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Philip Hoffman’s Chicago Prints

From Philip Hoffman and MPH studios, this Chicago show fan print is an 11 x 17 linocut in a limited run of 50, handprinted (last one without a press) on orange cardstock.  Paypal link below.



6 Responses to “Philip Hoffman’s Chicago Prints”

  1. adam says:

    When I click the pay pal link nothing happens. Is thing sold out?

  2. philip says:

    no it’s not. I have 26 left. I will see whats up with the link.



  3. philip says:

    adam, just checked the link. It is a little slow but does work. The price does include priority shipping.



  4. [...] by Philip Hoffman, these ‘Angry Birds of a Feather’ are in a limited edition of 50 shirts with only 20 [...]

  5. George Houghton says:

    Awesome. any mediums?? email me missed you in the lot!!!!

  6. Michael says:

    Hey just purchased an angry birds of a feather shirt, didnt get a chance to give my size, but its paid for let me know what i should do

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