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NYE Coffee Table by Zenster

Zenster has created his first poster since Coventry, and first New Years print since Big Cypress for the upcoming NYE show at MSG in NYC. 600 signed and numbered posters measuring 7 5/8″ x 17″ are available for purchase below, with one poster for $15 and 2 for $20 and 3 for $30.
On the 1/1/11 MSG coffee table are 3 champagne bottles represent the 3 night run at MSG. There are also bottles of Kill Devil Beer, Fall Down Drunk Ale, Bathtub Gin, a pack of Camel Walk cigarettes and a Bittersweet Motel key. Classic detail for an extraordinary set of shows that are almost upon us!



3 Responses to “NYE Coffee Table by Zenster”

  1. lucas says:

    Will anyone have these on NYE

  2. noah says:

    I have these posters for sale on my website.

    I will bring some to sell at MSG but its easier to get it now!!!
    1 for $15.00
    2 for $20.00
    They will be $15.00 after the shows!

  3. lucas says:

    I’ll be lookin around for ya. have a happy holiday

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