Driver (for Ryan) from Joseeen

During Summer Tour 2013, a phan who was trying to get the band to play the song “Driver” in honor of his brother Ryan who had recently passed made an effort by handing out these cards at shows. Word eventually got to the band, who happily complied on 8/3/13. Josean Rivera has designed a watercolor … Continue reading Driver (for Ryan) from Joseeen

Best of PhanArt 2014

2014 marked an incredible year for PhanArt. Not only were incredibly successful PhanArt shows held in Chicago, Las Vegas and in Miami on January 2, the website and logo were redesigned and plans are in place for a greater 2015 with more PhanArt shows amid a growing brand. Great thanks go to Kyle, Alex and … Continue reading Best of PhanArt 2014

Donations for Mockingbird – Summer 2013

Great thanks and appreciation goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over May, June and July! With these donations, PhanArt and Friends has raised more than $2,000 for the 2013 calendar year and over $11,000 since August 2009 for The Mockingbird Foundation. Great thanks goes to the dozens of artists and supportive patrons who made this possible. … Continue reading Donations for Mockingbird – Summer 2013