New Limited Edition Pins from StuPINdous Creations!

2013 can only come once pholks, check out these new 30th anniversary pins made by our phriends over at StuPINdous Creations.  It’s a flipper(ambigram), says Phorevr either way you flip the pin.  Also has 83′- until…. stamped on the back.  Each pin measures 1.5 inches long and 1/2 inch tall.  The first one featured below is done on die-struck antique silver metal with recessed red glitter donuts.  While the second one is rainbow colored on silver metal with recessed silver metal donuts.  Each color is a limited edition of 75.  Only $10 shipped.

phorever pin 1


phorever pin 2




Or if you were looking for something lyrically inspired, check out this Get Back on the Train Pin,  by StuPINdous Creations, featuring 12 colors, glitter, and a spinning world!  The bucket has a brain in it and the numbers on the back of the train represent the date of the first time this song was played. The pin is 1.5 inches tall w/ a 5/8 inch spinning world.  Each comes with a rubber back and is numbered 01/100.  Only $15 shipped.

BotT Pin


Barefoot Bob Memorial Raffle and Auction

On January 7, 2013 the Phish and Grateful Dead communities were given the news that Robert Eckhart had passed from a strong battle with cancer. Everyone knows him as “Barefoot Bob”. He leaves his wife and two sons behind.

The way Bob treated everyone he knew, whether it was in person, or via Twitter and Facebook is what planted the seed for the memorial fund. Without missing a beat a few friends began working out details for the raffle and auction that has become the ” The Robert Eckhart Memorial Fund Charity Raffle and Auction”.  Several fans of Phish, artists and Phish itself have generously donated to the cause.

To enter the raffle, all you have to do is donate $20 to the Robert Eckhart Memorial Fund and email your receipt to the email given on the website. An eBay storefront was also set up to auction off artwork. You will find a lot of art that is rare and hard to acquire in this raffle and auction.

This charity event shows how tight knit these communities are and how much each life is valued.

The raffle ends at 1:59pm Eastern Standard Time on January 31, 2013. The auctions are ending at various days and times.

Here is the website holding the extended details for the event:

Barefoot Bob Memorial

R.I.P Bob



Surrender to the Flow is planning a Phish Fan Business & Service Directory

Surrender to the Flow, the Phish fan magazine that is available free on lot at every show on every tour, is setting up a ‘Phish Fan Business & Service Directory’ and is seeking participants to be included in this one of a kind publication. This new directory aims to encourage fans to patronize fan-owned/staffed businesses, both locally and nationally, thereby further strengthening the Phish community. The directory will be available free to the public, online, in electronic form in a few months, and will be updated yearly. The business listings are also free to businesses and individuals.

Because Phish fans can be found in every walk of life and in every corner of this country, fans from all fields and areas are encouraged to participate. The directory will be organized both by state and by category.

Categories will likely be quite diverse: financial services, event planning, legal services, health and fitness services, crafts, and entertainers are just a few of the anticipated groupings.

Fans who would like to participate should visit this form to submit their information via short online form.

Surrender to the Flow hopes that this directory will encourage fans to do business with other fans and perhaps inspire new connections and build professional networks. Additionally, it will help fans to shop locally while helping others in the Phish community succeed in their chosen fields, wherever they may reside.

If you have any questions, contact Christy at sttflow (at)

Visit Surrender to the Flow on Facebook


Mile High Art Show in Denver February 23-24 in Denver

The Mile High Rock Poster And Art Expo will take place at Aloft Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado on February 23rd and 24th, 2013, from 1-7:30pm each day. Admission is FREE!

mile high rock poster and art expo

Become a Facebook fan to receive updates of who will be attending. The Mile High Rock Poster and Art Expo will host an incredible assortment of local and national poster artists, designers, painters, photographers and others involved in creating rock ‘n’ roll inspired artwork. With everything from original psychedelic sixties posters to modern screenprints, rock poster collectors, art lovers, and music fans will be sure to find something special and unique at this event.

The exhibitor list is growing fast and the following artists are confirmed to attend:

Richard Biffle, Mike Dubois, Mark Serlo, Larry Hulst, Tripp, J Rizzi, John Warner, Jack Shure, Lauri Keener, Zenster, Not Fade Away, Lot Life, Terra-Pins, T-Bone Productions, MomaDawnsRainbowRags, Brandon A. Miera, Sweet Melis, Dog Daze Photography, Josh Elioseff, Conscious Alliance, PosterScene, Rock Candy Posters and more to be added soon.

Visit for more information.

Ben Whitesell’s NYE Print – Variant Print Released

Update 1/21/13: Ben has printed a variant of his NYE print, modified with a new color scheme, printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper, with good weight, smooth surface and sharp detail, and printed with Epson archival inks. This print is in a limited edition of 35 and signed and numbered by the artist. You can pick the print up here. 


For his latest and final piece of Phish phanart, Ben Whitesell went big. His New Year’s Eve poster is a steampunk representation of Trey’s Languedoc guitar and it’s nearly life-size. The Print measures 15.5″ x 40″. He is only printing 20 of these posters and selling them for $30 + s&h. Each poster is signed and numbered by Ben.

This print is SOLD OUT! Check out Ben’s other art at

Jiggs is bringing back his GHOST shirts – pre-order ends Monday 1/21

Jiggs’ classic Ghost/Ghostbusters shirts are open for pre-order once again! For those new to how this works, orders are open until Monday, January 21st.  Only what is ordered will be printed.

Long Sleeve
Shirts are Gildan Ultra Sport Grey (90/10 blend, 50/50 blend for hoodies and sweatshirts). Style 2000 for short sleeve and 2400 for long. 16400L for ladies. Sweatshirts are style 18000 and hoodies are 18500. These numbers are provided if you are interested in Googling size charts. Sport grey tends to fit about right to size.

You can order these shirts here.


Ice King / Fishman #1 Tuck: Limited Edition Pin from The Creation Coop

Phish fans and fans of the cult TV series “Adventure Time” alike can love this new pin depicting the Ice King wearing a tunic with Fishman Rings and playing his drum kit which says “#1 Tuck” instead of “#1 Babe”. Another classic from The Creation Coop!

Ice King

Available here and on The Creation Coop’s Etsy page. This Pin is Soft Enamel with Clear Epoxy. 1.5 in, 11 colors. Only 200 exist! Cost is $10 per pin



It’s Ice pin by Kurt Hoffman

“Are they worms or are they Serpents? Bubbling through the ice, the source was quite invisible the ever present voice.”


Cost is $17 shipped, including It’s Ice Mashup CD!


Back Stamped out of 150. Sliding door opens and closes, 1.5 in. $2.00 of every pin will be donated: $1.00 to The Mockingbird Foundation, and $1.00 donated to The Sandy Hurricane Relief fund (Red Cross).
A Bonus disc of Its Ice Mashup included of some of my favorites.
Bonus disc track listing:
1. Its ice>……………………..1993-2-23 Sacrementohendge, Ca
2. The Lizards…………………1993-2-23 Sacrementohendge, Ca
3. Its>Swept away>Steep>Ice…1997-12-07 Nutter CenterDayton Oh
4. Its Ice> ………………………1998-7-28 Bonner Springs, Ks
5. Lengthwise>………………….1998-7-28 Bonner Springs, Ks
6. Its Ice…………………………1998-7-28 Bonner Springs, Ks
7.Its Ice>(Velvet Sea)…………..2000-9-20 Riverbend, Cinci Oh.