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Ewok Fishman shirt by Elias Landsman

Missing Endor this summer? Don’t worry, celebrate your furry phreinds with this new classic Ewok Fishman shirt. First appearing on Summer Tour, Elias Landsman’s new design was too good to pass up and quickly sold out. Luckily a new set has been printed in time for Dick’s.

Only available in sizes M, L and XL for $25 including shipping. Get yours!

ewokshirt1jpg (1)

This shirt is sold out. Look for more to be made before the Hampton shows in October!


7 Responses to “Ewok Fishman shirt by Elias Landsman”

  1. jimbiv says:

    Will you be selling these at Dick’s? Need one NOW.

  2. Elias says:

    Hey jimbiv, unfortunately I won’t be making it out to Dicks this year. If you order one online it will probably be waiting for you at home once you return from Colorado.

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  4. jjjaklitsch says:

    would love to have ewok phish shirt, NO NO I have to have this ewok phish shirt!! How can I get one in medium? Is there any other base color t-shirt aside from brown? Please email me directly if you can

  5. JMull says:

    I LOVE this shirt. Very interested in finding a way to purchase one in XL. Please e-mail me at Thanks.

  6. Josh says:

    Please put this on a Grey cotton/poly blend!

  7. Josh says:

    Beautiful work!! I will kill an Ewok or scalp a Tauntaun for this shirt!! Are you still printing this? I would love a large! Please let me know!

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