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The Waterwheel Foundation announces Fan Poster Sale

The Waterwheel Foundation has announced a Fan Poster Sale featuring various posters that have been created and donated by fans throughout the 3.0 era.

The sale of these donated posters will benefit The Waterwheel Foundation’s general funding, which has recently helped in the Tortola relief effort in the British Virgin Islands, and establishing local music programs in Burlington, VT.

Check out the Google Spreadsheet and Facebook Gallery of the donated art.  In order to purchase a poster, Phans can email to set up a donation. In addition to the posters listed, there are 20 mystery tubes for sale, with 2 posters in each tube.

You Can’t Spell Charity Without Art – PhanArt’s 3 for $30 Offer to Benefit Mockingbird Foundation!

There have been a lot of pieces of phanart that have been donated to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, which led to the ‘3 for $30’ deal that has been run in recent years, netting more than $2,000 for music education. Now it’s time to offer a variety of items – shirts, pins, stickers, ties, and other donated items, with all net proceeds going to The Mockingbird Foundation this holiday season.

Among the donated items are great pins from Andrew Bryant and AJ Masthay, ties from stuPINdous Creations, shirts from The Overhead View, blotter art by Lizzy Layne, framed art, a variety of stickers, pins and other unique phan made art.

A sampling of donated art available to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation

Your $30 donation will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, with your name listed on the donor page. This is a great deal to take advantage of with only 25 packages of 3 items each available!

When you click the Paypal button below, in the memo area, you can request an item seen in the photo, or specify a shirt (specify size) or pin artist, a tour, a year, a show, or all of these things and you will get 3 items worth more than a suggested donation of only $30 (plus shipping). You will get your monies worth.

Thank you for supporting the artists on PhanArt and The Mockingbird Foundation!

Currently Sold Out!

The PhanArt Coloring Book

The PhanArt Coloring Book, Vol. 1, is a a collaboration between Jamie Huntsman (Artistic Director, Headcount) and Pete Mason (PhanArt), bringing together artists Andrew Abis, Bryan Boj, Eric Hanson, Jiggs, Ryan Kerrigan, Lizzy Layne, Drew Suto and Terry Werner to create an all ages coloring book of Phish-inspired drawings. The coloring book for all ages costs $5

All proceeds from the sale of The PhanArt Coloring Book  after Etsy/Paypal fees benefits The Mockingbird Foundation. Get your copy today!

Order a Donut Bikini and get a copy of the PhanArt Coloring Book with your order!

Cover art
Sample Pages

NOPE! Brian Bojo Prints for The Mockingbird Foundation

Just in time for the election season, artist and printmaker Brian Bojo addresses this one critical question with an answer we all can agree on: NOPE!
unnamed (7)
This new limited edition print from The Mockingbird Foundation goes on sale this Friday, April 22, at noon ET at Bottleneck Gallery. Proceeds benefit music education for kids! Order here!

NOPE is an 18″ x 24″ three-color screenprint on Springhill 150 lb. Tag manila paper. It is a signed and numbered edition of 150, and is $25. Brian also created a variety of variants for those who like a little more color in their goldfish but in much smaller editions.

Four alternate color variants are each a signed, numbered edition of 25. Silver foil and gold foil variants are each a signed, numbered edition of 10.

Come and get them before they all swim away! This election year, vote OOM PA PA!

2015 Donations to The Mockingbird Foundation

Over the course of 2015, PhanArt has held art shows in Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia, brought new artists to fans through this website, and continued to promote this grand art community we are all a part of. Through these, donations for The Mockingbird Foundation have been raised in greater number than before.

In 2015, PhanArt and friends – artists and those who support those artists – raised $14393.43, raising the overall total money raised to support music education through Mockingbird to $32860 since 2009. In one year, we came close to doubling the amount of money raised in the five years prior, thanks to the generosity of artists and patrons alike. A deep, heartfelt thanks to those who made this year a banner year in raising funds for The Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Please give thanks and support the following artists featured on PhanArt this past year who donated to The Mockingbird Foundation
Driver (for Ryan) from Joseen – $100

Mike’s Groove Shirts from Clothing Company of Cape Cod – $15

Brooke Hancock’s Fishman Phriendship Bracelets – $20

Magnaball Prints by Terry Werner – 9 prints donated to Waterwheel Foundation at Magnaball

2015 Tour Prints by Caleb Williamson – $50

Magnabrawl Poster $20

Ocelot Ocelot Where Have you Gone  – Ocelot bag and print

Tweezer/Tabasco shirts from Dogmatagram Designs –  4 shirts

Forever Grateful Blotter Art by Lizzy Layne – 5 blotter art prints

Summer Tour Shirts from The Overhead View –  9 shirts

Doc Wildman Hand carved & painted wood sign – $15.55

Rage Side Print by Andrew Cariboni – $20

Fly the Phriendly Skies in Jiggs’ newest shirt  – $70

See the City See the Zoo with your Kids  – $25

Bathtub Gin print by Faith Sponsler – 4 prints

Coconuts and Chloroform Reba print – 4  prints

Dicks Martian Monster Prints – 5 prints

Personalized Song Necklaces from Earth Metal Spectrum – $30

Jampanties Tweezer  – 4 pairs

Martian Monster Pin from A Drive with Jill Designs  – 5 posters

Sneakin Salliez by Meggy Schaeffer – $50

Find Your City Patches and Stickers  – 2 patches

Alumni Blues Shirts from Tiddy Tees – 2 shirts

Texas Prints by Groundscores Unlimited – 5 Magnaball prints

Vermont Home of the Best Band Ever – 4 pairs of Phishades

New Gamehendge Pins – 2 pins

Watkins Glen Viking Shirts and Stickers  – $100

Phish Stickers and Drawings from Grateful Art Designs – $40

Total: $555.55 and a bunch of shirts, posters and stickers, available at the PhanArt table at Skyscraper is Grand, on January 2 at Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC

Announcing the Artist Lineup at Skyscraper is Grand

PhanArt is proud to announce the lineup for Skyscraper is Grand, featuring a diverse group of print makers, designers, artists and pin makers, exhibiting their craft and talent on January 2, 2016 in New York City.

phanart revised ad KERRIGAN 001 (1280x629)

Held in The Gold Room at The Hotel Pennsylvania, located across the street from Madison Square Garden, PhanArt will bring together a variety of vendors and artists exhibiting exclusive Phish-inspired posters, pins, shirts and unique wares. Admission to this event day long event (12pm-7pm) is FREE.

The lineup for Skyscraper is Grand includes a wide array of artists from across the country and always expanding Phish art community. Longtime Phish artists The Art of Ryan Kerrigan, Uncle John’s Outfitters, John Warner Studios, Isadora Bullock, Jampanties, Michael Boyer, Super Rad Cape Co., OTTO Art, Fred Sutter, The Overhead View, The Ultimate Trade Zone, PhanBadge, Heady Hats and Prints Caspian are among the exhibitors and artists to be found, each with a portfolio from of current and past art.

Pin makers and designers Pin me Down, Zenster Designs, Andrew Bryant and 10 Minute Tube Designs will feature their ever-popular pin series and designs, as well as other items made specifically for the New Years run and Phish’s Mexico run in January.

New additions to the show include Eden’s Rose Foundation, Pop Pop’s Terrapin Station, Pinsanity Designs,​ Brian Bojo​ and Heady Teddy’s​!

The Mockingbird Foundation, which has awarded grants for music education totaling more than $900,000 over the past 15 years, will feature prints from The Phish Companion 3rd Edition, where Phish’s 33-year career is interpreted by top artists including David Welker, Justin Helton, DKNG and AJ Masthay.

Lauren Bozich, You Enjoy My Shades and His End Was the Road are among the first time exhibitors, each bringing something new to the show, including clothing, pins, patches, sunglasses, apparel and much more.

A playlist created by Blank Space will set the tone for the show, adding to the lively vibe of this event throughout the day.

PhanArt exhibitions have been held in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami since 2013 and represent a continued effort to promote and exhibit original and unique concert art from a wide variety of artists.

The eclectic artists featured at this event show the broad scope of Phish related art and capture the inspiration of the band in their art. Phish’s creative fan base makes amazing art inspired by the band, their music and the locales they play.

In keeping with the great tradition and success of past art shows, Skyscraper is Grand will offer free entry to all patrons with poster tubes available for purchase. Special edition works only available at the show can be viewed on and acquired exclusively at the PhanArt show.

Skyscraper is Grand is sponsored by NYSMusic, We’ve Got it Simple, and The Philosophy School of Phish.

Driver (for Ryan) from Joseeen

il_570xN.774609214_s9peDuring Summer Tour 2013, a phan who was trying to get the band to play the song “Driver” in honor of his brother Ryan who had recently passed made an effort by handing out these cards at shows. Word eventually got to the band, who happily complied on 8/3/13.

Josean Rivera has designed a watercolor drawing of the cards that were used in this effort. The original watercolor has been sent to his family, who will receive a portion of all sales of this print. An additional portion of sales will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation

This art is printed on cardstock and measures 6″x8″ in a limited edition of 50, with each print signed by the artist. You can buy them via Etsy.

Limited Edition Art Available from The Mockingbird Foundation at Garcia’s on Saturday, May 16

At the upcoming PhanArt Presents show at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, there will be art featured from AJ Masthay, Pinsanity, Fred Sutter, The Shakedown Shop, PhanArt, as well as limited edition prints to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

All prints are first come, first serve, limit of 1 per person. Admission to the PhanArt show is $10, which includes sets from Solaris and Formula 5. Pick up tickets in advance here.

Among the limited edition prints and pins that are available include:

AJ Masthay “Famous Mockingbird” rare steel grey edition of 50 – 5 copies – $100 each


AJ Masthay “Phamily Poker Classic 3” (Gamehendge themed; day of Tahoe Tweezer > Tela) – 5 copies – $40 each

PPC3-600David Welker “Rutherford the Brave” mirror foil edition – 10 copies – $100 each

David Welker “Rutherford the Brave” mirror foil “scratch and dent” – 25 copies, $60 each (these have minor production flaws but should be great)


David Welker “Rutherford the Brave” Glow in the Dark variant – 8 copies – $70 each


AJ Masthay – Famous Mockingbird Pins. – Gold/Silver – I’ll try and send at least 10 matching number pairs. $15 each or $25/pair



Copies of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, available in print for the first time since 2011.



On Sale Now – Limited Edition Reprinting of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, a compendium of fan-made art from the 1980s through 2004, is now available for sale in print for the first time since 2011.Phanart-cover

This 400+ page coffee table book features over 1600 pieces of Phish fan created art, including over 400 posters, more than 500 shirts, 300+ stickers, and hundreds of license plates, dozens of tattoos, articles, interviews, essays, and other creations Phish fans made from the late 1980’s through 2004. This comprehensive collection is a must-have for any Phish fan.  Hundreds of Phish fans and artists worked to contribute to the collection which was laid out and compiled by Pete Mason.

The book was last on sale in its second printing until 2011. Due to recent demand, the book is available once again in a limited edition of only 50 books. 

The cost of the book is $100 plus shipping. This book is entirely not-for-profit and all monies made beyond the cost of printing will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation, working out to roughly a $15 per book donation.

See full color pages of the book here and read reviews of the book here.

PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish is also available for iPad, Nook and Kindle

Download PhanArt on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes in the iTunes store

Download PhanArt on your Nook from Barnes and Noble 

Download PhanArt on your Kindle from Amazon (The book is available in 7 parts, due to size of the book) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

PhanArt Presents: Formula 5, with SOLARiS and PhanArt at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, May 16

On May 16, Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre will host Formula 5, SOLARiS and a PhanArt show, from 6pm until 1am. This show features two rising bands from Upstate New York and an exhibition from artists AJ Masthay, Fred Sutter, Pinsanity Designs and The Shakedown Shop. Tickets are available now.

Art by Jiggs

Also available at the PhanArt show will be a limited number of David Welker’s “Rutherford” the first in a series of prints from the upcoming The Phish Companion, 3rd Edition, with proceeds to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation. Tubes will be available for purchase at the show.

Copies of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish will be available for the first time since 2011, with a limited run of 50 books printed.

Garcia’s doors open for the PhanArt show at 6pm sharp with music starting at 830pm.  Admission to the show is $10 and includes performances by Formula 5 and SOLARiS. The PhanArt show will run from 6-10pm while music will go until 1am. Garcia’s bar will be open throughout the show.

Formula 5, hailing from Albany and Lake George, NY, have recently released their first live album Live Five, Vol. 1, with Summer Tour dates across New York and New England. SOLARiS, a high energy jamtronica trio from Ithaca, NY will start the night out. The two bands perform for the first time at Garcia’s, a venue known for discovering emerging talent alongside established acts performing at The Capitol Theatre.

Tickets are available at the door or in advance through Ticketfly. Doors open promptly at 6pm for exclusive art from all artists on hand.