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Shirts by Heady Threads

From Art Hoffman, some new designs for the Miami run and the off-season.

The shirts are preshrunk Gildan, and will be available in Miami as well!

Sizes for the shirts are M, L, XL, 2X for all shirts (except Pebbles & Marbles) and they cost $20 each, which includes shipping.  Add $2 for each 2X shirt ordered.

$15 special! Pebbles & Marbles/Harley-Davidson: Black or Stone Grey L, XL

All designs created by Jiggs

Pay by Paypal, send money to


8 Responses to “Shirts by Heady Threads”

  1. jeremy says:

    I was wondering if you had to license any of the designs for your shirts?
    I am not saying that they would have to be or not, I do not know?

    They look like some pretty cool designs!

    I saw your post on the PHISH wall on FB.

    have a good day

  2. Jiggs says:

    “All designs created by Jiggs”

    Actually I did the layout and design work, the concepts were from headythreads…

  3. JBG says:

    Hey there. Was unable to reach you at the email at the top of the site.

    I had tickets to all three nights of Miami, but had to back out at the last minute for financial reasons. Not only did I miss the shows, but I missed the chance to get my hands on your most excellent Forbin t-shirt!

    Please, please say there is a way for me to get one (aside from drugging my friend who was wearing it at MPP this weekend and taking it off his back).


  4. Adam says:

    How do I buy these shirts?

  5. [...] Art Hoffman from Heady Threads has his shirts available for $15, like this Character Zero shirt. You can find more shirts and ordering info here. [...]

  6. Matt says:

    Do you still have Character 0 in XL? If so I will order today for delivery to Burlington.

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