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HarryHood Hollywood Bowl Posters from Steve Forsthoefel

Steve Forsthoefel has created the Hollywood Bowl poster for the band’s first ever shows at the venue. This was Steve’s first vendor experience at the Phish show as well.  This print pays homage to old Hollywood glamour with an art deco style. The poster is 11×17 printed on 80 lb. glossy paper in a limited run of 50. The price is $10 each print or 3 for $25. Free shipping on all orders.

For one poster, select Option 1, for two select Option 2, for three, select Option 3

12/19/11 update: Posters are now sold out


3 Responses to “HarryHood Hollywood Bowl Posters from Steve Forsthoefel”

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  2. Steve Forsthoefel says:

    FYI, I have only 5 left. It’s your last opportunity to get one before they will soon be all gone.

  3. Steve Forsthoefel says:

    Prints are no longer available.

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