12 Phish Pins for Auction for Mockingbird

Our latest auction is one for all the pin collectors out there. Each of the pins is brand new and sealed in a plastic pouch with backings for each pin. Bidding starts at $40 and will last from Sunday evening until Friday evening. All profits from the final auction price (after shipping) will benefit Mockingbird Foundation.

They were donated for this auction by…

StuPINdous Creations – Manteca pin

Pin me Down – Trey is a Jedi reversible pin

Party Time Pins – Simple and Festival 9 Bouncin Sun pins

Ten Minute Tube Designs – Sand, Fee, Cavern and SiiHB pins

Zenster – Superball/Superman 9 Pin

Myfe. Designs – Golgi (Junkyard Dog with a Brain of Brass) and Tela pins

JDub Allstars – Fish eye pin

This auction netted $300 for Mockingbird Foundation!!!!!

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