beautiful Indigo Blue. The short sleeve mens are Gildan 100% cotton (style 2000), ladies shirts are Gildan 100% cotton, junior cut (ladies substitute the color SKY) (style 64000L), the long sleeves are Gildan 100% cotton (style 2400), and the hoodies are Gildan 50/50 blend (style 18500). Tall sizes will substitute Sport Grey.

The print is a 3 color front – red, white and grey on indigo blue. The back print is grey and reads “A portrait of your past”. This is a limited run, so get your orders in now. Pre-orders will close on Sunday, October 16th. As with all Jiggs pre-orders, the shirts and hoodies will be available roughly 10 days after the order period ends. I will keep everyone updated on any delays.

Pick one up here

Possum pins from 10 minute tube designs

10 Minute Tube Designs has featured Owls, Sand and Monkeys in the past and they are continuing with this successful trend of pins with two related pins.

The first, Possum, measures 1 1/4 x 1 1/4, has a two prong back and the back stamped with the 10 Minute Tube design team name. Only 100 of these pins were made and they cost $10 each.

Relatedly, the ‘I’m Killin’ It Pin‘ is for those who do in fact “Kill it”. It GLOWS IN THE DARK and measures 1 1/4″ around with a two Prong Back and the back stamped with the 10 Minute Tube design team name. Only 200 were made and less than 50 are still available for sale! Get yours now for $15.00




Announcing the PhanArt ‘Read the Fucking Book’ Club

Phish is a band that has generated a great deal of press over the years, with reviews in papers in the towns the band and their fans travel to, as well as articles in magazines and dozens of websites and blogs dedicated to The Phish from Vermont. Over time, the band’s history and fans have led to a number of books about Phish. When asked this summer by a non-Phish fan how many books were written about Phish, I couldn’t come up with an answer and the idea for a Book Club of sorts was born. Not a Book Club where we all sit down and have tea or something and discuss books, but an online Book Club where fans can find out about Phish books, read them and share their thoughts online with other fans. An interactive web-based Book Club with nothing but suggestions of books to read given and opinions shared when the books are read.
As a teacher, I felt this would also help to promote literacy, always a good thing at any age or level of education.  Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you The ‘Read the Fucking Book’ Club. There is no cost to join. In fact, you are already a member just by reading this. Welcome to the club! There will be a page here on PhanArt.net that has all the Phish books written over the years. Click on a book and read a review by one of our primary reviewers and places where you can buy each book. Fans will be able to share their reviews of the books in the comments section of each page and discuss the finer points of Phish Lit.
Included in the ‘Read the Fucking Book’ Club will be:
The Phish Companion (volumes 1 and 2) by The Mockingbird Foundation
The Pharmers Almanac (volumes 1 through 6) by Bernstein, Steele, Chasnoff, Celentano, et.al
PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish by Pete Mason
The Diary of Bobby Steiner: Tour Tales from the New Millenium by William Traveler
Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts by David Calarco (coming this holiday season)
The Melody of Motion: Following Phish and Widespread Panic by Carl Cole
Run Like an Antelope: On the Road with Phish by Sean Gibbon
PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Parking Lot by Taraleigh Weathers and Pete Mason
Mike’s Corner: Daunting Literary Snippets from Phish’s Bassist by Mike Gordon
Phish: The Biography by Parke Puterbaugh
The Phish Book by Richard Gehr
Go Phish by Dave Thompson
The Phishing Manual by Dean Budnick
Stay tuned for the launch of the ‘Read the Fucking Book’ Club in early October few weeks. include authors and where to buy each one. If you are interested in submitting a review of any of these books (that you may have previously read), please email Pete at phanart (at) gmail

Vermont Relief Pin from Party Time Pins

Keeping up with the effort to raise money for flood victims in Vermont, Party Time Pins has made a pin to benefit WaterWheel Foundation.

$1 from every pin purchased will be donated to the Waterwheel Foundation to help with the Vermont flood recovery efforts. This pin measures 1.25″on each side, is made of antiqued silver and has two-pin backs in a limited edition of 100. Party Time Pins stresses that this pin ‘will definitely not ever be remade’

Pick up the pin and support the relief efforts by visiting Party Time Pins


Couch Tour Pins from Off Lot Productions

Off Lot Productions is stoked to offer you the 2011 LE Couch Tour Pin. If you are anyone who is into the Phish pin collecting scene, you will want to add this pin to your collection. This is a .75″ double butterfly backed pin that is stamped into nickel with raised edges and a glazed color with polished front.

Additionally, Off Lot is also offering a package deal with the Pin and the Couch Tour Poster for $15.00 plus shipping. Get them while the package deal is available as there are only a limited amount of them available.

This item is sold out