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Quinn’s Pins – CK5 and Jesus Just Left Chicago

From Quinn’s Pins comes a Ck5 cologne originally drawn by Nathan Quinn. Featuring nine different glitter colors, as well as glow in the dark “CK5′ and Lawn Boy lyrics ‘I Can Smell The Colors’ that tie this beauty together nicely, the pin measures 1.25″, is double posted in an open edition with 100 made in the first run



Headed down to New Orleans!? This guy is. Jesus left Chicago pin measures 1.25″ and double posts in a LE of 100, numbered on the back. There are a limited amount of these on the site as the rest are going to Jazz Fest!



Ryan Kerrigan’s Happy Fish Classic Pin Series Starts with Big Cypress!

Ryan Kerrigan presents his new pin series – Happy Fish Classics: Pins from Before we loved Pins

The first in the series is the biggest classic of them all: Big Cypress. The pin celebrates the December 30-31, 1999 shows in Florida and measure 1.5″ in an edition of 100. Cost is $15 shipped or two for $25. Order below.


one pin or two?

Brother/Duck Dynasty Pin from Pin Prick Pins

Whoa whoa whoa…. Jump in the tub with this Brother / Duck Dynasty pin created by Pin Prick Pins. In a limited editon of 100 pins, this pin measures 1.25” wide and is made with black nickel and hard enamel, with silk screening for the camouflage. Each pins is numbered and back stamped with the Pin Prick logo. Pick one up for just $12 plus s&h


New Years 2013 Fishie Pins by Ryan Kerrigan

The first piece of Phanart for the upcoming New Years run at MSG is here! Ryan Kerrigan’s smiling fishie is glitter bombed and has glowing text like its fishie predecessors, measures 1.5″ across in an edition of 150. Only $15 for these limited edition pins!


Golgi/Google Shirt and Pin Combo

A combination of the popular shirt and pin makes for a great deal for Phish fans!  The shirts are printed on 100% Gildan shirts, with free shipping and sticker with each purchase. Sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge available.

golgi clean

The pins, based on the classic shirt and designed by Pete Mason and Mark Sakasai, has two backings, measures 1.25″ x 0.75″, with each pin numbered 1-200 and says PhanArt on the back. Only $25 with free shipping for this combo – good until New Years Eve!
golgi pin final


Heady Tweezer Shirts, Hoodies and Pins from TrippHippie

Known for being rich and powerful, a Heady Tweezer isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you have the palette for something heavy, with lots of character, this undeniably is the choice for you. Heady Tweezers are distinct and powerful, and have been known to cause facial hair and missing 20 and 30-somethings for months on end.

The Heady Tweezer Design is available from in shirts, hoodies, and pins.  So please her with a Tweezer – Just click on the image and order yours today!




Donations from Artists – Fall 2013

Great thanks and appreciation goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over August, September and October! With these donations, PhanArt and Friends has raised more than $3,000 for the 2013 calendar year and over $12,000 since August 2009 for The Mockingbird Foundation. Great thanks goes to the dozens of artists and supportive patrons who made this possible. Through their incredible generosity and spreading their art on PhanArt, these donations to The Mockingbird Foundation will help to promote music education throughout the country.

New Limited Edition Slave Pin from Park McGee - 3 pins

Page Side Rage Side Panties by Jason and Jesse $40 and 2 pairs of panties

New Artist Alert: A Song He Heard the Ocean Sing – John Glenn Brings His Unique Style to Posters, Paintings and Boards! - 2 posters

Tahoe Tweezer Stickers from Christine Walsh $2

The Phishman Scarf by StuPINdous Creations - 2 scarves (sold for $40)

Hand Knit Hats made by Stuphoria - $10

Atlantic City Ghost Poker Chip by Jay Anastasio - 3 chips

Neal Flesner’s West Coast Shirts from 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 - $20

Menacing Cactus Pin from Chris Riddleberger - 1 pin

New Phish Inspired License Plate Frames from Marshall Chasan -  $193 and 5 frames

Thank You (for the Phirst Thirty Years) – Shirts from Ryan Kerrigan - 2 Kuroda MSG pin boards

It’s Ice/Breaking Bad Shirts are Here! -10 shirts, 4 pins and 20 stickers. 4 shirts sold for $60

Total: 14 shirts, 3 chips, 2 scarves, 8 pins, 2 pinboards, 20 stickers, 2 posters, 5 frames, $365

Jones Beach Happy Fish Pins from Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan creates some great art, and these Jones Beach Happy Fish Pins are available via PhanArt in limited quantities. The pin glows in the dark and are in an edition of 100. Each pin costs $11 with free shipping. Only a few remain, so dont miss out!


Jones Beach

New “Run Like an Antelope” pin from Park McGee

Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run….And check out this great new “Run Like and Antelope” Pin from Park McGee. A Limited Edition of 100, each pin has 7 colors on a black metal finish and is double posted, back-stamped, and numbered. Only $13, plus $2 shipping and handling. So set Your gearshift and order one today because these Antelope Pins are going to run out fast!


Fall Tour Pins And More From StuPINdous Creations

StuPINdous Creations brings you 4 NEW pins from this fall.  The first one is the Phish 30 year Scarab. This pin has lots of symbolism from the Rhombus, to THE BOOK, and the 15 wings on each side (30 total), just to name a few. This pin also contains glitter and THE BOOK glows in the dark. It is a limited edition of 100.  You can have this pin for $15image (14)

The Phish Hamsa/The Wedge. This pin is all hand drawn and following the Scarab contains lots of symbolism and glitter!  It measures 1.5 inches tall and is done on antique metal.  This is the 2nd of the Phish Egyptian pin series.  Limited edition of 100.  Only $15 shipped.image (15)

You can also pick up a Scarab Pin and a Hamsa/The Wedge Pin for only $24.00!image (16)

SpuPINdous is also here with The Phall Tour 2013 leaves.  This pin was all hand drawn and contains 3 cutouts.  Limited edition of 100.  $15 shipped

image (17)

The last pin from StuPINdous Creations is the 2nd of 3 Crushing Pins series, because the boys are officially crushing it now! The follow up to the orange Crushing Summer Tour, The grape Crushing Fall Tour 2013.  Lots of glitter!  Limited edition of 100. $15 shipped

image (18)


You can pick up all 4 of these brand new pins for only $48.00 shipped!

image (19)


You can also head to his website to purchase any of these pins, along with his large variety of phan art products:

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