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TRiPPs Pins for Early Summer 2011

From Veteran PhanArtist Tripp comes his collection of new pins for early Summer 2011. New designs include Col. Forbin, The Famous Mockingbird, Estimated Prophet, Ship of Fools, Machine>Barstools and Surprise Valley. These pins are in pre-order special pricing which ends on April 29th. All pins are engraved with TRiPP’s signature, TRiPPs Prints logo, and the # of each pin on the back. Each design has double pins on back so that the pin won’t spin.

Single pins can be pre-ordered at a special price of $20 including shipping. Fans can order all 6 pins can be pre-ordered at a special price of $100 including shipping. All orders will ship around May 15th.

Pins can be ordered through TRiPP’s site or by email



4 Responses to “TRiPPs Pins for Early Summer 2011”

  1. Eva says:

    Those pins are just beautiful! I love the one with the mountains and trees. I am sad I missed the sale! How did it go?

  2. Do you ship anywhere in the world?

    I’d like to buy some…

  3. Zoltan says:

    These are really beautifully designed pins – I particularly like understated but gorgeous Viking ship. Now I just need to work out how I buy one…

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