1st Annual Heady Holiday Shopping Guide!

Welcome to the First Annual PhanArt

Heady Holiday Shopping Guide!

You’re just back from tour, you have less than 3 weeks till Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza and Tet, and you dont know what to get? Look no further than this simple guide to point you in the right direction for all your shopping needs! Get everything you need for family and friends, as well as phamily and phriends. ūüôā

As always, a portion of all sales from all artists on the site will benefit Mockingbird Foundation – mbird.org

In red or green, Rift/Jif Shirts


Don’t know what to get someone?¬†Try Alaska shirts


Jamgoods.com has a ton of great stuff!

PhanArtist Justin Helton is offering 20% off at his store when you mention PhanArt!

Official Darien Posters

If you like moe. and/or Phish, make sure to check out www.johnstreet.net

Melt shirts by Daniel Kassel


Jon Blake has some amazing deals on his art at crazyreadbeard.com ; see images of them here

PhanArt Cover Artist Sara Hersh has some of the most inspired art that looks great on any wall

Antelope necktubes/dickies by Simon from London!

Neck tube

PhanArtist JLees has¬†great art from Phish shows of days gone by….

PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish is a great gift, with all net-profits going to Mockingbird Foundation

Cover of PhanArt
Cover of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

Julie Boardman makes some incredible pottery and jewelry

CIMG7096 (Medium)

For cool shirt designs –Eat More Kale!

Sesame Street’s 40th + Phish Halloween Festival = Count 8 Festivals Shirts!

front gray

Ryan Kerrigan’s¬†Art goes well beyond Phish – Mandalas, Greeting Cards, Posters, Canvas prints, and he’s running specials all month!


Something for the kids –¬†You Enjoy Me onesies and toddler clothes

Woke up this mornin... Stinky Diaper I love to take a bath

Did you go to Albany? Have a souvenir of those shows (only a few left!)

Albany hometown show Phan shirt
Albany hometown show Phan shirt

PhanArtist AJ Masthay has some of the best lot posters out there!

‘Java’ John has some incredible music posters!

Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa

As always, Jiggs has some great designs, including his Shirts, Fest 8 shirts, Ghost Shirts, and the increasingly popular Kuroda Sticker

a laser pointer doesnt make you chris kuroda
A laser pointer doesnt make you Chris Kuroda, by Jiggs

Fan of Surrender to the Flow?Get the limited edition cover art by Drew Suto!

sttf 23

Christine Lafferty has Backwards Down the Number Line and Charlie Brown Chalkdust Shirts!

Backwards Down the Numberline front
Backwards Down the Numberline front

Soon to be featured PhanArtist¬†Uncle Ebeneezer’s unique art!

101 Phish songs poster, created by Russell Kahn & Matthew Douglas Brock


Excited for LOST coming back in 2010? Us too! Get your LOST/Phish tees courtesy of The Joker!


Hippie Golf Wear has more than just golf wear for hippies –¬†great shirts too!

Alien Indio shirts

Front-Final copy
Back-Final copy

PhanArtist Scramble Campbell for the Scrambliest of Art

Phenster has great posters and other goodies

And as always, the Golgi and Twitter shirts are great for phans and available at the PhanArt Store



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