Jiggs/Phro NYE Poster

From Jiggs:

In collaboration with Phro at Taboot Art, I am pleased to announce my first foray into Phish fan posters. Based on a solid concept from my good friend Phro, I created this poster around his cuckoo clock theme. This one had a great deal of back and forth until we hammered out the final image. I can easily say this is the most work I have put into a design before. The final image ended up turning out great.

The poster will be a 10 x 18 size, and at the time of this pre-order post, should be at least 8 colors (the colors represented here will be as close as possible, but as with any printing process, there will be some room for adjustment). The design will be screen printed on 100 stock water color paper. The posters will be shipped via a Uline poster tube, wrapped in artists paper, and will go out Priority Mail. There will only be 200 of this run.

The pre-order features a discounted price of 20 dollars, plus 10 dollars shipping (reg price will be 25 plus shipping). This pre-order will end on Wednesday, November 30th.

Please send $30 for each poster you would like (pre-order price and shipping) to jeff@tabootart.com with JIGGS/PHRO NYE POSTER in the subject, or email him directly at the email address listed.

Order here 

TRiPP Holiday Card Giveaway!

Win a 12 Piece Holiday Card Set of your choice from TRiPPs Prints!Each of these vibrant hand screenprinted cards are created using paper and envelopes produced via hydroelectric power from pulp grown in sustainable forests. Printed with water based, non-toxic inks, and natural metallic pigments that add a festive sparkle to each card. These special card sets are all made in the TRiPPs Prints small, Colorado studio.

Winners in the TRiPPs Prints Holiday Card sets are Allison Rycerz and Christine Kudichan Winners, you will be contacted for your favorite card set and mailing address. Thanks to all who entered!

We will be giving away TWO sets of holiday cards– 1 set on Facebook and 1 on the Phan Art website ($40 value) Many Ways to Enter:

Follow TRiPPs Prints on Twitter

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Tweet this: “Win a free set hand-printed of Holiday Cards from @TRiPPs Prints>> http://www.phanart.net/?p=7229  via @PhanArt”

Visit the TRiPPs Prints website and leave a comment below with your favorite holiday card design You receive one additional entry for EACH of the above (just be sure to leave a comment letting us know each of your entries)

The contest will run until midnight Sunday 12/4 with winners being announced Tuesday 12/6

Chairman of the Boards shirts from Salad Jones

From Salad Jones comes a new take on the ‘Chairman of the Boards’ nickname for Page: Schroeder from Peanuts playing his piano. There are a limited quantity of these available and cost only $10 plus $3 for shipping. Shirts will go up to $12 per shirt in a few weeks, so order one today!

These shirts are SOLD OUT! stay tuned for reprint info

Ha Ha Ha pin from Sugarshack pins

From SugarShack Pins comes Nelson from The Simpson’s, set in a Phish/Dead environment. Nelson pin pokes fun at that dynamic, as he wears his 13 point bolt and points mocking – “HA HA HA”

What the pin represents…a social commentary:

Nelson represents the Bully mentality.
Senseless, Baseless Bully-ing and mocking.
If Nelson was part of our concert scene, (IMO) he’d be a Deadhead.
So being a Furthur/Deadheadhead he would most likely participate
in the hating that goes on toward Phisheds…
He would most certainly use is most popular mock – HA HA !
but since he’s mocking Phisheds…He’d modify it to the situation
to make it more personal to those listening…HA HA HA !
using the Phish song title to antagonize his victims.
What’s the point ? There is none.
Nelson belives you are not as cool as him, so he mocks you.
But he’s an idiot, and an asshole.
He’s in touch with his inner Bully/moron, and behaves that way.

Much the same thing goes on the the real word.
Deadheads hating on Phisheds for no reason.
We both do the same thing…
Devote all our time and efforts to go see and follow a band we love.
Who cares what someone else is doing. Do your own thing.
But the Nelsons in the Dead community seem to rear their unenlightened heads,
and spout hate.

This pin is 1.5″ tall, has two posts with metal clutches. Made with hard enamel with the Sugar Shack Pins logo on the back, this series is not numbered, but only 100 were made. The pin will not be reprinted and there will be no variants. The pin costs $15 and is shipped USPS 1st class with tracking.


OCEraginLOT dresses

“Ocelot, Ocelot, Oce-RAGIN-lot!” dresses are here from Scarletfires on Etsy. These hand-printed silkscreens are on american apparel dresses in sizes S, M, & L. The two-color print features “OCEraginLOT” across the chest, claw marks up the side, and the lyrics “Don’t be the only one left on the block” printed on the back. This is a super limited edition, with only 36 made for this one-time-only print run.

You can buy this dress one of two ways

Click here to visit the Etsy page 

or Pick one up via Paypal, $20 with FREE shipping by ordering below

Central Part of Town NYE shirts

Commemorate the MSG run this New Years with a new spin on the classic NYC Subway logo.  Love the ph? Love New York?  Boom.
Printed on 100% cotton unisex American Apparel 2001 (color: asphalt) with water-based/phthalate free inks locally by InkBrigade in Portland, OR. Unisex XS-XXL $20 per shirt $6 for shipping/PayPal processing
These shirts will ship Priority Mail starting Monday, December 5th.  Pre-order now to guarantee your shirt, as these are a Limited Edition run and may not be available on lot.

AJ Masthay MSG Rapture 4-part poster


From AJ Masthay:

The rapture is upon us!
Okay, maybe not, but new years at MSG is pretty close to the rapture for many fans…. This years edition marks a first for Masthay Studios, yup it’s a quadtych. Four individual prints that when combined create one large image. New years prints are somewhat of a tradition for me, going all the way back to the 2002 hiatus return at MSG.  Last year, I documented the printing process of the MSG triptych on a thread on phishposters.com – so why not continue that tradition and document the quads!

I’ll be regularly updating the new Masthay Studios Blog with photos and commentary on the printing process along with a wonderful introduction by Mr. Miner of Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts. For those that decide to purchase the set, you’ll be able to follow along and literally watch your prints being made from start to finish. Looking for more dirt on this edition? Mr. Miner asked me a few questions about my creation process, the interview is up now on PhishThoughts.com.

Now I hope you’re asking, “How do I purchase these wonderful prints?”. Well, I’ll  tell you…
These eight color linoleum block prints are from an edition of 150 sets and are printed on archival quality Canson Edition paper stock. All prints will be available on MasthayStudios.com this Friday, November 18th, at 12 noon EST.

If you happen to be traveling to the City for the shows, please join myself and Mr. Miner for two very special events on December 29th. The first is a book signing and the second is an aftershow party. Both are taking place at The Irish Times – 254 W 31st St. (b/w 7th and 8th Ave), less than 1 block from MSG!

The Book Signing: 4 pm – 6 pm
The Afterparty w/ Coltrane and Friends: Post-show – 3 am – FREE!
View more details… 

As always feel free to email me atinfo@masthaystudios.com with any questions, concerns, comments, etc. See ya at MSG!


*Please note, the above image is of the preliminary sketches for the prints. Production of the final prints is currently underway and can be followed in my blog. While the sketches are a close approximation, the final prints will have differences in appearance and color to what is show above. I estimate having all prints shipped out prior to the new year’s shows.

$5,000 Donated to The Mockingbird Foundation from PhanArt thanks to artists and fans!

I would like to thank all the artists who have displayed their Phish-inspired creations here on PhanArt over the last two years. Starting in the fall of 2009, PhanArt evolved from the original 400+ page coffee table book into an online site for fans to sell their Phish-inspired art, at no cost to them. The site has grown and become the main place for Phanart off the lot. The artists who have taken part in the site contributed art or made donations direct to The Mockingbird Foundation based on sales from fans like you. Without the fans and the artists, the $5,000 raised as of this past weekend would not have been attainable.

On to the next $5,000!

PhanArt Pete

PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, the coffee table book turned website featuring art inspired by the legendary band Phish has donated more than $5,000 to The Mockingbird Foundation. In just two years as a website, Phanart.net has been the #1 website for Phish fan-made merchandise and a marketplace for Phish artists and fans to buy and sell their Phanart, free of charge.

Starting in February of 2009 with the publication of PhanArt, the not-for-profit effort donated money to Mockingbird and sought to generate greater awareness of Mockingbird over the following summer. Pete Mason, a special education teacher living in Albany,NY developed Phanart.net, a website where Phish fans and artists can sell their Phish inspired art free of charge, with a simple request to donate some of their phanart or a percentage of sales directly to Mockingbird.

“PhanArt has been a labor of love for many years now and I am incredibly grateful that artists and fans in the Phish community have come together and have supported this book and website over the past 3 years and raising money for music education in the process.” Mason noted that both the book and the website are both an impressive collaborative effort that led to an expansion of the Phish art community and returned money back to that community. “My thanks go out to the artists who donated a portion of their sales and the fans for driving the sales through the site. This would not be possible without their efforts.”

While artists can make money on the website by selling their art, Mason continues to decline compensation for running the website and providing an outlet for Phish fans to reach other fans. “I find no reason to make profit off the art of others and keep the website open to all so that Phish fans can share their unique Phish inspired creations with others, make a little money to help them to get to the next show and donate to Mockingbird Foundation in the process.” Mason added, “Both PhanArt the book and the website were designed to showcase a slice of musicalAmericanathat would otherwise have faded into obscurity and give back into the community from which it came, through funding music education throughout the country”

Through the project website www.phanart.net, fans submitted art they had created in honor of the band. Original posters, bumper stickers, shirts, tattoos and even painted cars and license plates are some of the items Mason and his team has collected since starting the initiative in 2004. Only original items, not licensed by the band, are accepted for inclusion in PhanArt.

The 400+ page book feature more than 1600 pieces of art and over 40 essays, all created by fans of Phish, as well as numerous fan memories and stories collected over the bands 21-year existence. A version of PhanArt will be available for iPad, Kindle and other e-readers in early December.

The $5,000 amount is notable as it is the full grant amount that Mockingbird Foundation provides in their competitive grant process.

Jack Lebowitz, a founder and director of The Mockingbird Foundation said, “Of all our partners and supporters, PhanArt shares a special relationship with the Mockingbird Foundation by both of us having published books obsessively documenting grass roots Phish fan culture, and donating the proceeds for charity.”

“The Mockingbird Foundation recognizes Pete Mason and PhanArt’s contribution in cataloging the visual arts spun off by Phish fandom in poster art and lot merch in the PhanArt book. We salute’s Pete’s significant accomplishment in raising over $5,000 through sales of his book, merchandise and events.”

Grantees of Mockingbird have included schools, community centers, hospitals, shelters, workshops, camps, and scholarship programs fromMainetoCalifornia, from Appalachia to the Southwest, and fromKentuckyto Kosovo. The Mockingbird Foundation differs from other funders in the music in important ways, focusing on small grants, typically to unconventional programs and/or those catering to underserved children.


10th annual Art of Ryan Kerrigan Holidaze Extravaganza!

San Francisco PhanArtist Ryan Kerrigan is holding his 10th Annual Kerrigan Holidaze Extravaganza through December 12th. Check out some great deals on posters, pins, stickers, original art, framed pieces and more. Something for everyone! All deals can be found on The Art of Ryan Kerrigan’s Facebook page

All prices include shipping and you can place an order by sending a paypal to ryan@ryankerrigan.com. Please make sure to include a list of what you’d like in the paypal note

Share with friends and have Happy Holidaze!