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Golgi, olgi, oh ooo olgi Pin

Look into the finances boxes and check your status (status) because you are are going to want to buy this Golgi Pin available now from Shakedown Party. It’s the perfect pin for Science and Phish nerds alike! Look into the microscope and you’ll see the Golgi Apparatus [a major collection and dispatch station of protein products received from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Proteins synthesized in the ER are packaged into vesicles, which then fuse with the Golgi apparatus]. Oh Golgi, olgi, oh ooo olgi….

Each pin in this Limited Edition series of 150 is on Oxidized Metal plating measuring 1.5 inches with two posts, Soft enamel, and yes, it has been Glitter Bombed!

Only $12.50 each! Order yours today, Nerds! ….

Esther Print from Augury Press

Alone on the fairgrounds, a sinister Armenian man lurking in the background, Esther looks at us with haunted eyes, standing in the water that would swallow her life while clutching the puppet on her right. The story of Esther comes to life in this new 11″ by 17″ masterpiece from Augury Press. Never before has Phish’s tragic little heroine been immortalized so beautifully. Inspired by Art Nouveau and the works of Alphonse Mucha this piece is the next great installment in a series that includes Tela, and the perfect pairing of the Winter Queen and Fuego. This hand drawn digitally painted print is a must have for fans of one of Phish’s oldest tales as well as phanart collectors. Available now on Etsy for only $15. Order yours today!

Augery Press Esther Print

Kasvot Växt Rare Vintage 1981 Concert Posters

Few can forget Kasvot Växt’s epic 1981 Summer Tour. Fewer still can remember it. Well now you can relive the original glory of your favorite  Scandinavian Band and the finest shows that never were, with these one of kind limited edition Kasvot Växt Vintage 1980’s Concert Posters.

These Poster are rarer than rare available only on Scribbles of Dave’s Etsy, so don’t miss your chance – Order yours for only $28 today!

Josean Rivera Sci-Fi Horror Poster Fall Tour Series

After the huge success of his 2018 Summer Tour Poster Series, Josean Rivera is back with a new set of 50’s B Sci-Fi/Horror Movie inspired posters for Fall Tour!  All prints were originally ink and watercolor, scanned, and digitally arranged to create a print true to the  original poster. 13×19 on cardstock. Prints are signed and numbered, limited to an edition of 150.  Available in Josean’s shop!

Jamie Lee Meyer’s Curveball Print Available Now

While the weekend we all had planned with Phish in Watkins Glen was a wash, it would have been a real tragedy if the art from our scene never saw the light of day. Thankfully many artists, including Jamie Lee Meyer, have released their Curveball work for fans to see and acquire. If you are a collector of phanart, you know Jamie’s work well. Her stunning Baker’s Dozen print was so perfect it sold out at the NYC Phanart Shows last summer and her effort this season is no less spectacular. Once again Jamie nails it! Her execution presages what certainly would have been a weekend among the heavenly spheres. A Limited Edition of 200 signed prints  of Jamie’s Curveball poster have been released for sale with proceeds going to Watkins Glen Flood relief funds. The Ball may not have happened, but you can still grab a piece of the art and help the community. Only $22 – Order yours here!

Curveball Donuts are here!

After writing for Phanart for 5+ years I had to join in and make something fun! Enjoy the Curveball Donut Sticker – the perfectly succinct  phanart and a must have for the anyone attending this weekend. Limited Edition of 500. Available only at the Curveball! Grab a few for yourself and you friends for classic lot prices – 1 for $3, 2 for $5!

Find me this weekend and Get ’em while they last kids!

Phanimation Fun from Shai @Pancake4table

Last Summer as Phanart prepped for our big Baker’s Dozen Art shows Shai, a creative and devoted Phish fan, reached out to us about featuring some of his Phish inspired animations. His creativity and eagerness to share his work was uplifting and after viewing some of his early animation Shai created a unique custom Phanart Show Promo animation that was a real treat. Inspired to create, Shai kept producing animation and has made a fun little spin for the Curveball. Check it out and share the excitement!

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You can find Shai’s other work at: