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Atlantic City posters from Adam Miszewski

Adam Miszewski’s first ever print celebrates the 10/29-31 run of shows in Atlantic City, NJ.  This screen print is 11×17 and signed and numbered. There are two versions of this poster: 80 orange/brown prints and 20 blue prints, both over black background. The orange prints cost $20 and blue prints run $25.


3 Responses to “Atlantic City posters from Adam Miszewski”

  1. Adam says:

    Hey guys, just a heads up. I am almost out of blue so before you order check with me. Otherwise I will have to send you an orange one.

  2. Adam says:

    I am almost out of blue. Make sure to contact me before ordering those! Thanks! See you in Atlantic CIty!
    creamcitycreative at yahoo

  3. ryan gawronski says:

    I want to order both at once. Can that be done? If not can you send me an invoice?

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