‘My Other Vehicle is a Second Set Tweezer’ stickers

The sticker that took first leg of Phish Summer tour by storm, conceived by Andy Cary and designed by Jiggs for PhanArt, is back and up for sale online and on select lots.

You can pick them up here, 1 for $3, 2 for $5, with free shipping, or find them on lot at St. Louis, Oklahoma City or Dick’s.

(They will be unavailable for online purchase 8/27-9/3 while on the road)

A portion of the sale of these stickers benefits The Mockingbird Foundation


3 thoughts on “‘My Other Vehicle is a Second Set Tweezer’ stickers”

  1. Hey
    Just wanted to say i LOVE this sticker… its clever & discrete… my two favorite attributes of ph stickers. Just purchased one for me and one for my boyfriend. Thank you for making them available on line!

  2. i understand every part of this sticker when voiced out of context. but something happens when these phrases are brought together. what am i missing? why is this funny?

  3. Saw this sticker today while driving around town. I don’t put stickers on my car buy bought two for close friends. Time to step into the freezer.

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