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Ian Cross Superball IX print

This print is an 11×17 Phan Art poster by Ian Cross celebrating Superball 9.

From the artist:

“The idea came to me when thinking about the word Superball, I thought to myself that our solar system contains the largest comprehensible Superballs of them all, eight planets plus our sun=Superball 9.  It’s printed on thick super glossy photo stock. It’s based on an original watercolor and acrylic painting done by me, Ian Cross.”

There are a limited number of these left, the posters are signed and numbered and are from a run of 200.

The print ships for $12 total cost – paypal to to get one of these awesome prints!


2 Responses to “Ian Cross Superball IX print”

  1. John says:

    Hi, I emailed you earlier, but I wanted to know if there were any of these prints left? I’d love to get my hands on one

  2. Ian Albright says:

    Hey man. You sold me a print. Gave me the special Ian discount for a fellow Ian. Just wanted to say whats up and thanks for the awesome print. Everyone keeps commenting on it. Got it framed hanging in the basement bar.

    Also, I posted all three nights of Super Ball IX on under live tunes and video tab. If you feel like groovin check it out.

    You going to be at Chicago or Denver shows? I need more prints.


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