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Welcome to the PhanArt Blog!!

Greetings to all!! Welcome to what we hope will surely be a unique site for fans of Phish to utilize for their benefit, and the benefit of charity.

The PhanArt Blog is designed to provide Phish Fans with a one-stop location for fan creations, including shirts, posters, stickers, and any sort of lot art that fans have pre-tour and post-tour. PhanArt Blog will have art from all walks of life, from the one-and-done fan who puts his cool idea onto a shirt, to professional artists within the Phish community who have been incorporating their love for Phish into their talents for many years, creating some of the most sought after Lot Art.

Furthermore, the PhanArt blog is FREE! Anyone who made a shirt or poster or anything to sell on lot (Phish related, of course) can be a part of the site in 3 easy steps.
Step 1. Agree to be a part of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, adding to an already extensive catalog of fan created art, the most unique in the world!
Step 2. Send us a paypal button code or email address for sales, along with a picture and description of what it is you made (phanart AT gmail.com)
Step 3. (suggested) Give 10% of your total sales to The Mockingbird Foundation (MBird.org) and support continued musical education in communities nationwide! Report the total back to us to include in the total contributions from PhanArt and friends

**PhanArt Blog does not charge you to be part of this site. Think of us as a middle man, helping you get your creation out there to fans nationwide!!**

What can you expect from PhanArt Blog?
Well, aside from a central location for all Phish fan creations, with new items posted on a daily basis. You can expect to see lot shirts and posters BEFORE the tour, as well as those hard to find items after the tour, especially if you didnt have the cash or trade for it on lot.

Tuesdays we will feature Phish fan businesses, from T-shirt companies to Organic foods.

Thursdays we will feature an artist from PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, with websites, bios and links to contact these fantastic and hardworking creative artists.

The First of each month will be dedicated to non-profits throughout the jamband community, and how you can help out and donate to them and support their causes. If you know of a charity we should post, please contact us!

You can stay in touch with us on Facebook
http://tiny.cc/p54XM and on Twitter

Stay in touch with us for updates on Phish, notifications of Great Phish Art and cool creations inspired by the band we love to travel to see.

Updates will come throughout the week, add the RSS feed and check back often as we are fine-tuning the site and we are already getting fan creations submitted for the blog. Lots of great creations out there, finally all in one central location!

Phish in Albany = get a hotel room close and wisely

Phish is playing in Albany 11/27 and 28, and we have a little issue with hotels in Albany – there arent many near the venue, and the ones that are within walking distance are more-than-likely sold out by now. These include the Crown Plaza, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn. In the past, friends have gotten hotels, only to find out they are very far away from The Knick (currently the Times Union Center, but dont call it that, please) and that cabs in Albany take forever to sometimes show up for a pickup.

So as a courtesy to Phish fans coming into my hometown for Phish this Thanksgiving, 3 hotels that are close to the venue, a short drive to downtown, and as of this posting, had vacancy at decent rates.

You can tell ’em PhanArt sent ya, but this isnt quid pro quo. We just want you to be cozy. And not in no-mans land

Motel 6

Red Carpet Inn

Clarion Hotel

Phish beats George Michael/WHAM on EW.com Guilty Pleasure Poll. In other news, two armed man beats up no armed man.

Entertainment Weekly/Weakly’s Whitney Pastorek created a cool idea that folks in the 30-50 demographic would have been all over. Vote on the greatest guilty pleasure of all time! bands like Poison, Ace of Base, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Meatloaf, and of course, the greatest ‘guilty pleasure’ ever, Phish.

Wait, Phish? It’s a guilty pleasure? By definition, a guilty pleasure is something you enjoy, but feel bad about doing. A few of these bands don’t follow that mindset: Barry Manilow, Journey, Stone Temple Pilots, Garth Brooks (if you like country music) Phil Collins/Genesis (you have to seperate these, phil is a guilty pleasure, but not when he was with genesis!), and of course, Neil Diamond.

So the poll had a few non-guilty pleasures. When Phish is up against (in round by round order) Nickelback, Mariah Carey, Ace of Base, Barry Manilow, and now George Michael/Wham in the finals, exactly who do you think is going to win this?

Phish fans are organized enough to vote en masse for a poll as flawed and time-wasting as this one. Had Phish not been there, the site traffic would have been considerably lower, because no Phish fan will let the 16-seed Phish fall to any of those bands.

I have been informed by Whitney that Phish has won, and the final poll will be out shortly, with a considerable victory for Phish.

We did it! Phish is back, and the fans are back based on the support Phish got in the face of being told not to ‘rig’ voting (i guess thats what Whitney thinks of a landslide vote for one side).

Next Poll, lets do who’s the better jamband: make sure to include Buster Poindexter, Creed, Rihanna, The Moody Blues, Slayer, Insane Clown Posse, and The Cars. No doubt there fans will rise up and make themselves a sandwich and ignore yet another pointless and flawed poll.

But we won! YAY!!!!!!?

Note: Not all bands are actually Guilty Pleasures
Note: Not all bands are actually Guilty Pleasures

Phish announces Festival 8 schedule, Sunday AM acoustic set, still no fall tour dates

Phish announced the schedule for Festival 8 today. 2 sets on friday @ 7:30 and 10, 3 on saturday, the first set at 3pm, the Halloween set starting at 7:30, and again at 10pm. Sunday has a first ever acoustic set at Noon, surely created to get the folks on the fence to jump off on the Indio side. The last two sets are at 5:30 and 8:30, provided plenty of time to pre-game for the night sets.

So an acoustic set? im thinking we’ll get Talk, Train Song, Billy Breathes, Perhaps Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, and my bust-out call, ACOUSTIC ARMY!

make it happen boys!