2012 Dicks and Deer Creek Pins from Jiggs

Don’t miss out on the 4th and final pin in the Summer 2012 Poster Series. This Limited Edition of 75 Dicks pin is double posted, numbered, stamped with the Jiggs logo and features hard enamel and recessed metal. The dates were omitted to not make it show specific. 1.75 inches. $15 plus shipping.

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Also still available the 3rd of 4 LE pins from Jiggs summer 2012 poster series. The Deer Creek pin is Limited Edition of 100, double posted, numbered, and stamped with the Jiggs logo. 1.5 inches. $15 plus shipping.

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Deer Creek

Get yours before they sell out like the Limited Edition pins 1 & 2 from the series, Bader Field and OKC.

 Bader     okc 12

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