Merit Badges from Wazoo

Wazoo from Minnesota has come up with six Merit Badges for Summer 2012 – Sample in a Jar, Sleeping Monkey, Cities, Tube, Emotional Rescue and ‘Shh! They’re Playing!’ In an edition of 50, each badge measure 2″ across and costs $5 each with $1 shipping, or you can order the full set for $20 with $1 shipping.

These badges are available ONLY on lot, find Wazoo at Riverbend (Cincy) through Alpine Valley!

Light, Read the Book and Song shirts by Paul Siegell

Paul Siegell, author of the Phish-inspired jambandbootleg, recently went live with a whole new series of minimalist, concrete poetry t-shirts and apparel for men, women and children. (There are even some thongs in there.) Quality, customizable items of humor, Helvetica and thought – and all at kind prices from $14-19

Free shipping is available when you order at Enjoy 5% off any order with coupon code: ORNO1.

Check out the whole line of shirts at paul siegell wrote these tees, and learn more at ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL!


Weezy Bands

Alicia developed a unique Phish fashion-accessory, the Weezy Bands. They are wide fabric headbands with elastic at the bottom, and they fit most size heads. Each Weezy Band is handmade by Alicia, aka @weezawear. You can purchase a Weezy Band from her Etsy store.

Alicia has also agreed to donate 10% of Weezy Band sales to The Mockingbird Foundation for all sales made during the month of April.


Strangefolk shirts (and some stickers) from over the years

Having attended the four Strangefolk Reunion shows at the end of March in NYC, Burlington and Portland, I saw alot of fan made and official shirts worn by fans. With 12 years gone by since the last original lineup show, a lot of these shirts were taken from the attic, boxes or otherwise unearthed to be worn at the shows. Below is a gallery of those shirts. Thanks to Justin for sharing his online gallery – check out some old school Strangefolk shirts here

If you know when any of these shirts were printed, please leave a comment with an estimated time-frame of when the shirt was made or sold at shows. If you have a shirt that isnt featured here, contact Pete – phanart AT gmail – and share your shirt, adding to the Strangefolk Fanart record.

Stanley Mouse & TRiPP Pins

The Stanley Mouse Series two pins are now available from TRiPP for purchase

The matching sets of 5 pins designed by Stanley Mouse and produced by TRiPP and Kingpin, includes a total of five matching # pins: “Not Fade Away”, “Long Strange Trip”, “Flying Eye”, “Cat Under the Stars” and “Star Skull’

Each pin comes with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity displaying the series #, pin # within the series (1-5), and the pin # within the edition and includes free first class shipping with tracking and insurance.

The cost for an entire set of 5 pins is $150, while each individual pin is $30, although some pins are sold out as individuals.

Cat Under the Stars

Flying Eye

Star Skull

Long Strange Trip (SOLD OUT as single, only available in matching # set)

Not Fade Away (SOLD OUT as single, only available in matching # set)