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Jiggs Oklahoma City Zoo Poster

Jiggs has finished his Oklahoma City poster and made it available for pre-order starting today. More info via Jiggs:

“This will be a 4 color screen print on Tobacco Brown paper. It will go into production very soon. This print will also be sized at 8 x 15. This will be a limited run of 60. Due to the overwhelming requests I have had, I am starting the order period now.

By ordering this now, you are guaranteed a poster. Please remember the posters have not been printed. The posters will be shipped in a 3 inch heavy duty tube, wrapped in craft paper, with delivery confirmation. Posters are $20 + $6 to cover the tube (Yazoo Mills 1.0 thickness/3 inch dia) and shipping. I will only be putting 50 posters online for sale. Numbers 1 through 10 will be held back and not available.

Posters are set to begin printing the week of August 6th. There will be a blog post soon documenting the progress. I will also be tweeting and posting to the Jiggs Twitter and Facebook acounts. I will let you know when the ship date is as soon as I know.”

Order here


3 Responses to “Jiggs Oklahoma City Zoo Poster”

  1. Kip Conner says:

    nice slave motif

  2. Jiggs says:

    Thanks guys!!

    Down to 24 left at this point.

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