New PhanArtist Jami Dudenhoeffer’s Phish lithographs

Georgia raised Jami Dudenhoeffer started drawing portraits in the 9th grade. Once the ability to draw portraits was recognized, they became the main focus in her art career. Her first favorite medium at this time was a set of cheap drawing pencils.

Not long after this point, Jami’s love for Phish began. She has her older brother, Don, to thank for that. He would come home to visit and she would hear him playing Phish. He would tell the stories of going to the shows and festivals. and Jami was hooked. Within weeks she went and bought ‘A Live One’ and within a matter of a few months Jami’s sister, Lexi, took her to her first show, 8/06/1998 Lakewood Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA. Lexi and Jami loved it to say the least. Since then, Jami has caught 31 Phish shows including Big Cypress.

Mike Gordon

Jami studied art as much as possible through high school completing somewhere around 20 commissioned portraits before 2001. Jami won many awards but what she is most proud of is winning first place in her region two years in a row in the Regional Congressional Recognition Competition … part of the prize for first place was to have your art hanging in the capitol of the United States for a year. You can only imagine the excitement of winning that one.

After high school, Jami continued drawing portraits and catching Phish shows whenever possible. In 2003, Jami moved to Northern California. Soon, she found her love for India ink and began to use that for painting her portraits. The Mike Gordon portrait is a good example of what her ink wash portraits look like. While in the North West, she took a Watercolor class at Humboldt State and found her NEW favorite medium. Watercolor is what was used to paint this Phish portrait.

Phish lithograph

Also while in California that year, Jami decided to draw musicians so she could make prints of them to sell at shows and festivals to help her afford travel costs and tickets. It worked. The first portrait was of Bob Marley. Drawn in pencil, professionally printed, signed and numbered out of 500. There is still a small amount of these available. After that, Jami drew Frank Zappa, Lee “Scratch” Perry, a Native American named Morning Star, Mike Gordon, David Byrne, John Lennon and most recently, the Phish portrait. She has had good luck selling these around the country.

In 2006, Jami moved to Nashville to be with her sweet one. There she decided to intern under her brother, Don, to learn Graphic and Web Design. After commuting back and forth from Nashville to Atlanta for over a year Jami and her boyfriend Jeremy moved to Atlanta. Jami studied under Don for almost another solid year and now works part time doing freelance design.

Throughout her art career, Jami has held many titles,  Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Production Artist, Illustrator, Portrait Artist, Muralist, Watercolorist, etc. She is proud to ad ‘PhanArtist‘ to this extensive resume.

Jami Dudenhoeffer is still waiting for Phish to come play Lakewood again.

How to purchase Jami’s art

Jami’s Phish Lithograph is a lithograph created with watercolor and pen and ink. It measures 18×24 and is printed on 100lb Archival Listro Dull. This is an edition of 350, all signed and numbered by the artist herself. Cost is $45 which includes shipping.

Mike Gordon, Jami’s newest creation, measures 22×30 and was done in pen and ink.  It is digitally printed on Acid-free 100lb. Paper.  This is an edition of 420, all signed and numbered by Jami. The cost is $35 and includes shipping


Check out more of Jami’s art at her site on

3 thoughts on “New PhanArtist Jami Dudenhoeffer’s Phish lithographs”

  1. Jami’s passion shows through everything she does, especially her art. I’m proud to say that I am lucky enough to say my wall’s are graced by her art and eyes by her smile. Congrats James! You are amazing!

  2. I saw some of your work in Eureka in a glass shop you used to work in. I loved the Zappa and I’m curious about the Lennon piece. Do you sell originals? Thanks Curt

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