Attention NYC-area fans! Phish fans needed for photo shoot

Cory Schwartz, a Phish fan and photographer is looking for Phish fans in the greater NYC area to take part in a documentary project that he is undertaking through the first half of 2012. What he is seeking to do is to photograph fans in their natural environment, whether it be work or home, capturing what aspects of the band carry on outside of the show. Below, Cory shares his project with fans.

I am currently a student at the International Center of Photography in New York City where I am completing a one-year photojournalism and documentary program. For this program we conclude the year with a long term final project. My final project is about fans and the culture of what makes someone a fan, how they promote and share their love and enthusiasm for something, and of course the special items and memorabilia they collect along the way. There are many things that people are strong fans of, whether it be music, sports, science fiction, Disney, as well as a wide variety of other things that are out there. When I speak of the music fan, this one holds dear to my heart and is why I am calling on you. Music has been a passion for most of my life and has taken me on many journeys throughout. Once such journey is one a lot of us can relate to. It is the Phish journey. It is something that took hold of me back in 97′ and since then and about 75 shows later it is something that is still strong in my life and has had a profound impact on me. This is what I want to tap into, I want to photograph the “Phan”.

The project idea is about the Phan and how they choose to embrace this love for the band. We all have the posters on the wall and the t-shirts from tour after tour, but maybe you are someone who has a whole lot of stuff. Maybe its the room full of posters or the car plastered with bumper stickers. This is not something that is strictly limited to ones house though, this is something that can spill out into everyday life, in the environment that one creates for themselves, maybe this passion spills into the work place and the desk is adorned with trinkets. I want to photograph the Phan in his environment and show how this is a way of living, not something that stops at the last note played at the convert venue.

If you think this is something that you would be interested in investing some time in and allowing me to photograph you I ask that you please email me at coryhschwartz at for additional information and we can discuss the project more in depth. My vision is to bring this passion to life in photographs. Thanks for your time and I do look forward to working with some of you.

This project is supported by PhanArt and fans in the greater NYC area are encouraged to get in touch with Cory, helping him to create a visual record of who we are when we aren’t at a Phish show.

You can visit Cory’s website and see some of his pictures of Phish on Flickr.

Update from Cory 1/30 6:50 pm

“I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Pete for his support on this project.   In the short time the message has been out there, the response has already been great, so thank you to all that have begun to reply!  I have received a large amount of emails and I’m beginning to go through them now, please know that I will do my best to get back to everyone and please keep sending them if you wish to be a part of this project.”

Eric Weber’s Surrender to the Phlow pin

Eric Weber was last featured on PhanArt with his NYE 2010 poster “Phreedom“. His latest creation is a pin with a flying fish and a banner above that reads “Surrender to the Phlow”. These pins are 2.25″ wide, made of diecast metal with an antique silver finish and have rubber backings.  The cost for the pin is $15 with free shipping.

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Life is Hood, Sloth pins and more from PhanBadge

Life Is Hood Badges—Because you can feel good about HOOD! These badges are iron on and stitch on, in a limited edition of 200

Phloating 2012 badges were made with a nod to the Rock Gods to get the boys to break out some Pink Floyd this summer. The badges are iron on and stitch on and are available in a limited edition of 200, with 3 packs available for $12 and single badges available for $5 at

Phanbadge is also Proud to present 3 new KUSH pins.

The Sloth…the original Pinster. Made with hard enamel and 1.5 inches in height, double posted and numbered on the back in a limited edition of 100. Warning: Phanbadge is not responsible for Sloth possibly slicing your nipple as the Sloth is so Nasty!

The Dark side of the MOONphish Pin is 1.5 inches in width and double posted and numbered on the back in a limited edition of 100. The pin is made of soft enamel and Sparkle. The moon is made of shiny and recessed metal.

The Coventry Gold Medallion PIN.

Coming through the gates at Coventry, many saw this on the way in and out. The pin measures 1.5 inches in diameter, is made of soft enamel with double postings and is in a limited edition of only 100.

All pins are $15.00 each or a 3 pack for $35 shipped.

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Phanartist Erin Cadigan needs your votes!

A message from Erin Cadigan:

Hi! I’m hoping all my Phish phamily can help me out. Art Battles NYC is hosting an online voting on artists until Jan 22.The top 4 artists will compete live on stage to win a chance to travel to Europe as part of the US art battle team! By compete it means we will each paint a 5’x4 canvas in just an hour and a half! I’m currently in the number 7 position and only need 500 votes to catch up! Take 30 seconds of your time and vote!

Vote for Erin here

Update 1/23/12 4:37 pm: Looks like Erin placed Fourth and is competing this weekend for a trip to Europe! Thanks to all who voted and supported her!

Modern Prophet NYE poster

Modern Prophet came into being at the end of 2011 – the brainchild of two tour kids living in the Albany, NY area. The continuing goal of Modern Prophet is to open the third eye and to expand the mind through visual stimulation.

This poster depicts the coming of the Mayan Prophecy — delivered by the Flying Octopi — straight to the streets of New York City. They come not to destroy us but to deliver unto us the knowledge of the ancients to ensure our success on this planet instead of allowing us to completely destroy ourselves. The posters were screen printed on a 6 color press and were printed with 100% eco-friendly inks. The poster measures 13″ x 19″ in a run of 125. The cost for the print is $20.75 with shipping included.

Expect many more designs from these guys and keep your third eye open.

Rob Kimmel Summer 2011 Prints

Rob Kimmel’s summer prints from Camden, Holmdel and Summer Tour are originals hand drawn with colored pencil and markers measuring 11″ x 17″ and printed on card stock. Each costs $10 with $5 shipping. The Camden is a run of 50, the Holmdel a run of 75 and the Summer Tour a run of 125.

Camden Summer Tour 2011 Print

Holmdel Summer Tour 2011 Print

Summer Tour 2011 Print

Donations from Artists, late 2011

Special thanks goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over October and November!

They have been incredibly generous and through their efforts and donations, they will support the efforts of Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Phish in PDX shirt sales$11

Jennifer Kahn token sales- $150

Ryan’s Akimbo Stickers – 6 stickers

Dane Patunoff – $5

i.Gene pins – 2 Fishman/Coleman pins

Salad Jones shirts – $30

Pin Me Down Designs – 3 pins, funky bitch, MSG NYE and Couch Tour

David Shutan – $25

Stupindous Creations – 2 Gordo and 2 Esther pins

Jiggs – $30 from sales on his site

Total$246.00 and 15 pieces of PhanArt

Please support these artists who have so graciously donated their art and money to help support The Mockingbird Foundation and music education.

If you are interested in buying any of these donated items, email phanart (at) gmail and we can work out a donation to Mockingbird in exchange.

Conor Brewster NYE Poster “Find a city, find yourself a city to live in”

Conor Brewster’s NYE ‘11 Run Poster captures the wonderful NYC architecture while also subtly representing each member of the band with a ‘doc F-hole, a Modulus Cactus, the Leo constellation in the sky and a fish, as well as Kuroda’s lights. The poster covers all four nights at Madison Square Garden and is a 5 Color Silkscreen 18×12 Edition of 50.
The Print is up for sale in Conor’s Etsy shop and costs $16 including shipping.