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Makisupa Stop and Search and Icculus is the Answer Prints (large version)

Created by the artist Buds, these prints are the larger 22 x 27 prints of the originals seen here and here. They are printed on archival rag paper. The prints are $50 a piece with a limited run of 121 each.

all payments must be sent through paypal as a gift, please include what you ordered & address with order.

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3 Responses to “Makisupa Stop and Search and Icculus is the Answer Prints (large version)”

  1. mikeinthetdot says:

    Any chance of putting these on T-shirts? I know I’d buy one of each… (and I’ll be in Utica).

    The world needs more Banksy/phish mashups!

  2. [...] and Search Shirts Share | Posted By PhanArtPete on March 22, 2011 After creating a well received poster last summer, Buds is back with his Makisupa Stop & Search shirts. The shirt is a three color hand screened [...]

  3. [...] inspiration to this print is the now well know street artist, Banksy as well as Phellow PhanArtist Buds’ “Makisupa Stop and Search”. I have always been inspired by graffiti, street art, and tagging. This is probably where I get my [...]

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