Kansas City 10/19/95 Setlist Pin by Pauly Pins

Pauly Pins is back with an old School notepad Setlist Pin, Page 3. This pin shows that Kansas City 10/19/95 setlist with notations and song order on a limited edition pin, with numbers 1-100 stamped on the back. The pin measures 1.5″ x 1.25″ with two pin backs.

The cost is $15 including shipping and EVERY purchase comes with a FREE DVD of the actual show! That’s right, re-live the magic that the boys blasted Kansas City with that night in your living room as you wear the pin! Hand-drawn by Jewel and Fred Hosman, the pin is closely based on Fred’s actual setlist from that amazing night in the fall of 1995.

PhanArt is Looking for a Few Good Fans…

PhanArt has grown from a book to a website and had a truly stellar year in 2012, featuring more art than ever before and raising more than 2011 for The Mockingbird Foundation by mid-July. Since first conceived in 2004, the growth of PhanArt has led to the need for some help moving forward, so as to continue PhanArt’s mission: To compile and preserve art created by Phish fans for the Phish community and, in the course of such work, to also benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, which raises funds for music education for children.

PhanArt was an incredible labor of love from 2004 to 2008 while I compiled the book PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish; later in 2009, the website that grew from the book has become a whole new labor and while being enjoyable, I can’t keep up with the site, as it has become more than a one-person job. I’m looking for a few fans of Phish and our vibrant art community who love the fan made art as much as I do, to help out with the site. Among others, I’m looking for fans with a little spare time, college students with an interest or major in design and those familiar with/fast learners using WordPress. The primary assistance needed is updating the site and managing posts, while archiving and artist contact would be split among us. This would be a volunteer gig, just as it has been since it started. It’s a small time investment but it goes a long way, helping to archive the art of Phish fans, facilitate the growth of the site and create publications showcasing that art to fans, all for the benefit of music education. I’m not leaving the site or handing it over 100%, just in need of a few people to help out and keep the site updated.

I am also looking for assistance in organizing and laying out the yearly editions of PhanArt in an e-book format. College students and professionals with graphic design experience and knowledge of InDesign would collaborate to layout pages and sections of the yearly edition of PhanArt. An ebook looks great on a resume and due credit will be noted in each edition. This is an awesome opportunity to combine your design skills and love of Phish. Yearly editions will be shorter and as a team, easier to produce by working as a group.

If you are interested, email phanart@gmail.com and simply share a little about yourself, as a Phish fan, as someone interested in helping out, your education, your experience, etc… Just a little short ‘get to know me’. You have to be reliable and solid communicator and able to keep up to pace with posts as the content is submitted by artists. This shouldn’t be looked upon as a job but a fun experience and way to give back to the community.

PhanArt is on track to raise $10,000 by the four year anniversary of Hampton 09, a number that will grow even more as the site expands and branches out and thus, help to raise even more for Mockingbird through continuing to be a resource for fans to sell their goods.


Pete Mason

The Woods shirts for Bluegrass fans

The Woods tee shirt was inspired by summers in the mountains picking bluegrass music and going to bluegrass festivals . The vintage leaning graphic was handscreened at Yes Press in Oakland, CA in 80s inspired colors on an uber soft American Apparel tri blend tee. The look, fit and feel will make you think you discovered the shirt in an abandoned corner of your dad’s closet…if your dad was the coolest, most bitchin’ picker on the front range of the Rockies in 1986.

The shirt is available in black, maroon and indigo, sizes S – XL. Shirts are $18 with free shipping.

















Lulu’s Dicktych posters

A new artist spotted on lot at Dick’s, Lulu, has created a unique ‘Dicktych’ double print to commemorate the shows this past Labor Day Weekend.

“This poster set was hand silkscreened with 4 colors for the Labor Day shows of 2012. It’s the original Dicktych (Diptych) of 2012. The left half entices the Colorado Spirit and the sport of Phishing for all. While, the corresponding right half, depicts a fish peering into the snorkel mask of the left half. Fluorescent orange, green and purple give this Dicktych a lasting vibrant appeal.”

There are two sets left while Lulu will be selling the remainder of the poster at right separatel. The set costs $45 with free shipping while the right poster costs $25 with free shipping. Each poster is signed and numbered. Lulu has offered to donate a set of these prints to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

Dicktych Set
Left Dick (Snorkel)
Right dick (fishy)

Dicktych set

Right side (fish)

Bader Field Poster by Dima Yastronaut

This print from Dima Yastronaut and featured by Lesley Vernon is printed on 13″x19″ heavy gloss 110lb cover stock paper. The digital painting features a beautiful view from the Boardwalk in front of Trump Plaza, Hunter S. Thompson, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Fluffhead) and CK5 lights in the text, plus some hidden eye candy all through out the print. This is a print worthy of cherishing you fear and loathing in AC memories. Artwork by Dima Yastronaut. All are signed and numbered in an edition of 222. Cost is 1 for $15, 2 for $20, with free shipping.

1 poster:

2 posters:

Pins, Patches and Posters from Nate Russell

Nate Russell has been making art and music since he was a kid in school, but once he made his way to a few more Phish shows (and Shakedowns) it wasn’t long until he started making his own Phish art. Nate started making a large watercolor poster for each show he attended, rather than buying a poster. Pretty soon, his friends started asking for their own. Thus, Nate’s art has grown thanks to Phish.

This past tour Nate was on Shakedown and at shows with a tent/table for his brand, Roots Rock Rage. He started a business with a goal in mind to bring artists together to create music themed art and clothing to be sold on tour and at festivals.  There are only a handful of working on the project currently, doing  local shows in Humboldt, California, selling t-shirts, hats, handkerchiefs and backpacks. Moving forward, Nate wants each piece, whether it be a t-shirt, backpack, pin or poster, to be well designed, have physical beauty, evoke an emotional response (even if it is “Dude, Sweet!), and have meaning beyond the utilitarian or commercial. You can see more designs at www.RootsRockRage.com

The Sloth Pin with Moldavite Gemstone

“…They call me the sloth!” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment and museum grade moldavite (with a 100% replacement guarantee if gem is lost). Cost is $20

The Fluff Flips Pin

“The banker said, ‘I ain’t got that, but I sure got some powerful pills!'” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment. Cost is $ 15

The Roots Pin

“Page Side, Rage Side!” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment. Cost is $15

Nathan Russell’s Summer Tour Prints – Set of 6 for $30 plus shipping

5 watercolor prints and Nate’s first digital print. Each print measures 11″ x 17″ and is printed on 100lb cardstock. Artist originals available as well.

Air Phorce 2012 Summer Tour of Duty Merit Badges

A badge for every stop on leg 2! (Leg one currently sold out!) Each bar measures 3/4 x 1.5″, 3″ or 4″ made of quality ebroidered twill. Non-adhesive backing, available with optional pin backs (as shown). Full Set for $20 with individual prices in the Paypal button below.

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‘My Other Vehicle is a Second Set Tweezer’ stickers

The sticker that took first leg of Phish Summer tour by storm, conceived by Andy Cary and designed by Jiggs for PhanArt, is back and up for sale online and on select lots.

You can pick them up here, 1 for $3, 2 for $5, with free shipping, or find them on lot at St. Louis, Oklahoma City or Dick’s.

(They will be unavailable for online purchase 8/27-9/3 while on the road)

A portion of the sale of these stickers benefits The Mockingbird Foundation