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Eric Hanson is a High School Graphic Design and Multimedia teacher living in Whitefish, Montana. He made some amazing posters for Big Cypress, 12/31/02 and Vegas ’03, as well as others.  Below are some of the prints he has made that are still available.

Since Eric started teaching, his art has been put on the back burner. Recently, he has started raising poison dart frogs and considers it his latest creative outlet, as well as building tropical vivariums.  He spends a great deal of time skiing in the winter and canoeing in the summer.  Eric is happy to say that Montana is an incredible place to call his home. Big Sky Country is indeed an amazing place!

The Big Cypress Poster

Big Cypress, 1999

Big Cypress, 1999

This 11×14″ poster is screen printed on 80lb Hemp stock. The design shows the earth and concert location in florida. A bi-plane is pulling a banner around a Cypress Tree which is juxtaposed with the hour glass of time passing sand from one millennium into the next. In the upper capsule a silhouette of some band members are rocking their way into a fishbowl below. Two thousand posters were made for this Y2K event and probably half of them were sold at the show. These posters are printed in four different colors: forest green, jet black, royal blue, and majestic purple. They look great when hung together on a wall with a glass and clip frame.

This poster is available for $30, delivered flat and in excellent condition via USPS priority mail. Send payments to via paypal, 10% of all sales benefit the Mockingbird Foundation.

The Reunion Rendezvous

Reunion, 2002

Reunion, 2002

This poster was produced in extremely limited numbers using a unique inkjet process. Only 37 prints were produced, each one signed and numbered and included an artists certificate of authenticity. This 8×10″ poster commemorates the New Years Eve Show in 2003. At the bottom of the poster a page of a book, a fast food trey, a john, and mike are featured in front of the New York city skyline. In the background a cars tires are making contact with a long road leading to a circus with gates that appear to read “MSG.” Some giant chess pieces in the field dot the journey of fans. A pocket watch dangling from the car reads: About time for another trip which can be read starting from any word in the phrase. The border of the poster is decorated with a maze. These posters are no longer available for sale.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas, 2003

Viva Las Vegas, 2003

This 11×16″ poster is from a series of 250 prints, each one signed and numbered. It was made to commemorate the Las Vegas show on February 15 and 16, 2003. This richly color copied print features Las Vegas scenery: five elvis characters on a roller coaster, suzy slot machines, a roulette wheel, a classic .99 cent foot long hot dog sign behind a flying hot dog, a pair of rolling dice, billy and his cat walking out toward redrocks, some lizards and more. There are several of these posters available as they were released when the lot poster crackdown began. It was deemed too “phish like” by the undercover authorities roaming the lots, confiscating artwork.

This poster is available for $30, delivered flat and in excellent condition via USPS priority mail.

Send payments to via paypal, 10% of all sales benefit the Mockingbird Foundation.


3 Responses to “Eric Hanson: Teacher, PhanArtist”

  1. Kevin Williams says:

    Cool prints….Gonna need to add them to my collection…

  2. Leah Frye says:

    You are an incredible artist, Eric. Your fluent style and detailed compositions keep the eye moving. Beautiful.

  3. [...] read that right. Artist Eric Hanson, one of the first artists profiled on in 2009 has unearthed original prints he made for Big Cypress in 1999, and is sending them to PhanArt [...]

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