Big Red and Cactus ties from stuPINdous Creations

Following a successful and sought after Henrietta tie earlier this summer, stuPINdous Creations is back with two new ties. The first is an ode to Big Red, with F-hole cutouts and a quote from ‘Chalkdust Torture’ on the back,  “Can’t this wait till I’m old? Can’t I live while I’m young?” Each tie is 100% silk and woven. Only 100 have been made and orders will ship around 8/15 for a cost of $42 shipped

The 2nd tie is tribute to Cactus, with a few cacti on it and has a quote from ‘Meat’ on the back, “I am a prince, I have it all.” The ties are 100% silk and woven and are limited to an edition of only 100. These ties ship 8/15 as well at the cost of $42 shipped.

Henrietta ties are back in stock as well. Check out for all 3 ties and all kinds of pins.

CUON2ER 2012 Phish Tour Shirt by Salad Jones

From Salad Jones, a regular on PhanArt:

“This is the 2012 full tour shirt. Sold a lot of these all ready this summer and now that we are unable to make it to any of the second leg shows we won’t be reprinting these and figured we would get them out to people before second leg takes off! Only really have a limited stock left so when these are gone they are gone. Only 10 bucks and 3.50 for shipping. Thank you to everybody for the great time we had this summer and look forward to seeing everybody again real soon!”



AJ Masthay and David Welker collaborate on The Lino King

From AJ Masthay:

“I am ecstatic to present what has been a true labor of love for both of us – The Lino King. This collaboration with the insanely talented David Welker is a 6 color hand pulled silkscreen and is available in three editions – Silver, Gold and Line Art. Printed by Welker Studios, all separations for this print were hand drawn by myself and David, who then painstakingly stitched them together in preparation of burning the screens.”

Here are all the details: 6 layer hand pulled screen print, 15″ x 25″ on 100lb French Sno Cone, Numbered and signed by both artists, Silver edition of 90 with 10 AP’s, Gold Edition of 30 with 10 AP’s, Line Art Edition of 20

The collaboration prints will be available exclusively through on Wednesday, July 18th at 12 noon EST. There will be a strictly enforced 1 per person limit on all prints.

Deer Creek and Rift pins from stuPINdous Creations

“I spied wings of reason, herself taking flight…The passion that sparked me one terrible night, And shocked and persuaded my soul to ignite.” This lyrically inspired pin by StuPINdous Creations measured 1.5 inches and is limited edition of 150. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, so I used an eye to represent the soul igniting. The eye lashes being the wings of reason. This pin is done on soft enamel and is double posted. Pin is only $10 shipped.

This next pin from StuPINdous Creations commemorates the 2 BADASS shows we just heard on June 28th and 29th of this year as well as a shout out to an old favorite Moby Dick night from 7/11/00. So you have Moby Dick ( has small 7-11-00 on whales tale) jumping out of a sea of corn, with dates June 28th and 29th 2012 in the night sky. Pin measures 1.5 inches and is limited edition of 100. Pin is only $10 shipped.

Go to for even more great art!

Split Open and Melt & F-Hole pins from Conor Brewster

Split Open and Melt Pin: this die-cast steel enamel pin was designed after by an original watercolor painting, inspired by Phish’s song Split Open and Melt. This pin is in a limited edition of 200 for Summer Tour 2012. This pin is a bursting with vibrant colors and features two characters: an orange guy up top, his face splitting open and melting, and a blue guy down beneath, his mouth wide open awaiting a generous dose of his friend. This is the perfect pin for the phan that likes it when things get a little weird.

This pin features three cutout areas on the characters eyes and includes two posts and metal backs on the backside for sturdy positioning. This baby will stay put while you’re rocking out. It measures 1″ x 1.75″ and costs $15

The Languedoc F-Hole Pin: also made for Summer Tour 2012 are in the shape of the f-hole of Trey’s Languedoc Guitar. They are available in copper, silver and black metal and are made in a edition of 65 each. If you buy two, get one free! Be sure to note color choices when paying. Cost is $10 each.

Deer Creek and Alpine Valley posters by Sweet Melis

Colorado native, Melissa Leigh a.k.a. Sweet Melis, is an artist who is truly living her dream of a whirlwind life of constant creating. Bringing art into this world has been her true passion and life long goal. Ever since graduating from Colorado State in 2009 with a degree in Graphic Design, she has continuously been putting out a wide array of artwork. Paintings, printmaking, posters for concerts and music festivals, as well as album covers are all avenues she has explored with her work, while she also travels regularly to live paint for bands at various venues and major music festivals around the country.

Sweet Melis made two posters for Summer 2012, one for Deer Creek and Alpine Valley. Each measures 12″ x 18″ in a limited edition of 100 and printed on heavyweight card stock, created using intaglio printmaking, watercolor and fabric. Each print costs $20 plus $5 for shipping.

“I am passionately living a dream of constant creation. I want my art to reflect the beauty of the moment which hopefully in turn shows the importance of living in the present… On this journey I aim to make this world a more beautiful place than it already is.” Sweet Melis – Check out her Website Facebook – and Twitter

Deer Creek
Alpine Valley