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Ha Ha Ha pin from Sugarshack pins

From SugarShack Pins comes Nelson from The Simpson’s, set in a Phish/Dead environment. Nelson pin pokes fun at that dynamic, as he wears his 13 point bolt and points mocking – “HA HA HA”

What the pin represents…a social commentary:

Nelson represents the Bully mentality.
Senseless, Baseless Bully-ing and mocking.
If Nelson was part of our concert scene, (IMO) he’d be a Deadhead.
So being a Furthur/Deadheadhead he would most likely participate
in the hating that goes on toward Phisheds…
He would most certainly use is most popular mock – HA HA !
but since he’s mocking Phisheds…He’d modify it to the situation
to make it more personal to those listening…HA HA HA !
using the Phish song title to antagonize his victims.
What’s the point ? There is none.
Nelson belives you are not as cool as him, so he mocks you.
But he’s an idiot, and an asshole.
He’s in touch with his inner Bully/moron, and behaves that way.

Much the same thing goes on the the real word.
Deadheads hating on Phisheds for no reason.
We both do the same thing…
Devote all our time and efforts to go see and follow a band we love.
Who cares what someone else is doing. Do your own thing.
But the Nelsons in the Dead community seem to rear their unenlightened heads,
and spout hate.

This pin is 1.5″ tall, has two posts with metal clutches. Made with hard enamel with the Sugar Shack Pins logo on the back, this series is not numbered, but only 100 were made. The pin will not be reprinted and there will be no variants. The pin costs $15 and is shipped USPS 1st class with tracking.



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  1. [...] From i.Gene Designs at Sugar Shack Pins: Hey folks, I love Phish, and I Iove camping. I’ve been seeing Phish since the early 90′s, and I’ve been to most of the Phestivals. I love ‘em. Can’t get enough. I make Ph pins, and this is my 1st solo project. FISHMAN (like COLEMAN) This idea popped in my head as a bridge between the two. Nice, clean and simple. Mumu for a lantern. ha ha. Looks good on anything, especially when worn in the great outdoors. Yeah, it’s wintertime + holidaze…so it makes a great gift too. This pin measures 1.5″X .5″, made with hard enamel, 2 posts with black rubber clutches in a Limited Edition of pins numbered 1-100 with the i.Gene logo. Cost is $12.50 shipped USPS First Class with tracking. Check out my other pin w/ Jason Oestele: Sugar Shack Pins presents….. Nelson / HAHAHA [...]

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