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Pete Mason is a Special Education teacher living in Albany, NY with his dog Halley. He started PhanArt shortly after Phish’s final shows in 2004 as a way to preserve the legacy of the Phish community. With the help of friends (both old and new) he compiled, edited, laid out and oversaw the creation of a 400+ page book that is unlike any other, seeking to preserve the legacy of Phish fans through PhanArt. Pete has traveled across the country, visiting all 50 states in the process of seeing Phish and other bands. Pete is also the Editor in Chief at UpstateLIVE.com, coaches youth soccer and continues to help the ever-expanding Phish Art community grow. Read a recent interview with RiseandVibe.

His second book, PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Parking Lot is a collaboration with Taraleigh Silberberg (The Healthy Hippie). PhanFood is a collection of recipes from Phish fans and friends including appetizers, drinks, salads, healthy food, desserts and other delicious concoctions. PhanFood benefits the food pantry of Burlington, Vermont and the towns Phish plays in each tour. To order PhanFood, pick one up here.

In December, 2012, Pete published his first e-book, “The Evolution of the War Film Genre: From Westerns and World War II to Vietnam”, detailing the changing war film genre over the past 80 years. Pick it up for Kindlefor Nook,  and now for iTunes.

Pete self-published a children’s book on his dog Halley’s life and travels, A Well Traveled Dog, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Pick up a copy here.

Pete is currently working on a book on music festivals with longtime editor and friend Tim O’Shea.


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