Frend Art, feat. Twiddle-inspired Vendors and Art, comes to Tarrytown, November 25-26

With the final Twiddle shows taking place at The Capitol Theatre this weekend, November 24-26, fans will be gathering in nearby Tarrytown for a two-day Frend Art event.

frend art

Featuring a vending showcase, workshops, community jams & live music – featuring members of Baked Shrimp – the Twiddle art community gathers for these two final (for now) shows, celebrating the band’s legacy over the past nearly 20 years.

This event is FREE to attend at the Tarrytown Sheraton located at 600 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown, a 15 minute drive from The Capitol Theatre.

Doors are open on Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26 from 12-5pm.

Vendors include: Izzidoesit Designs, JEMaginations, Frend Vend, Hugatrie, Erthy Organics, Tie Dye Tim, Pam’s Homemade, Siren Society Art, Addy’s Magickal Emporium, Enchanted Archer, BeanLoveBeads, Wandering Wolf’s Whimsical Wraps, Earth to Em Art, Wander Yonder Designs and many more.

frend art

Additionally, if you’re in town on Friday night after Twiddle, swing by the Tarrytown Sheraton for an after party hosted by SM Ink!

By Popular Demand, Phish Kids Shirts – Mupphets, Pheanuts, Star Tours and More!

Phish fans looking for shirts for kids, look no further. After great demand and numerous requests, PhanArt is proud to share three classic designs, now in Youth sizes for kids!

Choose from any four of these designs, which feature a funky foursome in cartoonish company.

Get these Youth shirts and many more in the PhanArt Store!

phish kids shirts

The Helping Phriendly Deck Pre-Order!

New from Artist and Healer Sara Gibson – The Helping Phriendly Deck – A Phish Inspired Oracle Deck. Whether you love to collect Phish inspired art or are looking for insight into your next bold move The Helping Phriendly Deck is here to help. Available for Pre-Order through September 25th 2023 this new collection is amazing! The future won’t wait and you shouldn’t either – OrderYours Now!

The Helping Phriendly Deck is an oracle deck intended to be used as guidance or suggestion.

What is an oracle deck? Many people have heard of Tarot. Oracle decks are much simpler because you don’t have to memorize or know meanings of the cards. Oracle decks are like interpretative life guidance & philosophy. 

The Helping Phriendly Deck is a 46-card Phish-inspired oracle deck. Full of inspiration and magic from Gamehenge to your doorstep! Whether you are a jam-band lover or not, this deck is for you. Full of life philosophy, inspiration, and action-steps.

Included with The Helping Phriendly Deck

  • 46 unique, illuminating oracle cards
  • 100 page guidance book
  • information on how to use an oracle deck
  • artwork illumination
  • meaning & description of each card
  • specific action steps to implement to guidance into your everyday life!

Whether you believe a Source or not, you can use The Helping Phriendly Deck to gain a deeper understanding of this human experience that we call life. The accompanying 100-page guide booklet includes a description of each card and steps to help bring the insight of each card into action through an activity that promotes a healthy well-being. It is thought-provoking and also witty. As a Phish fan, you will find lyrics woven into the writing quite seamlessly so it’s fun to notice the references and relate it to life.

Pre-Order Available Through 9/25/2023

PhanArt Returns to NYC at Hill Country BBQ on December 30

On December 30, the final PhanArt show of 2023 will be held at Hill Country BBQ in Manhattan.

The show will take place amid the just-announced Phish New Year’s Eve run at Madison Square Garden.

Admission is free, with the show running from 1-6pm. Interested artists and vendors, contact for more details.

The Hometown Flodown at Over Yonder Brewing in Golden, CO – October 6

Ahead of Night 2 of Goose at Red Rocks, Over Yonder Brewing Company will host the Hometown Flodown in Golden, Colorado, just north of Red Rocks, from 1-5pm.

Shuttle service to Red Rocks is provided by Over Yonder Brewing Company, making this a spot to park, eat, drink, shop, and get a ride down the road to Red Rocks, all in one!

The event will be held inside Over Yonder, as well as outside in the adjacent lot. Artists and vendors can sign up by reaching out to for more information.

With regular live music, art markets, and other events, Over Yonder is known for producing high quality, unique, & rotating craft beer that pleases all palates & delivers them in an inviting, refreshing, music-loving, good vibes atmosphere.

New Heights Brewing in Nashville to host ‘Sample in a Bar’ before Phish at Bridgestone Arena

Next Weekend October 6th and 7th, New Heights Brewing Company will have a great pre-show event – Sample in a Bar – on Saturday and Sunday, October 7-8, featuring live music, food trucks, craft beer and a Vendor Village, presented by PhanArt.

phish nashville

Vendor Village Weekend Line-Up !

The Overhead View

“Ocelot Ocelot where are you now?” Warm your dome with a new hat from The Overhead View. New for Fall Tour and available this weekend the Sample in a Bar.

New Heights Brewing has a fantastic spot, a great team and they’re road tested, having held a similar event during Billy Strings’ run at Bridgestone earlier this year. PhanArt looks forward to working New Heights to bring fans a unique and complete pre-show event.


Look great in Phish inspired apparel & gifts for the whole Fam! Get it at Sample in a Bar October 6th & 7th


Handmade colorful apparel perfect for Fall Tour New from Katalpa. Available at Sample is a Jar!

Go Phish Philly Events presented by Osiris

On July 25 and 26 while Phish is in Philadelphia, don’t miss Go Phish after parties and pre parties at Ardmore Music Hall, presented by Osiris.

The GO PHISH show and shuttle package include GA tickets (standing room) to the following

Tuesday 7/25 ~ After-Party ft. Funk N Bowl All Stars & DJ Brownie (of The Disco Biscuits)

Wednesday 7/26 ~ Pre-Party & HF Pod Happy Hour ft. Cal Kehoe Band

You can also catch round trip shuttles both nights, departing Ardmore for The Mann each day at 6:00 PM, departing The Mann for Ardmore each day 30 minutes after the Phish show ends.

Shuttles are ONLY available as a two-day package. More info here.

Phish Studies Conference Announced for 2024 at Oregon State University

Oregon State University will host the second ever Phish Studies Conference on May 17-19, 2024, in Corvallis, Oregon.

artwork by Ryan Kerrigan

First held in 2019, the #PhishStudies Conference is an in-depth look at the band, fans, culture, community, publications, and of course music, of Phish. The event was a huge success, with 100s attending daily to take part in panels, discussions, observe gallery displays and presentations of Ph.D dissertations and theses.

“I’ve just come back from one of the coolest, most stimulating and invigorating, and definitely one of the most “far out” (to quote Mr. Bill Kreutzman, via Mr. Benjy Eisen) experiences of my life. Late last Monday night, I got back home to San Luis Obispo, California from Corvallis, Oregon. I had to rise and shine the next day, no time at all to transition from Phishiness to so-called real life—a direct, rather abrupt segue (a rip cord if there ever was one!) into a full day of teaching in university classrooms. I was, and still am, kind of exhausted. But, I’ve had a secret smile the size of Mt. Icculus plastered across my face and tattooed on my heart ever since. This because I am back from Phish Studies, the first-ever academic conference dedicated to our favorite topic/subject/phenomenon.”

Jnan A. Blau, on the 2019 conference
phish studies conference

Also featured at the conference was an exhibit from the Phishsonian Institute, “Beyond The Moss Forgotten exhibit at the Phish Studies conference” which celebrated the art and history of Phish’s performances in the Pacific Northwest since the 1990s.

phish studies conference

Check out more photos from the 2019 Phish Studies Conference by Derek Finholt and visit for an in depth recap of the conference by Jnan A. Blau.

The #PhishStudies Conference is also looking for sponsors to support the mission and event. For more information, contact Professor Stephanie Jenkins.

The only rule is it begins! More info, including sponsorship opportunities, at

PhanArt Summer in the City – July 29 and August 5, Hill Country BBQ, NYC

We’re in the deep end of Phish’s MSG Run, and day 2 of the PhanArt Shows at Hill Country BBQ in Manhattan is this Saturday, 8/5. Check out the artists taking part in the only PhanArt shows this summer!

At PhanArt Summer in the City, you’ll find artists and vendors from across the jam scene and country, selling their wares and much more, from 1-6pm on Saturday July 29th and August 5th. The shows will be held at Hill Country BBQ, located on 30 W 26th street between 5th and 6th Ave.

Both shows are presented by One Line Agency, a turnkey marketing agency that will elevate your next event to new heights.

As always admission is free, with doors opening up at 1pm on July 29th and August 5th for PhanArt Summer in the City at Hill Country BBQ.

Summer in the City: Artist and Vendor Lineup!

The Art of Ryan Kerrigan

Don’t miss the Art of Ryan Kerrigan at the August 5th PhanArt Show. He is dropping this new silkscreened print. It’s a Limited Edition of 100, so get there early or you could miss out!

Phan Gear Prints

Phan Gear prints has been creating collectible limited edition event posters for over 5 years. Get yours before they are gone! Available at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!


Phish inspired apparel & gifts for the whole family.  Available at PhanArt on 7/29 & 8/5.

Josean Rivera Fine Art

Josean has been making Phish inspired art for over decade. In the new world of e-tickets, his hand drawn Ticket Stubs have become must haves for collectors. A unique set for every tour. See yourself with a Ticket Stub in your hand…. at PhanArt!

The Overhead View

The Overhead View has been bringing design to lot since 2014! With over 60 designs in styles and sizes for all ages, you’re sure to find something for everyone!


The most famous, must have Sunnies on the scene! Improve your outlook with a new pair the Summer. Available at PhanArt!

End 1 Designs

Tyler is a jeweler that specializes in gold grills and mini pendants. Perfect accessories for any show night! Get yours at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!

Girl Tour

Some of the most popular designs on tour. See what’s new for Summer 2023. Get yours at PhanArt!

Snugpup Dog Coats

Snugpups makes hand crafted dog jackets including our line of officially licensed Grateful Dead themed dog jackets and our Phish donut themed dog jackets. Find them at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!

Taboot Apparell

Meghan has been sewing and making clothing since high school, and loves seeing her Phish inspired clothing being worn at shows!

You Enjoy My Vegan

Vegan Butcher, Gluten Free Baker and Phish Clothing Maker. Bringing vegan food and phish inspired clothing to you all at shows! Check out this year’s swimwear! Pick your designs at PhanArt!

Cassidy’s Closet

Rachel Stephens has her own home embroidery and sewing business called Cassidy’s Crafty Closet. She makes and sells a variety of fun items, Don’t miss her new patches and donut collection! Available at PhanArt’s Summer in the City.

Long Strange Putt

Selling heady tees, hats, and golf gear since 2021!

Tela Designs

Phish inspired tie dye fashion, lounge wear, and yoga apparel available at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!


YES AND GOODS offers a heady eclectic curation of one of a kind vintage pieces and artist made goods all made by and sourced for like-minded people. Shop their phinest at PhanArt’s Sumer in the City!

Pinsanity Designs

Creating art inspired from the music we all love! Take yours home at PhanArt this Summer!

Perpetual Hang

Hannah is the macramaniac behind Perpetual Hang! She makes unique and one of a kind macrame plant hangers for all of you planty Phans out there. Each hanger features lyrics from some of our favorite Phish songs, and while they are of course completely functional, each piece is also a little piece of art for your happy places. Don’t miss Hannah and here inspired designs at PhanArt!

Perchance to Dream, LLC

Grateful Dead Tarot IS the creator of the officially licensed tarot deck of the Grateful Dead! Liz and Erin are both long time deadheads and tarot readers who have turned their love of music, mythology and the occult into a beautiful work of art. Featuring 78 original cards, a 240-page hardcover guidebook and a custom keepsake box, this deck is a powerful oracle and collector’s piece. They are available for personal and group readings, events and classes! Get yours at PhanArt – It’s all in the cards…

Grateful Gumbo

Grateful Gumbo is a little jam-band related sticker & clothing business. We hope you enjoy Michael’s designs. See them all at PhanArt!

Garbage Phan Kids

Garbage Phan Kids are the Phish inspired parody of Garbage Pail Kids that you never knew you needed.  Available at PhanArt!

East Coasters

East Coasters makes music inspired doormats, coasters, and bong/sesh mats from recycled neoprene otherwise bound for an East Coast landfill. We have a lot cool artist partnerships and licensing from the Garcia Family. You can find our products at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!

All this and so much more when PhanArt Presents: Summer in the City on from 1pm-6pm on July 29th and August 5th at Hill Country BBQ. See you all there!

Super Phish Summer Tour Shirts

Here we go! Phish Summer Tour is upon us and these Mushroom Kingdom residents are ready to Let’s-a go!

phish summer tour shirts

Printed on Orange Next Level 3600 soft tees, these shirts come in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge and XXXLarge.

Each order comes with free stickers and shipped in a 100% recycleable/reusable bag from EcoEnclose.

Order at

phish summer tour shirts