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Bethel shirts from Jiggs!

The first shirt of Summer 2011 is upon us, with the iconic image of Woodstock reconfigured by Jiggs for PhanArt for three nights of Phish at Bethel Woods, May 27-29, 2011. Bethel shirts are printed on Gildan Tan Tees and are 100% cotton. Each shirt costs $12 for Ladies Large, $12 for Small, $14 for XXL, $15 for XXXL. Shipping is $2 each.


5 Responses to “Bethel shirts from Jiggs!”

  1. L. says:

    Are there any womens sizes/styles? Thanks

  2. PhanArtPete says:

    we will have some ladies sizes available, stay tuned for details this week

  3. Thrasher says:

    ‘effin brilliant!

  4. Custeez says:

    Nice shirt Jiggs!

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