First there was 100 phish songs, then 101, now MJKOriginalArtwork has upped the ante and given us 102 Phish songs plus covers. The poster is an 8″ tall x 22″ wide art print of the original pen & ink drawing signed and numbered by the illustrator.

102 Phish Songs (Plus cover songs)

MJK says about this print: “I drew this poster while visiting Alaska, at home in the Adirondacks, in a cramped NYC apartment, and during long graduate school classes in lieu of taking notes. It depicts a phictional ski mountain town and includes over 102 phish songs. The original drawing was done on two pages of my sketchbook, which I taped together  at the seam. It was done for my older brother, my longtime phish companion, who still has the original. The drawing was completed in August 2014. I  have made larger art prints of the drawing with minor clarity tweaking, which are for sale on etsy under MJKOriginalArtwork. My dream is for this poster to end up in the hands of Jon, Mike, Page and Trey–and anyone else who’s life has been made a little bit better by phish.”

This print ships in a cardboard tube, so have your beanbags ready! This limited edition run costs $20 + shipping for each print, and they won’t last long.  Order yours now! MJK has agreed to donate 10% of each poster sale to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation! Visit MJKOriginalArtwork on Etsy.

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