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TRiPP’s Gorge 2011 set, one of the many posters in The PhanArt Stash

Over the past four or so years, fans have donated items to PhanArt to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education nationwide through their competitive grants process. So far, PhanArt has donated over $8000 to The Mockingbird Foundation and we are looking to increase that total steadily by opening up the ‘stash’ of art that has been donated. Some of this has been sold on ebay or on the site, but there were significant donations in the last year that necessitated cataloging and selling the art at a more rapid pace (posters take up alot of room). All told, there are over 125 posters and paintings donated, as well as over 100 pins (settle down pinheads) and countless stickers and other unique fan-made items that are marked as donations for Mockingbird. Smaller items can be found for sale on lots on tour but posters do not travel well for this purpose so to facilitate the sale of posters, The PhanArt Stash has been opened.

Using the great poster art website Expressobeans.comThe PhanArt Stash is up online and available for art collectors and fans alike to purchase art that has been made available for sale to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

Expresso Beans is one the best websites for poster art collectors of all interests. You can search among thousand upon thousands of posters, artists, bands and topics to buy or sell posters, create a collection (like The PhanArt Stash), search for rare poster art and add to the art community by uploading art as it is made. is a great resource for all fans and signup is free! This is one of the great art communities on the web and has a great deal of Phish inspired and related art, including rare posters that fans may have never known existed.

You can buy these simply by leaving a comment below noting the name of the poster and the cost associated with the poster. You will be contacted regarding your bid to finalize purchasing the poster. From there, you will make a donation direct to Mockingbird to validate your purchase.

Check out The PhanArt Stash here

How purchases are processed:

When you click on the link above, look at the ‘six-month average’ cost, or the original cost if there is no six-month average. To purchase a poster contact Pete – phanart (at) gmail, paypal the amount agreed upon, including shipping, to the same email address, then after shipping, Pete will contact you with a final donation receipt to

4 Responses to “The PhanArt Stash”

  1. Benjamin St. Clair says:

    Hey there – was wondering where I can purchase the “Tigers Sleep in Lillypatches” hat as well as the “My other vehicle is a second set Tweezer” sticker? Those are both sick and I need them! Thanks for the help!

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  3. Jenny says:

    I am looking for the Ryan Kerrigan Phish Summer Tour 2013 -GORGE pin. anyone have one for sale?!

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