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Tripp’s Worcester and MSG NYE posters

Tripp has been a poster artist and on tour since the mid-90s, making amazing posters for numerous Phish shows and expanding to Widespread Panic and Disco Biscuits over the last decade. Featured on the blog is Tripp’s Worcester print, including a video detailing the Printing Process.These are SOLD OUT!

The Worcester print is in a run of 200 printed on cotton water color paper via a 4 color, hand pulled screen-printing process. It measures 10” x 22” and will be available on lot directly from the artist and his crew in Worcester.

Tripp’s MSG NYE poster comes in an edition of 231, printed on cotton water color paper in a 5 color, hand pulled screen-printing process. It measures 10″ x 22″ and THEY ARE SOLD OUT!




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