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Donations from Artists – Fall 2013

Great thanks and appreciation goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over August, September and October! With these donations, PhanArt and Friends has raised more than $3,000 for the 2013 calendar year and over $12,000 since August 2009 for The Mockingbird Foundation. Great thanks goes to the dozens of artists and supportive patrons who made this possible. Through their incredible generosity and spreading their art on PhanArt, these donations to The Mockingbird Foundation will help to promote music education throughout the country.

New Limited Edition Slave Pin from Park McGee - 3 pins

Page Side Rage Side Panties by Jason and Jesse $40 and 2 pairs of panties

New Artist Alert: A Song He Heard the Ocean Sing – John Glenn Brings His Unique Style to Posters, Paintings and Boards! - 2 posters

Tahoe Tweezer Stickers from Christine Walsh $2

The Phishman Scarf by StuPINdous Creations - 2 scarves (sold for $40)

Hand Knit Hats made by Stuphoria - $10

Atlantic City Ghost Poker Chip by Jay Anastasio - 3 chips

Neal Flesner’s West Coast Shirts from 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 - $20

Menacing Cactus Pin from Chris Riddleberger - 1 pin

New Phish Inspired License Plate Frames from Marshall Chasan -  $193 and 5 frames

Thank You (for the Phirst Thirty Years) – Shirts from Ryan Kerrigan - 2 Kuroda MSG pin boards

It’s Ice/Breaking Bad Shirts are Here! -10 shirts, 4 pins and 20 stickers. 4 shirts sold for $60

Total: 14 shirts, 3 chips, 2 scarves, 8 pins, 2 pinboards, 20 stickers, 2 posters, 5 frames, $365

Hand Knit Hats made by Stuphoria

These warm, hand knit hats have different Phish related patterns or song names. They are made with high quality acrylic/wool yarn. Each design is of a very limited edition. He can only make one hat at a time, so each hat comes out a little bit different. So you will get a one of a kind piece! They are all hand made by Stu, and one size fits all. Perfect for the NYE run in NYC!

Some example patterns for order are Bathtub Gin, Shafty, It’s Ice, Ghost, Fuck Your Face, Seven Below, Lizards, Waves and Fishman donuts!
Most hats are $30 + $4 for shipping.

Custom orders are $35 + $4 for shipping.

When wanting to request a specific hat, please email Stuphoria for the type of hat you are looking for.

Visit Stu’s etsy Page to purchase!

Inspired Circle Hats by Misty

These handmade crochet hats are inspired by our favorite drummers dress! These unisex beanies come with or without ear flaps. The hats without ear flaps are $20 with free shipping and the hats with flaps are $22 shipped.
Beanie $20 shipped

Hat with ear flaps $22 shipped

To check out other goods made by Misty, Check out her website!

Phish Hats and More From Pompeii Prints!

Pompeii Prints has some new Phish hats and some previously sold out designs are now back in stock. The new Lizard hat is on a New Era flat brim hat with the old school adjustable snap back, so one size fits all. Some old favorites such as Harpua, My Friend My Friend, Maze, Camel Walk, and Slave are all back in stock on various types of Flex Fit hats.

The styles of the hats include flat brims and regular curved hats, and are available in each design. The hats are available in two sizes S-M and L-XL.  These hats are available at and at Pompeii Prints it is free shipping on everything on the site!

Pompeii Prints also has two new pins, Goodnight Irene and Man of the Year

Goodnight Irene – 1.5 inch die struck soft enamel pin without epoxy, with color and two military clutch backs. Limited edition of 200 with individual numbering on each pin with back stamp. Only $9.99 with free shipping!

Man of the Year - 1.5 inch die struck soft enamel without epoxy, with color, two military clutch backs, limited edition of 100 with individual numbering on each pin with back stamp. Are You A Lebowski Achiever? Only $9.99, with free shipping!






Tigers Sleep in Lily Patches hats from N’lytn Design


Tigers DO sleep in Lily patches! With art by Heath Fedorczak, this hat features a tiger resting comfortably in pink water lilies, with the words “So Stupendous!” across the back. A black hat with blue contrast stitching, the hat is made of acrylic wool and MADE in the USA out of a factory in Los Angeles, CA. Each hat costs $29.99 and can be purchased here. 

Katmama creations for Summer Tour

Kat Griffin has made clothing and bags, as well as purses featuring the iconic ‘cheerioz’ design. Kat is making a few new items for summer tour including limited edition hats, baby overalls and even flags to hoist up high at festivals and show lots this summer. Check out her store on Etsy for a ton of great offerings!

Fluffhead Shirts & Hats by Pompeii Prints

William Pompeii and Pompeii Prints have Fluffhead shirts in with an array of colors. Shirts are available in royal blue, gray, and maroon. Sizes for shirts are M, L and XL

Fluffhead hats come in sizes S-M and L-XL, Flexfit style. Colors for the hats are royal blue & black.

Hats costs $20Shirts are $15 each or two for $25, Get a hat & a shirt for $30,  Shipping on all orders is $5


Fluffhead hats

Yet another great hat from Pompeii Prints is the Fluffhead design, created by Vinny Naro. These hats come in black and royal blue flex fit hats, in sizes S-M and L-XL.

All hats are $27 including shipping. Order more than one hat and the cost is $22 per hat.

Send payment via paypal at

New Phish hats

Check out some great new hats from Pompeii Prints!

We shared some of these hats earlier with you

The hat business is booming, and there are some updated hats and sizes available. Hats of all designs come in small-medium and large XL.  Colors have expanded as well, with a vast variety for these hats: Slave- olive or dark grey; Camel Walk-navy or spruce; My Friend, My Friend- maroon or dark navy, and Maze- gray or black

If you are interested in any of these hats, send a Paypal payment of $27 for one hat  to Order two or more and each hat is $22

Stay tunes for a new website for Pompeii Prints:

Phish hats

One thing that is rarely seen on lot are Phish-themed hats. We have shirts, posters, even underwear and jewelry, but rarely are there hats out there for phans to pick up.  That void has been filled with Bill Olshefski’s line of Phish hats.

The hats in this gallery come in two sizes, Small/Medium and Large/XLarge and sell for $25 each. Contact Bill at first to check on quantity and style of hat availability, and using Paypal send money to The Slave hats are flat-brim style (think Bisco kidz) while all others are baseball caps.

Colors for the hats varies, with Harpua hats in black or tan, Slave hats in olive, black or gray, Ghost in black, and My Friend My Friend hats in maroon or brown. Bill has many more hats planned for the near future, so stay tuned for more designs!

The only hat reference we could think of comes from the rarest of Phish songs. Use your Pharmer’s Almanac or Phish Companion to figure out this song’s title:

“Keep The Swiss Miss Girl was disgusted
And she smacked him right in his face
Then she took his hat
And she stamped on that”

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