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Henrietta Neckties

Stay classy this Summer with this 100% silk woven necktie from StuPINdous Creations. The necktie includes a custom back label with a quote from Driver, “And hoping when I get there I’ll be better dressed.”. The cost is $42 each and orders will ship in early June. There were only 150 made and they are perfect for weddings, graduations, court dates, Fathers Day gifts, the 4th of July show at Jones Beach and really any day that ends in “Y”. Get one before they are all gone!

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response from 1st leg, more Fishman ties are getting made. They should be in around 8/15 and are already back up on the site. So go ahead and order one now to ensure you don’t miss out this time around. Also there will be 2 NEW Phish related tie designs out by then too…stay tuned. Go to



5 Responses to “Henrietta Neckties”

  1. Jon says:

    Does this tie come in extra long?

  2. KB says:

    These ties are so great! The quality is amazing and they really are perfect for any occasion.. thanks!

  3. Tommy Kavanaugh says:

    My wife bought me this tie for Father’s Day. Since I work in an office enviornment, I can’t really show up wearing my cookie monster YEM shirt. Being that the entire office knows what a rabid Phish fan I am though, the tie was an immediate success. I love it. It’s so well put together, the circles are part of the tie , not sewn crudely onto it like some I’ve seen. Wifes/Girlfriends, if you’re looking for a great present for your guy who wears a tie, get him this. Worn with a light-blue button down, and khaki pants, it looks professional, but still gives you that Phish feeling. Hope this review helps!

  4. Amanda says:

    Anyone know where I can find one of these? They are sold out but I really want to find one for my brother. Willing to buy second hand or whatever. Thanks!

  5. Shane Komives says:

    Just wondering if and when these ties will be back for purchasing.

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