Pins for Summer Tour from Eli Forrester

Eli Forrester has two new pins for Summer Tour 2012

The first pin is the “STEP INTO SPACE 2012.” They are a limited edition and numbered in an edition of 250.

The second pin is Fish’s vintage Electrolux vaccuum. It is a limited edition and numbered out of 150.

Rhombus pin – This pin uses imagery from Sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” The back-stamp reads “2012: A Funk Odyssey” and each pin is individually numbered.

All pins are double posted and 1.25″ wide. Be on the lookout for more pins and tees coming out in the next couple weeks before tour starts!! Eli will be at all the shows first leg this summer except Bonnaroo. All pins are $15 including shipping. If you have any questions about the pins or need to contact me, feel free to get in touch, email is etforrester (at)

Also check out Eli’s page on Facebook for MLF Designs (Mighty Legends Form)

Step Into Space:



Pheesh Porcelain creations by Matt Pace

Matt Pace makes these Pheesh for remembering our great times and the people we meet there. The origin of these ‘Pheesh’ comes from a surf trip to Hawaii c.1987.  Having never heard of Phish, as Matt and friends were Deadheads and reggae fans only. This little kid they saw was super stoked at the fish swimming under his board out surfing and kept yelling to his friend “pheesh” -right there! So as they grew up surfing, they always gave shout outs to “PHEESH”!!!! Right there—-and it became more than fish but a positive vibe like throwing a high five or an Aloha. “Spririt of the Pheesh will see us through” or “Pheesh, so no worries” or just saying “Pheesh” which would be like saying “word” or something slang-ish. You get the point.

Years later on Dead tour, these stickers and patches started popping up= PHISH?! That’s weird, they heard about it? No, they were at it on the other coast the whole time. “PhEEsh, that’s insane, let’s have a listen,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!….and the rest is history.
So Matt makes em with the best clay bodies available, and that varies. “Sometimes Porcelain (whitish), sometimes Long Beach clay (beigeish), sometimes Jamaican (darkish). Custom orders could be specified but I like to make what I feel for that show. The cost is $30 for each, plus tax and shipping ($15 inside the US) packed nicely. The Glazes (colors) vary a great deal as I mix 20 types and can bounce around the room on that. They are “fired” to cone 10, which is about 2350′ F. Hot enough to be something that outlasts whole civilizations.
If you want to order a specific color, design or show theme, email matpace (at ), or catch him on lot, or even on, handle is @bajaphish.
Spread around ensure thousands of years from now, someone will once again contemplate Phish and also “Pheesh”. They go hand in hand. Positiveness. And all those shows deserve this treatment. Pins will last a long time, but paint can’t compare to Glaze. Burn em, drown em, they survive. Just don’t break em. Pre-metal age stuff for sale!

AJ Masthay’s posters for First Leg of Summer Tour

AJ Masthay has released his posters for the first leg of Phish shows this summer. You can pick up all these posters on his site for a limited time. Make sure to stop and see AJ at the First Tube Poster Show on June 16th at Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City. The show runs 10am-3pm and you can find more information about the event here

Pick up these prints and more from

deer creek
Jones Beach

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From the good folks at….. You could win a FREE 3-Day ticket (General Admission) to the Phish shows on June 15th, 16th and 17th, 2012 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ!

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Good luck, and make it rain!

Life is Hood shirts and new pins from PhanBadge

From Brian at PhanBadge, comes the first installment of his Summer 2012 series:

“I am very happy to introduce PhanBadge’s first shirt, Life Is Hood. These are heavy Gildan T-shirts silk-screened with original artwork. They are $23.99 shipped and orders will be shipped before tour. The shirts come in two colors, Indigo Blue and Olive and range in size from Small to XXL”

“ also has three new pins for this summer. First is the Camp Oswego Pin, the second pin in our festival series, the pin measures 1.5″ across, double posted on the back and numbered out of 100.

Second, our first ever mashup pin is called “Roses are Fee“. Designed by Brian Kushner and Ryan Kerrigan, this pin is made of nickel and measures 1.5” wide, is double posted and numbered out of 200.

Third is our Summer Tour 2012 Hood pin. Designed by Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Kushner, the Hood pin is a die cast metal pin 1.5″ high, double posted and numbered out of 300.”

All pins are $15.00 with free shipping. There is also a current deal of “Roses are Fee” and “Hood” Pin for only $25.00 total. You can find that and other pin packages at

More to come in the next month leading up to tour Including 3 new badges!

Indigo shirt


Olive shirt


Roses Pin

Hood Pin

Oswego Pin

Henrietta Neckties

Stay classy this Summer with this 100% silk woven necktie from StuPINdous Creations. The necktie includes a custom back label with a quote from Driver, “And hoping when I get there I’ll be better dressed.”. The cost is $42 each and orders will ship in early June. There were only 150 made and they are perfect for weddings, graduations, court dates, Fathers Day gifts, the 4th of July show at Jones Beach and really any day that ends in “Y”. Get one before they are all gone!

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response from 1st leg, more Fishman ties are getting made. They should be in around 8/15 and are already back up on the site. So go ahead and order one now to ensure you don’t miss out this time around. Also there will be 2 NEW Phish related tie designs out by then too…stay tuned. Go to


Bouncing Round the Room poster by Alex Boucher

Alex Boucher, who created a pretty kick ass shirt for NYE at MSG, has created a hand-drawn poster based on the song ‘Bouncing Around the Room’. This prints measures 11×14″ and is digitally printed on high quality paper. The words “Bouncing Around the Room” are surrounded by highly detailed and tediously drawn patterns and designs.

You can order this poster at Alex’s Etsy Store