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Tahoe Tweezer Stickers from Christine Walsh

Christine Walsh, an artist and phan living in Buffalo, NY has made a bumper sticker commemorating the Tahoe Tweezer. Oval in the style of a race ‘bragging rights’ sticker, it has the location (Tahoe), date (7/31/2013) and duration of the epic Tweezer (36:48). The sticker is green with black print. Each sticker costs $3 and 5% of total sales will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.


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New Fishman Bikini from Skibodibos

It was an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-Fishman-donut-ring Bikini that she wore for the first time today…  Summer lives on in in this new Fishman Bikini from Lorry Powers and Skibodibos. Made of high quality Lycra so the colors won’t fade, available in Small, Medium & Large and only $65 – Ladies you’ll be beating those phanboys away with a stick in your new Fishman Bikini. And remember – Phish loves Dicks…but they also love the Chicks – so boys grab one for your girl now. Get yours on right here, on phish lot, etsy or at

fishman bikini



Ewok Fishman shirt by Elias Landsman

Missing Endor this summer? Don’t worry, celebrate your furry phreinds with this new classic Ewok Fishman shirt. First appearing on Summer Tour, Elias Landsman’s new design was too good to pass up and quickly sold out. Luckily a new set has been printed in time for Dick’s.

Only available in sizes M, L and XL for $25 including shipping. Get yours!

ewokshirt1jpg (1)

This shirt is sold out. Look for more to be made before the Hampton shows in October!

Tahoe Tweezer IPA Shirts

Commemorate Tahoe’s 36 minute tweezer with this shirt from El Del Inc. The Tahoe Tweezer IPA shirts come in sizes S-3XL for $20 (an extra $5 for 2XL and 3XL). Pre-order ends on Monday, 8/19


You can find these shirts here at the El Del Inc website.

Tahoe 2013 Print from Monk

In a rustic design reminiscent of 1930′s National Park posters, Monk brings us this beautiful 12.25″ by 17.25″ Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered Print for the upcoming Phish shows in Tahoe on July 30-31, 2013. Order your copy directly from Covelabs for only $20 including shipping today!



Tomahawk County Mules Shirt

Here is a great light weight shirt from Uncle Pin Designs that is perfect for Summer Tour! This design was screenprinted on a heather grey cotton blend t-shirt . For a limited time, this shirt is apart of their pre tour summer sale for only $15! As always, shipping is free on all orders from Uncle Pin Designs!




What you need to know about Phish at SPAC, including a Map and Post-show info

This was originally posted for the June 2010 Phish shows at SPAC. With a few tweaks, some updates and punctuation improvements, here is what you need to know about going to SPAC for Phish during July 5-7, 2013.

SPAC 2012 photo by Andy Hill

SPAC 2012 photo by Andy Hill

First things first, follow UpstateLIVE on Twitter for helpful hints will abound throughout the weekend. We’ll be on location all weekend sharing: traffic info, park updates ( and keeping fans aware of the police presence.Last year, Saratoga officials announced a crackdown on alcohol and intoxicated people in the state park known as SPA, which includes SPAC. In the past, there has always been a lot of chatter preceding the summer concert season at SPAC regarding the increased police presence and no-alcohol policy (with ticket enforcement and arrest potential). Last year, it wasn’t so bad, for once. Still, don’t treat it as a free for all – this is a New York State Park and State Troopers roam the grounds, not local police. 

You’ll need this - the map of Saratoga Spa State Park. It is VERY easy to get lost, as you can quite easily wind up walking around for an hour looking for the lot your car is in, or altogether become disoriented. Download link: SPAC Map

In the interest of making sure everyone knows what has been the norm in the past, whether you have been here before or not, keep in mind a few things:

State Troopers : Younger fans, keep the alcohol under lock and key, as alcohol sensors have been used in the past. If they see you drinking, they’ll dip in a stick detector for alcohol into the drink and then they can search you. Arcane? Yes. Illegal? Possibly. Outlandish and Insane? Indeed. Don’t stress, just play it smart! This comes from people who have been there and people who work there. Use your heads.

Hotels have also been given a contact number to call if they suspect drug use. So be careful when you are pre-gaming at the hotel or getting back and trying to enjoy the post-show scene or get some sleep.

Post show, there will be checkpoints for drunk driving and K-9 units for the obvious. Don’t leave the park without a sober driver and when you do, drive the speed limit, the cops need only a small reason to pull you over, either on Route 9, Route 50, I-87 or the small towns north and south of Saratoga.

While in town….

On July 6th, there will be a Rock Art Show, “Summer in Saratoga” featuring more than 20 artists from the Phish community; Including AJ Masthay, Erin Cadigan, Isadora Bullock, Bruce Horan, Mr. Miner, stuPINdous Creations, Branden Otto and many more. The show will be held at the Saratoga Hilton on July 6th from 10 am until 3 pm. Admission is FREE and the art exhibited fits any budget. The Hilton is right in downtown Saratoga, a short walk from many hotels in town and with ample parking.

Post shows, there are a couple of options right in Saratoga for those who want to keep the party going and are equipped with a designated driver to keep it going till the sun comes up.

Formula 5 will be playing at The Mine Nightclub, 388 Broadway well into the night with J.Logik spinning before, during and after sets.  If you are looking for the funkiest, nastiest, late night Phish after-party,  this venue is quite amazing - a gorgeous underground club with a killer sound system, amazing house lights, a huge bar and room for 500 people! The light show from Illumenatrix Lighting Design and Psychedelic Wednesday staff will make this a great post show to hit off.


The Putnam Den has fast become the premier live music venue in Saratoga, after SPAC. There are three late night shows, one for each night of Phish and only TWO miles from SPAC! The address of The Putnam Den is 63A Putnam St., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. For more info on each of the shows, visit the Putnam Den website

Friday, July 5th - Dead Sessions plays a benefit for The Waterwheel Foundation who is supporting  Saratoga Hospital Foundation, with $2 of each ticket purchased, as well as donations raised at the Waterwheel table inside the shows going towards the Foundation. Pick up tickets here.  Show starts at 12:30am and features Seth Yacavone and Toby Kniffin on guitar, Adam King  on keys, Patrick May on bass and Kevin Shapiro and Steve Hadeka on drums.

Saturday, July 6th - Twiddle, a Vermont based quartet, spins tall tales over an intricate soundscape of hi-def shred. Their fresh multi-genre approach conjures up jazz, classical, and bluegrass, but above all, masterfully blends reggae and funk. Obliterating laws of improvisation their complex arrangements never fail to leave crowds lusting for more. With sage songwriting and unmatched variety, Twiddle’s thrilling infancy will surely exceed all expectation. Tickets are $10 and this show WILL sell out. Get your tickets here. This show is set to start at 12:30 am following Phish.

Sunday, July 7th - Twiddle plays once again, this time for only a $5 cover, starting at 12:30 am. Pick up tickets here.

See you all at SPAC!

The Art of Ryan Kerrigan – Summer Tour 2013 Posters, Pins and More!

Ryan Kerrigan has released his new art for Summer Tour 2013. Below you will find posters, stickers, pins and t-shirts. Check out his Corner Store and pick up some great art!


SPAC, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20 


Alpharetta, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20 


Chicago, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20

Chicago Canvas, 33″ x 21″, Edition of 30, $150   canvas

The alPHabet Poster, Edition of 420, 13″ x 15″, $20


T-Shirt Party at the Lampost, Edition of 55 shirts, $20



Summer Tour 2013 Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 SummerTour2013Sticker.M So Much Fun Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 


Gorge Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 



2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN set of 8

Summer Tour 2013 Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 150, $15 SummerTour2013Pin.M

SPAC Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 1 spac

Jones Beach Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 2 jones beach

Chicago Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 3 chicago

Gorge Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 4 gorge

Lake Tahoe Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 5 lake tahoe

San Francisco Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 6 san francisco

Commerce City $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 7 commerce city

So Much Fun Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 150, $15 SoMuchFun3-13_L

Windmill Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 


Wilsons Crest Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 WilsonCrestPin_L

Fancy Feather II Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 


 30 Years Pin Series

Pin Board


30 Year Series 1983 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series 1991 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series 1998 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series Hiatus 2001 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series Hampton 2009 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


Drew Suto’s Cover Art for Surrender to the Flow #37

Drew Suto has added some pinball to the cover of this Summer’s Surrender to the Flow, Issue #37. You can find this on lot, for free, as always, at every stop on tour.


The Future’s So Bright – You Gotta Wear Phish Shades!

See Summer Tour in a whole new way  – Through a pair of these awesome Phish inspired sunglasses from our friend, Alexandra Jenna, at PhishShades. Get yours now! Only $17 and with so many great styles to choose from – why stop at one! Have something special in mind? Custom colors and designs are available for $20 from Phish Shades!











Camel Walk

Camel Walk



Rage Side

New Page side rage sid




Phish-inspired Shades

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